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Teddy B, South FloridaTeddy B, South Florida
Teddy B, South Florida

Sensitive, are we? Disturbing similarities...particularly in America." Care to elaborate? And to answer your question, Yes, we are far more prepared to resist facism than pre WW2 Germany was. For starters, our constitution, multiple political parties, free press, our democratic foundation and on and on. Whose eyes are closed? That was quite a leap. "Shut someone up"? I "warned" you? I'm not sure what you are reading but it is clear that you are close minded and have selective reading skills (akin to those with selective recall). I couldn't care less how you operate your service. I couldn't care less who else reads your service. I simply don't want to read about Adolf Hitler and his gang of human waste, during the middle of my day. Financial harm? You most certainly know how to twist one's words, don't you?

Teddy B, South Florida

I think that any quotes pertaining to Adolf Hitler are unnecessary, in poor taste and boring. I have told you this before and you continue to quote him or use quotes about him. I gave you one pass and now I will unsubscribe to your service. You won. I used to regularly send your quotes to others. That will not happen any longer since I will not be a subscriber. I have no idea how you support this service but if it has anything to do with subscriptions, you just lost another. Your position is that you do not take any position, you simply provide the quotes. That is naive. Your position is that Hitler should not be forgotten so history does not repeat itself. That indicates that you are suffering from a severe case of delusional thinking. Trust me, the world won't forget about Adolf Hitler if your service stops mentioning him; I promise. So now you have at least one less subscriber. You win.

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