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Winston Smith, Anywhere, USAWinston Smith, Anywhere, USA
Winston Smith, Anywhere, USA

In high school 65 years ago, I was told that communism is "forcible distribution of wealth," I pictured in my mind, a man coming around with a bucket and a gun. You put your money in the bucket and he would give it to someone else. Today there is no bucket, it's an envelope where you insert a check that authorizes your bank to reduce the numbers in your acoount that the Fed says is only "book entries." We give them a check to avoid being jailed and losing our home. Real estate, income and inheritance "taxes" are the first three planks of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto and plank No. 4 called for the confiscation of property of (tax) rebels. The 5th plank saddled us with the Federal Reserve that has a monopoly in money creation.. Why doesn't everyone know this? Its because plank No. 6 called for the centralization of control of communication and transportation while No. 10 gave us "free education (indoctrination" in public schools." the 8th plank is promoted by the Girl Scouts and other feminists, it calls for the equal liability of all to labor. If they get their Equal rights amendment ratified, women will have the same right to avoid the draft that men have which is NONE!

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