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muttkat, aransas pass,txmuttkat, aransas pass,tx
muttkat, aransas pass,tx

Do you mr. bush affiliate your views with the Georgia Guidestones in Georgia? It all sounds so nice,butterflies in the air,everybody is beautiful,flowers in my hair,nature and so on.I believe these people are for the new world order also? One thing that puzzles me that 500 million to 1 billion are suspose to inhabit the earth.So how are you going to get the population down to that amount? There is a quote by ted turner that says kill 95% of useless eaters. At what point does this happen;if the people disagree or once they do agree kill them then? Who are the chosen ones?

muttkat, aransas pass,tx

What is going on to get to this phase? The american people have been lied to,having our freedoms voted away,drugged into a selfish war where the war corporations are making their trillions,putting the economy in shambles,secret treaties without congressional or voter approval.You have been undoing freedoms and once you get your nwo i bet things will be great and oh i forgot to mention, the rfid chips and constant monitoring of the people.What peace,security and freedom and your rule of the land.When you people lie about whats been going on now do you expect the people to believe you later?

muttkat, aransas pass,tx

I think this is a very good quote. There are various people who have learned about whats to happen in this nation yet sit there with their thumbs up their butt or are afraid to say something.Just irritates the hell out of me.

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