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Wally, Philadelphia, PAWally, Philadelphia, PA
Wally, Philadelphia, PA

The Compulsory Education Law is nothing but an 18-year prison sentence so that the Liberal Education Establishment (LIEE) can maintain a MONOPOLY of indoctrinating our youth.

Wally, Philadelphia, PA

MLK hit the mail on the head with this one. Bill Cosby says the same thing and is vilified by his own people. The Democrats have destroyed the nuclear black family for their own political gain. When will the oppressed throw off the shackles of Liberal oppression and declare: Free at Last, Free at Last, Free at Last???

Wally, Philadelphia, PA

Just look at the government that the secular humanist Liberals - read democrats - are offering us. They have no religion -- other than Algore's Global Warming nonsense, they lack morality (look at Hollywood and the garbage that is on TV), and our schools are evidence of the complete lack of knowledge.

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