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Vince Ziccardi, San Antonio, TXVince Ziccardi, San Antonio, TX
Vince Ziccardi, San Antonio, TX

Amazing! The very people who berate modern leftist America admit that the early founders and presidents were "pretty far off to the right". Could that be the reason why that tiny collection of colonies prospered and grew into what was a giant until Woodrow Wilson and the new breed of "progressive" politicians took the reigns of leadership. One of the big things that Jefferson never imagined was the infestation of colleges and universities with socialist and communist faculties as happened, thereby nullifying education as an antidote to ignorance and patriotism.

Vince Ziccardi, San Antonio, TX

Like just about everything in the modern federal government, the Judiciary is too big, too intrusive, too activist, and too powerful to grant its' judges lifetime appointments.
All positions, whether elected or presidentially appointed, in the federal government should be for four years with half of the legislative and judiciary branch required to face election/reelection/reappointment every two years. Extensions of federal judge tenures beyond four years should require a two thirds approval by the U.S. Senate and House, and reelection of the President or any Congress person should require capturing sixty-five percent of the popular vote. Every position, in all branches, should be term limited to eight years. All lobbyists should be registered and their visits or other communications with elected or appointed government officials recorded in full and made available to the public.
Career government service, other than military, must end as the lifeblood of government service requires the infusion of "new blood" on a regular basis in order to stay current and honest.

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