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Winsmith, St.LouisWinsmith, St.Louis
Winsmith, St.Louis

Inflation properly defined is non production accepted for production. The "money" created by banks is non production and is thus inflation. Counterfeit coins or paper are inflation. If you accept as full weight, a gold or silver coin with a hole in them, the hole is non production is inflation. The perfidious pre-varicating press strives to convince us prices are inflation, When they have reports about prices over a story about inflati-on reports about inflation over stories about prices the victims conclude that prices are inflation and then blame merchants for inflation. You could go to an auction and bid a high figure like $100,000 and another bidder bids 105,000 and you quit bidding, the other bidder pays an inflated price because you were bid-ding money that you never had. The "money" that you were bidding was inflation itself because it was non production.

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