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“I agree that marijuana laws are overdue for an overhaul. I also favor the medical use of marijuana -- if it's prescribed by a physician. I cannot understand why the federal government should interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, nor why it would ignore the will of a majority of voters who have legally approved such legislation.”

~ Abigail Van Buren

March 1, 1999, Dear Abby.

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Mike, Norwalk

There is one opinion from the legal positivist's perception. At Constitutional / Natural law, there is no scope of jurisprudence that covers man's corporeal use or administration of marijuana. I favor medical marijuana use PERIOD I cannot understand why the federal government should interfere with any individual sovereign's right to consume anything they like, as long as no innocent third party's life or property are not criminally infringed.

george, rockaway, NJ

Another pothead making excuses for their weakness.

jim k, austin tx

Marijuana (hemp) should be legal for a hundred or so reasons. The drug war is one of the worst notions that was ever dreamed up. The USA has spent over a trillion dollars on this fiasco and drugs are as available as ever, and the jails are full to overflowing. Go to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and see why this atrocity needs to join the likes of alcohol prohibition and be eliminated. This is a "war" that can never be won.

Ron w13, Or

Herbal remedies vs mainstream domination of the market. Fighting big corp elite. George is it weak to take a BC powder ?
Is weak to have a cocktail after work, or at lunch ? Or should we in our arrogance, think that the so called purest of any sort should dominate another's person's rights. Just like fly fishermen who won't use a worm and look down upon others from their lofty purest position.

jc, waukon

Rockaway George--and what is your weakness?

cal, Lewisville, tx

I don't use drugs or alcohol, but I never condemn anyone who does.

Ron w13, Or

Rockaway it is not a weakness but a means to meet a need. Walking through the garden some like pepper and some like salt. Who's to say. some drink to sooth , some smoke, but ether way we come to sleep and get up and do it all over again. Love our family in the morning . Let not the sun go down on your wrath !!

Ron w13, Or

Loves those around you. Care and take care ! It is not always fun.


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