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Winsmith, St. LouisWinsmith, St. Louis
Winsmith, St. Louis

Again, Waffker ia as useful as tits on a BOAR! One man in 250 million DId diagnose the problem. His name was Merrill Jenkins, Monetary Realist (1919-1979. He was inventor of the dollar bill changer and author of 7 books, the first was "Money", The Greatest Hoax on Earth. the other 6 are free at: www.morpix.biz/x15 ignore any religious comments you may see there. Site was not made by Jenkins or by me. To learn what others think of the Monetary Realist long after his passing, google with quotes as sdhown "merrill jenkins" money Also see: www.morpix.bix/x4 www.morpix.biz/gates and www.morpix.biz/fdalist

Winsmith, St. Louis

No truer words ever written than those John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson: "All of the perplexities, confusions and distresses in America....arise from downright ignorance of the NATURE of coin, credit and circulation." (emphasis added) When the nature of coin and credit is such that a few men get both in unlimited amounts for nothing, there is no lie those men won't tell, no distraction that they will not create and no attrocity that they will not commit to insure that they will always get everything for absolutely nothing.

Winsmith, St. Louis

Garfield was shot shortly after he said: "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all commerce and industry." The ideal means of controlling the volume of money is to use money that exists only in minds then use it to control the minds of slaves. Private forein bankers spuriously known as the Federal Reserve that they control the volume of money. In Keeping Our Money (their credit) Healthy, they said their system, the same that Hitler had :works only with credit." They must control the minds of most to work all of us with credit and they do! Don't most people believe that goernment spends money? Don't most believe that paper is currency? Congress has never said currency is money. The only thing that Congress ever made "current as money" was silver coins. Ask the fed and the Treasury to tell us what has been current as money since silver coins stopped circulating in 1968. With any luck at all, you could get an evasive answer! NOTHING should focus your thoughts more than the many means used by our absolute masters to control the volume of their imaginary money.

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