Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln, (1809-1865) 16th US President

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“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races - that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.”

Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln
~ Abraham Lincoln

Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858
(The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume III, pp. 145-146.)

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Jonathan Liem, Singapore

Brilliant, this reveals Lincoln's true position on the slavery issue. Any objective study of The War to Prevent Southern Independence will show that the war was over whether self-determination (the Southern cause) or imperial subjugation (the Yankee cause) will decide the fate of the Constitutional Republic, not slavery.

KS., Queensbury,NY.

Bias and Prejudice limit the degree of greatness attainable by any one person.

Robert, Sarasota

We know his reasons but alas if only he would of allowed the South to have succession

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Anonymous    11/21/05

Only somebody with their head buried in the sand would admit that slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War. This quote does not prove anything about Lincoln, unless you ignore pretty much everything else he said. The Civil War wasn't about "Southern independence." The South were traitors, period. Traitors to the union, traitors to the Constitution.

Anonymous, cleveland

this quote is an insult to black people. he abolish slavery but say that blacks are inferior to white people. blacks are strong, intelligent people. no one have the right to judge anyone.

Anonymous, minneapolis

Lincoln was a closet racist who pandered to the north.

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Anonymous    1/18/06
Edward L. Paciorek, Rochester Hills

I once had a social studies teacher at the high school where I teach come to me with this quote as a clear indication that Lincoln was a racist. I disagreed because the interpretation of this quote is ALWAYS based upon the core assumption that Lincoln MEANS the same thing as every other racist, myopic white man of his day. What he has done at the beginning of this quote is essentially say, "I am not willing to spend all of my time and energy arguing with every one of you listening about YOUR immutable views about the black person and their place in our supposedly whites-only society. Read the next passage as if you were able to hear Abe's thoughts about how IMPOSSIBLE it is for the white, supposedly "superior" race to accept others and it takes on a whole different meaning. Saying, "People can't get along" and thinking, "YOU will never get along with anyone else that YOU'VE deemed inferior, and unfortunately, YOU'VE deemed everyone else inferior" is NOT the same as embracing the general populace's narrow-minded point of view. "I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality (BECAUSE THE WHITE RACE WILL NEVER BE OPEN TO THIS POSSIBILITY - my insertion in defense of a man who openly opposed slavery). In a society which CANNOT accept equality, then "superior" and "inferior" become acceptable, but not righteous or accurate, terms. In this narrow-minded circumstance, to say that the blacks should be treated as the superior race would just be an invitation to homicide, so LIncoln, in my opinion, is merely mimicing his audience's expectations basically TO GET ON WITH THE DEBATE AND OFF OF THE TOPIC OF THE BLACK MAN, but even with this understanding, AFTER publicly presenting the attitude of the masses BACK at them, he is brave enough to suggest that the black race STILL DESERVES SOME RESPECT.

Anonomyous, Cleveland

good ol' abe is racist he thought that blacks were an inferior race.

Anonymous, AB - Washington D.C.

Man, how in the hell did you come up with that justification. Good ole' Abe was a bigot, point blank. The man said that he is not in favor of bringing these two races together for any reason but is in favor of assigning the superiority to the white man. Know thats plain English to me.

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Al Anonymous, AB - Washington D.C. 5/20/21

Ole Honest Abe was a name people gave to Lincoln during his campaigning era because he told so many lies and told different crowds that they wanted to hear, not what he thought...a run of the mill politician...

E, Las Vegas, NV

Abraham Lincoln was a coward, a tyrant, and deserves to have his resting place urinated on by those he considered inferior. He got off easy with only one bullet.

Bob, Woodridge, Il.

Abe was a product of his time and thought as others did about the superior white race, hadn't we proved it against the indians? Yet he had the stones to sign the emancipation proclamation when the country needed a rally point. Did he believe it? I doubt it. I believe it was a polical move. Look what happened to the black man after Lincoln was shot.

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Anonymous    6/6/07

RE: Bob I think the only thing whites proved to the indians is how horrible human beings can be in the search for power and conquest...

Sturdley, Northbrook, Land of Lincoln

The quote was made in response to Douglas baiting Lincoln as a "nigger lover." Lincoln was back-pedaling no doubt but this quote was from 1858. By the time he had been President 4 years his views had changed. Evidence of that? How about Frederick Douglass, the ardent black abolitionist and editor of the "North Star" an abolitionist paper, saying that Lincoln was the "only" white man to treat him as an equal. Many of the comments here do not reflect high level thinking skills or knowledge of the context.

AryanBrother, CSA

No, lincoln hated niggers, he thought them far inferior the the aryan race, just not so low as to be owned like animals. but this was still wrong, because biblically, niggers are "two legged beasts of the field". And to this day the damn niggers, jews, and fags are ruining this nation and pulling it farther and farther from God every day. Read Your Bibles People. Its Your Instruction Manual

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JB    9/11/07

This is hilarious to read about all you morons trying to make sense of what he really meant. Maybe, he simply means WHAT HE SAYS!

Bradley Rogers, Fresno, CA

For winners you Yankee's are sure sore Losers. Makes a country boy think you might be hidin' somethin'

Anonymous, brooklyn

this is retarted this B.S.

Dusty Hodges, Wilson, NC

What sort of idiot thinks that they're not a yankee when they're from Fresno? That said, the justification above is a stretch but there are two very important aspects to the quote: First, it was said during the 1856 Presidential debates, while Lincoln was back on his heels. He was being accused of wanting black men to be allowed to sleep with the daughters of everyone in the audience, and had to backpeddle himself fairly quickly. Second, and more importantly; Lincoln had plenty of time to change his mind and his ways. There were a lot of changes which occured within Lincoln's mind regarding the Union and slavery even after he was elected, let alone form 1856 when he was a young upstart in the midst of losing an election. That said - if you really believe that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, read the succession articles! That's what truly started all of this, and if you read South Carolina's, for instance, you can clearly see that they were declaring their independence over slavery. Saying it had nothing to do with slavery also ignores Kansas and the Lacompton Constitution, the Dred Scott decision, the beating of Charles Sumner, the actions of John Brown, and generally at least a few dozen other brutally obvious points that fed into the start of the war. Believing that slavery had nothing to do with this is just Southern revisionism.

Tom, Reno
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    Tom, Reno    11/2/07

    The problem with revisionist historians is that they judge the past in terms of present standards and norms. Think about the context of this quote...The debate had obviously reached the point in which Lincoln had to defend his radical beliefs with regard to the white and black races. There were few people in 1856 that truly believed that the white and black races were equal. The simple fact that Lincoln is accused of this shows that his beliefs were closer to equality than the majority of his contemporaries Lincoln's statement is racist today, but this is only because of the incredible progress made over the last 50 years in terms of civil rights. Lincoln did more for the cause of equality than any other president. And in his time, his actions were radical. He was on the cutting edge of civil liberties

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      Anonymous    11/11/07

      Yeah, Lincoln's views were so radical he espoused the same "let's get rid of them" beliefs so many other racist whites did. Was Frederick Douglas in the August 14, 1862 group of black leaders Lincoln presented the idea of repatriation? Somehow, we are supposed to believe that in the matter of 3 or 4 months Lincoln does an about-face on his views epitomized in the Douglas debate. Well, you got the wrong person if you think I'm going to buy that "it was 1856" mess.

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        Anonymous    11/18/07

        Lincoln remains the only president who caused more American casualties in four years than all of our foreign enemies have in two centuries. He is also the only president who has left mass graves of Americans in his wake on American soil. The only thing tragic about his assassination, is that it did not occur four and half years and 618000 casualties sooner.

        Alaskan Viking, Kenai, Republic of Alaska

        You would have to be a blind fool to believe War Between the states had nothing to do with Slavery, but you would also need to be a fool to believe it was all about slavery and had nothing to do with Southern independence too...

        Ignignokt, Ocala, FL

        The wars primary cause was the pro states rights south, opposing the federalist north, slavery was just a casus belli for both sides, nothing more.. in fact the confederacy was preparing to free the slaves under its own reign in the closing year of the conflict. I am not revising history, I just take the time to study it rather then gobbling down what was written in my text book, printed in the 50s during the height of the cold war to bolster patriotism among all American citizens.

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        Anonymous    12/4/07

        Hey AryanBrother, the Bible also says "I [GOD, NOT YOU] will deal with them according to their conduct, and by their own standards I [GOD, NOT YOU] will judge them. I suggest that not only you read the bible, but try to comprehend it. Our God is God of peace and love not one of violence and hate. If He truly wanted us to kill, torture and humiliate the "niggers, jews, and fags" as you so elegantly put it than He is not God. You put yourself on a pedestal AryanBrother, above everyone else, but in the end when it matters you will be on the bottom.

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        Anonymous    12/19/07

        i think that although Lincoln helped the slaves and free African Americans he was still a racist who was just trying to make his way up the social latter and he was a phony.

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        taylor    1/10/08

        the bible was written by people not god u moron

        J Jackson, Boon docks

        Oh my Lincoln said what was on his mind.. What is sad look at us now....

        white male, usa

        Lincoln was a blessing no matter how you look at him. Failing to be perfect is something all of us struggle with. He had the resolve to turn the corner on the issue of human rights and gave the african american population a long overdue shot at freedom even if equality was not yet to be obtained. Abe gave this country a starting block to become something great. Thanks Abe

        Davis, tennessee CSA

        Lincoln is Americas greatest mass murdering terrorist and is in Hell. He destroyed the concept of "government by the consent of the people" on the fields of Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Shiloh, Franklin...etc. My people still suffer to this day because of that madman.

        JAM, People's Republic of Maryland

        Contrary to what many think the USA was not the only country that had black slaves. England and France had slaves in their colonies and on the islands. They did away with slavery -- it is only the USA that went to war over it. Lincoln did not believe that blacks were equal to whites in any way. He wanted them out of the country. He made reference to this in another speech. In fact he had Ambrose Thompson, a wealthy shipping magnate with land in Panama look into shipping them down there to work in coal mines and on coffee and fruit plantations.

        pinky, usa
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        pinky, usa    2/24/08

        This statement to me is not so much racist, but merely an opinion. Just because he does not think that whites and blacks should be completely equal, it doesn't mean that he did not have respect for both races. He did just as anyone would do for his own race. If Abe had been a black man then do you think he would be saying that the white man is superior to him? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Only a moron would even begin to think that a man of a specific race would down his race by giving another the upper hand... So when reading this a man of either race should be pleased because he is giving the black race as much credit as the black man would give a white one.... And PRINCESS.. God may not have written the Bible, but he did however inspire each and every word.

        bessy, miami, florida

        thats is the neta way

        Rumple Stiltskin, New York

        "Abraham Lincoln didn't have an emancipating bone in his body." -- Dr. Len Jeffries, CUNY Black Studies Dept. Chairman.

        Tom, Tampa, Florida

        A truly great president would have been able to avoid civil war.... What an idiot he was.... claims they're inferior then just sets them loose throughout the country. Brilliant....

        Amin, Melbourne

        Abraham Lincoln's thinking was a product of his times. His thinking was no different that the average Caucasian world-wide. I know from my limited study of him, that he had a good heart. Fredrick Douglas describe his meeting with him at the White House in his autobiography. He said the president rose from his chair and walked over to him and told him it was an honor to meet him. Since I didn't live during those times, I can only go by the description of Pres Lincoln given by others who lived then; Whom I greatly respect. Fredrick Douglas is one of those individuals. He said that Pres Lincoln was a good man and a great president.

        Amin, Melbourne

        The first shot in the American Civil war was made by the south when they attacked Ft Sumter. That war was a war that G-d allowed to happen. John Brown predicted that the sins of slavery could only be washed away with blood. Anyone who read the history of those times can see that G-d was punishing the whole country; both north and south. Lincoln was not expected to win the presidency. The south over-reacted. The north was arrogant during the early part of the war. After not achieving a quick victory as they thought they would. Many of the Union soldiers began to desert. The north tried giving money to new recruits, but enlistment was low. Finally a draft was instituted. After a year of war the south was close to achieving their goal of two seperate countries. Then Pres Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that gave him the right to enlist the slaves from the areas of rebellion into the US military. Later African American males in the north were allowed to join the military. That is when the war turned in favor for the north. The African American soldiers were instrumental in achieving victory in all the battles they fought in. After the war a greatful nation made amendments to the US Constitution outlawing slavery and giving African Americans (males) the right to vote. John Brown was right, blood had to be shed.

        Anonymous, Mudkiptown

        To the people crying that this quote is racist, it seems history has proven him right. Whites and Black still are on uneasy terms.

        Anonymous, America

        Blacks are a less evolved species. In 6000 years of the black african they invented not a single measurement, a written language, a calender, or even the wheel. tey have built not a single road, bridge, or ship. For shelter they have not progressed past a mud hut, a mud hut that is inferior to those of beavers, birds, and other animals. They have smaller brains, skull capacity, and their average IQ is between 75-85. Face it, there is more then just a difference in skin color.

        Anonymous, USA

        I like it.I agree wit it(sorry,my kids spilled OJ on my keyboard so one of te keys isn't working).Its true and everyone would know te trut of it if tey weren't so dang politically correct.Look at Africa.If tey are equal ten wy are tey still starving to deat after centuries(tey walk over diamond mines and sould be very ric)of time to evolve?Wy do we ave to sip tem food?Tey neiter ave te intellect nor te motivation to advance as te wite culture as.Tis is trut and if you don't like it ten go jump on your politically correct bandwagon.Te jewis media will not brainwas me anymore-its enoug tey did from te birt canal until 2 years ago wen I finally woke up to TRUT.Tank you!

        Joshua, Alton

        It's interesting. I personally think everyone is a little racist but if this one quote is suppose to change my mind about a man who was doing the things Martin Luther King was doing, but a 100 years earlier your wrong.

        Nancy, Marion, OH

        This is one quote that I simply cannot agree with. I guess our founding fathers couldn't get it right 100% of the time. I'm white, however, good and bad occur in all colors, all nationalities, ethnic and religious groups. Human beings are human beings, no matter what color. All are beautiful.

        Seth, Columbus, OH

        Thank you, Edward of Rochester Hills. I found this very helpful and enlightening because I just could not understand (or accept) this quote.

        TurboSwami, Suqian, Jiangsu, PRC

        Equality is a popular fashion but, ask an expert and they will tell you, it has no place in the biological sciences... LIE: Races do not exist Mark Pagel, evolutionary biologist, Reading University: "There is an overbearing censorship to the way we are allowed to think and talk about the diversity of people on Earth. Officially we are all the same: there are no races. Flawed as the old ideas about race are, modern genomic studies reveal a surprising, compelling and different picture of human genetic diversity. What this all means is that, like it or not, there may be many genetic differences among human populations—including differences that may even correspond to old categories of 'race'—that are real differences in the sense of making one group better than another at responding to some particular environmental problem. This in no way says one group is in general 'superior' to another, or that one group should be preferred over another. But it warns us that we must be prepared to discuss genetic differences among human populations." LIE: We are all equal Simon Baron-Cohen, psychologist, Autism Research Center, Cambridge University: "When I was young I believed in equality as a guiding principle in life. My mind has been changed. I still believe in some aspects of the idea of equality, but I can no longer accept the whole package. Striving to give people equality of social opportunity is still a value system worth defending, but we have to accept that equality has no place in the realm of biology." Charles Darwin wrote in Descent of Man : "The races differ also in constitution, in acclimatisation and in liability to certain diseases. Their mental characteristics are likewise very distinct; chiefly as it would appear in their emotional, but partly in their intellectual faculties." In light of the slight but definite effect that racial origins have on physical traits like medical risk factors and athletic abilities, there is no reason to suppose that such effects do not extend to mental traits. In his 2007 book, Avoid Boring People: Lessons From a Life in Science, Nobel Laureate James D. Watson writes: "There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically."

        Erik, Hackettstown, NJ

        Lincoln was a master at herding cats. Read Team of Rivals about his choices for cabinet officials if you don't believe me. This quote is pure politics. It was meant for political effect. If he had said anything different at the time, the opposition would have sunk his chances for president and we would be stuck with Stephen "Missouri Compromise" Douglas as our president. Nobody would ever have heard of the Emancipation Proclamation.

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        D-money    6/3/08
        Will duRANT IV, God Bless the U.S.A.

        It's high time to get over the Civil War and its aftermath. That war preserved the American Republic. Today the threats to our Republic -- and to human freedom -- include militant Islamo-Fascism and swarms of illiterate peasants.

        derrick hall, laurel

        well i think that hes mother was black and father was white

        Annonymous, annonymous

        I don't think Abraham Lincoln wrote it. I have read in three history books that he was mixed and he was described as Black. Abraham Lincoln wrote his biography and said that his parents were undistinguished.

        Anonymous, San Diego

        I think its funny, considering you can find anti-Lincoln political cartoons where he was called "nigger Lincoln" because of his ancestry.

        T. Rogers, Ponchatoula, LA

        Abraham Lincoln was a great man. He was surrounded by racist people, Yes there were racists even in the north. White people everywhere thought of themselves as being better than black people even in the North. This is the first time I have heard that such a quote came from Lincoln and to be honest I am shocked. However, because I know his character I am convinced that this has be either taken out of context and twisted in some way or as I already stated, he was surrounded by bitterly racist people and there is no other way to have people on your side then to say what they want to hear. Also, It is only because of this man that we are still the United States of America and the abolishment of slavery; two things for which we should be eternally greatful!!!!!!!!

        Donnie, Livingston Ky

        Lincoln hated niggers for the same reason i hate them they stink they steal rape white women (30 000 + every year) they murder white people and the news media don't report it they have turned every major city in America into cesspools of drugs violent crime and disease (50% of all new Hiv/Aids cases in '07 were black)

        Jon, Jackson, TN

        Just to clarify - it wasn't the 1856 presidential elections (for which Abe was the VP candidate). It was the 1858 senate elections in Illinois. Also, he wasn't a political neophyte, he had been elected to the U.S. House 12 years prior to this campaign - so it wasn't his first go round.

        melissa, ohio

        are you kidding me??? Lincoln had to get to the whitehouse. he had a agenda. to free the slaves/blacks and whites. The only way he was going to get there was to say that black people were inferior and could not hold office. He knew better...he had a vision way beyond his years...he knew it would take one step at at time. If he would have said anything other than what he said here....GUESS WHAT??? He would have never made it to the whitehouse and thus, never freeing the slaves period. Because no-one had the courage to do what he did....at the cost of 600,000 WHITE and black men. To say that lincolns grave should be urinated on....is so distasteful and ignorant....and you should know your history before you say anything about this great human being. thank you

        Unreconstructed Rebel, Manassas, VA

        Liberals interpret Lincoln's racist quotes the same way they interpret the U.S. Constitution: IT DOES NOT MEAN WHAT IT SAYS.

        Anonymous, Atlanta, GA

        I think it's hysterical that Obama likens himself to Lincoln....and I also think that all you have to do is look around to see that the black man has used the opportunity to scream racism at every turn to get where he is. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with their intelligence or their ability...it's about using whatever slimy tactics they can to get what they want and in the meantime, we're getting screwed and not getting kissed!! I remember when segregation of schools began. I was in the 7th grade and our schools had to back up to years because the blacks started screaming that we were too advanced, purposely making it difficult for them to comprehend...yeah, well what about you are as Lincoln said, dumber.

        Jason, Baltmore

        Hypothetically speaking, what if homosexuals are eventually given the same rights as heterosexuals? Will people look back 150 years from now at Obama and his stated position that marriage should only exist between a man and a woman and decide that he was nothing more than a homophobic bigot?

        Jes, Los Angeles

        I believe, Lincoln's quote is spot-on.. All people deserve respect, and shouldn't have their resources stripped from them.. but the REALITY is, that Blacks often do little or nothing with those resources & opportunities.. and consistently prove themselves inferior to Whites.. (except in basketball) .. and he wasn't called 'Honest Abe' for nothing, the meaning of his quote is very clear...Blacks deserve to be treated with equal dignity, but that doesn't mean they are equal in capability.

        Michael, Houston

        Obviously a man of such greatness, as reassured to be by the black community, knew what he was talking about.

        Anonymous, Hobart

        Wasn't the Civil War fought over 26 plantation owners wanting cotton fields in California and Nevada, while the North wanted small farms to sell little tools to? Didn't the issue of slavery enter in about the third year of the war? Obama's idol, Lincoln was very prejudiced. What a farce to see Obama's pic under Lincoln's statue. Such a joke.

        reader, atlantaarea

        On a separate note, lincoln grew up in Kentucky and Indiana, he moved to Illinois when he was 21, though Illinois is "the land of Lincoln".

        White American

        Let's take a couple of facts about the Civil War into account. The Confederacy wanted to secede from the Union because the Federal Government was giving them a raw deal financially. The Confederacy wanted a fair way of doing business with other countries without the Fed screwing them out of money (sound familiar?) The Civil War was not about slavery at all, but about keeping the Confederacy from becoming a new nation. That's why it was decimated by the Union Forces. Without its agricultural output of goods, the Confederacy was bankrupt, and couldn't fight anymore. So why was slavery abolished then? Well, slaves represented plentiful free labor for the Confederacy. How about taking away the free labor so the Confederacy couldn't rebuild itself? Looking at it from a strategic military angle, one can see the Civil War in a different light.

        Freedom Lover, Gadsden, Alabama

        Amendment 13 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. Okay, slavery is wrong no matter what with this I agree. We need to abolish where it says "except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted. " That part of the 13th Amendment makes slaves out of prisoners and it is a part of Reconstruction ism of the South and needs to be abolished! Freeing slaves was not what was on Lincolns mind if it was he would not have inserted "except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted," into the 13th Amendment. The majority of African Americans make up the prisoners in the evil corrupt prison system. So basically the 13th Amendment states that slavery is wrong but if you go to jail or prison then it is okay to make the prisoners into slaves. This part only needs taken out of the 13th Amendment. The 13th Amendment needs to be read or stated as: 1.Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. It is time to correct the wording of the 13th Amendment otherwise anyone in the prison system is a slave and the 13th Amendment still makes slavery legal as long as the person is in prison. Slavery of any kind is evil even if the person is in jail or prison!

        Anonymous, America

        Slavery started in the North.

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          Anonymous    3/24/09

          Lincoln was the only white man to treat Douglass as an equal? How about Lysander Spooner, who was a white guy that basically taught Douglass everything he knew, and was one of his biggest influences?

          Good old, USA

          The context of these statements are a large public debate in which Lincoln was answering a question of whether he favored "producing a perfect equality between the negroes and white people." He said these things with sarcasm and the crowd roared with laughter. Read the speech here: < href=http://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=lincoln;idno=lincoln3;rgn=div2;view=text;cc=lincoln;node=lincoln3%3A20.1http://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=lincoln;idno=lincoln3;rgn=div2;view=text;cc=lincoln;node=lincoln3%3A20.1 There is no doubt Lincoln believed in freedom for blacks while at the same time acknowledging the divisions of the day. Without Lincoln, the freedoms enjoyed today in the US by all races might not exist.

          Good old, USA

          So what if Lincoln was racist. Back then everyone was and even the Abolitionist movement didn't want total equality. ----- Lincoln still arguably did more to advance civil rights than any other president in our history and we should all be thankful.

          Maria, Framingham

          Thank you to Ed Pakiorek (above) you are about the only person who has fully read before and after that paragraph and has put Mr Lincoln's words into proper context. He was NOT a racist, and he is clearly qualifying the small minded fears the whites had about the blacks in this paragraph but most people are reading it out of context. As someone else said: to read racism into that speech taken out of context would be the opposite of virtually every other thing Lincoln ever said! He risked his life to abolish slavery...do you really think he would have that kind of attitude towards people he risked his life to free?? Get real....read the whole bit he said if you really want the truth...if you want to take his words out of context to justify your OWN small minds that is your deficit not Abe Lincoln's.

          Jolynn, somewhere in this wonderful free country

          TO RESPOND TO THE ANONYMOUS WRITER FOURTH FROM THE TOP who said that the south were traitors to the union, I would like to say that with all do respect they were not. Nor were they traitors to the Constitution. When this country was started and legally speaking as it stands today still each state is allowed to secede from the union. It was partly about slavery but not all about slavery most of it was about the state's individual rights. Speaking of legality the Emancipation Proclamation while a great document was a completely illegal one. The president is not allowed to make laws nor proclaim a change in a current law. That is the purpose of our checks and balances system. However the ammendments made after were legal so the Proclamation can stand now but when it was wrote and stated it could not. Despite what we, including myself, was taught in school as a child about the civil war we have to keep in mind that history is written by the winners of the wars that are fought so therefore the history that is told will be biased to one side. The end of slavery was a wonderful thing a just thing that came from the civil war but it was not the reason nor passion that people of the south fought for. They were fighting to preserve their way of life. Not to keep slaves. If you honestly research this, while slaves were horribly beaten and sold away in some cases, in the 1800s in the south it was not the norm to beat your slaves nor to sell them from their families. It was considered low class and looked down upon. Do not take this to mean I am condoning slavery in any way I am not, no one should have to live that life no matter what race creed religion or gender. Not one person is superior or inferior to another. But before we decide to hold someone up on such a high pedestal we need to recieve facts from both sides and make an intelligent decision on what our opinion is. I hate that after I researched I found what used to be one of my heroes is really maybe not so far as a racist but at the very least a bigot, it broke my heart. It taught me though that there are two sides to every story and the one should know the truth before judging another.

          jerome, brooklyn

          lincon wuz racist

          Kent, California

          Lincoln lovers are a religious cult that can not allow any criticism of their god. They become very angry and bitter any time he is revealed to them in his true light. They are in such denial that they can not see the forrest for the trees and will not accept the truth no matter how plain it may be presented to them. Some people just can't accept that they have been lied to all of their lives. The Truth? Lincoln was a centralist and a big government tax and spend politician in the same mold with todays bureaucratic politicians and we go along with them because we are sheep and too afraid to take any personal responsibility for ourselves. Just as Lincoln intended, we now, for the most part, depend on the government for everything. After swearing to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution he went on to break almost every aspect of that Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Please do not take my word for it and please try to have the courage to look into it yourself. The truth will set you free and maybe piss you off enough to make a real change in the way we govern ourselves. Neither Republicans or Democrats are the answer...we are!!!

          deninse, san antonio


          Aaron, spatanburg,sc

          Hell yeah, the civil war had just about as much to do with slavery as a laxitive has to do at stoping diarreha. To be honest slavery was more or less just a cover up set up by the government. He had another quote "amancipation followed by imediate deportation" inotherwords if john wilks both hadnt shot lincon there wouldnt be any blacks in america.

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          Anonymous    6/8/09

          I hate

          Lee, Charleston

          Lock and Load; saddle up ................

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          Sarah    7/5/09

          The war was never about slavery.. it was about the South preserving what our forefathers fought to build. "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Power from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying it's Foundation on such Principles, and organizing it's Power's in such Form, as to them shall seem mostly to effect their Safety and Happiness." -- The Declaration of Independence

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            Anonymous    7/6/09

            Abraham Lincoln was opposed to slavery, regardless of color, period. He also realized blacks would never peacefully assimilate into civilized European society, for which reason he invited the black leaders of the day to Washington to discuss setting up a "Negro State" in S. America. They never got back to him, and why would they, they came from the jungle but suddenly has all the benefits of society handed to them. Take a look at any country in Africa today and tell me they can govern themselves. Look what happened in Zimbabwe when they "appropirated" the white owned farms. In just a few years, that country went from being a net exporter of food to one of the most impoverished in the world. Case closed.

            • Reply
            Anonymous    7/6/09

            Everyone needs to consider that at the time the slave ships were traveling to Africa, that in Europe they had built upon hundreds and hundreds of years of establishing a society. Whereas, the slave ships went to Africa and just scooped them up from the jungle. The Pilgrims must be turning over in their graves seeing what happened to the New Worlsd.

            Think, Critically

            Everyone agreed then that blacks were inferior to white. The only disagreement was whether blacks should be treated equally. So instead of bad mouthing one of greatest men in history, you should start learning your history and get some perspective. Your comments only prove that you are inferior.

            Culture of, Defeatism

            The North fought the war to save the Union, BUT the South seceded because the end of slavery was near. The writing was on the wall. So, yes, the Civil War was caused by slavery. I hate slavery -- look at all the crime we have today. Look at Detroit, Baltimore; all lost due to slavery. Instead of just regurgitating what you are told by other idiots, pick up a book (hopefully, more than one).

            B. Frank, Tacoma, WA

            Lincoln said what he said. Look at all the 5-star ratings. The statement cannot be revised. I opine he was racist. Dare we castigate such an honored person?? Look at all the support his statement has garnered. Further, read the comments from all the Lincoln apologists!! We will forever have our home-spun sickos spreading their particular brand of hate. Nothing new.

            88, BATAVIA, NY


            PM Connors, S

            I think there are very few critical thinkers or students of history on this commentary page. Those who understood Lincoln's posture from the point in history he is quoted, good job. Further, I note that those so prone to invective paid no attention to other Lincoln quotes condemning slavery. Of course, some here demonstrate only unreconcilable hatred and are themselves racist. If not for Lincoln and many others, all those who died in defense of union, slavery may have endured much longer in the United States.

            Donnie Statom, Livingston Ky

            Abraham Lincoln was not a racist sure he hated niggers but Hey! don't we all?

            rickr, San Jose, CA

            I would ask that people read the debates between Douglas and Lincoln. It's interesting as this quoted article presents a position that he is racist.... here's another quote from the series of debates "There is a physical difference between the two, which, in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality, and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity that there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position. I have never said anything to the contrary, but I hold that, notwithstanding all this, there is no reason in the world why the negro is not entitled to all the natural rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. [Loud cheers.] I hold that he is as much entitled to these as the white man. I agree with Judge Douglas he is not my equal in many respects-certainly not in color, perhaps not in moral or intellectual endowment. But in the right to eat the bread, without the leave of anybody else, which his own hand earns, he is my equal and the equal of Judge Douglas, and the equal of every living man. [Great applause.]"

            Kray, San Diego

            Lincoln spoke the truth. It was not a political expedient....it was the truth. America's biggest historical mistake was bringing enslaved blacks to this country from Africa where they suffered mercilessly by their own people. Why is it when all slaves and blacks had the opportunity to leave and go back they chose to stay? There is not questions about the IQ differences between White, Asian and Black.There are brilliant people in every race but it is irrefutable that blacks have much much lower IQs. They know this innately which is why they seek out White women to counter their lower IQs. If any black reading this can get beyond their racist hate and look at the objective scientific studies reflecting this data....you will understand why Africa is still primitive. Blacks and poor Whites have become slaves to the government now....thanks to the leftists ruining our Republic. Blacks are proud of their athletic abilities where short bursts of speed and jumping are required. This is a fact which bothers me not. So why can't they accept the fact they just are not as bright as Caucasians & Asians? These are generalized statements that fit the population world wide. Go to Amren.com and learn more. Caucasians are Israel, God's truly chosen people. If you read the Old Testament you will see it is all about Israel. Then look at Matt 10 & 15 when Christ said he came but for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.....those lost sheep migrated north and then to America. Know your history then you will understand what Lincoln was talking about. The so called black PHDs in education haven't a racist clue because of their self-loathing and jealously of Caucasians & Asians....These are facts my friends.

            Blake, Austin

            While it may be hurtful, isn't it just a religion that he was wrong? 50 years after integration, blacks kill at 7 times the white average, have consistently lower test scores with no signs of improvement, have the highest unemployment and AIDS rates, and are vastly more frequently imprisoned. Taking off the "I watched Sesame Street and I learned that everyone is the same" hat for a minute, isn't it intellectually fair to say that there are differences on average, even if we should morally not judge any particular individual based on these averages?

            Marty, San Antonio

            Kray, you need help!!!!

            Marty, San Antonio

            Blake, did you ever see the move " ROSE WOOD" well there were hundreds of black townships across the south and north. Black people were netwoking among themselves and prospering after slavery. But then as now the white man feared that the black man was getting to powerful in America ( don,t even mention Obama). As for being imprisoned, why don't you ask the white judges in Philly, why they were taking bribes from the private prisons for every young black man they sent to prison. PS you need to start learning Chinese because the rich whites have sold us all out.

            Louis Morelli, brielle N.J.

            I am completely amazed at the responses of some of these people. Were it not for Presient Lincoln we would not have a country; where it is O.K. to speak out and say that he, the president, should have been killed earlier, that he was a racist and one bullet was not enough. Morons all. Study your history and then speak idiots! L. Moreli

            David, San Bernardino,CA

            The idea that blacks were inferior was common for the time. It was common wisdom. It may have been wrong but it was certainly common. The idea that these are mutually exclusive with abolitionism is absurd. I'm sure there are many advocates for animal welfare who think they are superior to animals. It has never been the case that abolitionism was based on a desire for equality. It was based on a recognition of the inhumanity of slavery. Lincoln hated slavery but was certainly a man of his time and that is the way men of his time thought.

            Anonymous, Rochester, NY

            Abe Lincon was a man of his time. Was he a racist by today's standards? Yes. Was he a racist by the standards of the late 1800's? No. I don't think it can ever be proven what his real thoughts on the matter are. He did what he did because he wanted the Confederacy and the Union reunited, because he knew both would fall apart without the other. His motives weren't based on racism and slavery- they were based on what he thought he had to do to save the country. Whether or not he did it by ending slavery didn't really matter to him, I don't think.

            Joseph M. Miller CSA, confederate state

            Abraham Lincoln in his own words said whites were superior to blacks. He was not a great man. We have been mentally raped by the (public) education system. Why has this quote been left from history books?

            Anonymous, yank town ohio

            "making voters or jurors of negroes nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people" wow obama is everything that lincoln did not want to happen. They sure dont teach ya that in school do they, oh no no no he was the "great emancipator" for killing his brothers because some owned slaves its all bull, history is writin by the winners of wars and they dont forget to put there spin on it to.

            Ernest, Roanoke

            Live not by lies

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              Anonymous    2/3/10

              Check the crime statistics for blacks 50 years after we started giving them free food, rent, etc., preferrential hiring, scholarships, etc.......Ever hear one say, "Thank you"? Most are ingrateful--like President Obunghole who be dissin his white grandma and ma for raising him and be lovin his black pappy for leavin him.

              Brian McCandliss, Los Angeles

              It's amazing: some people think Lincoln was telling the truth as a racist, and others think the was LYING-- i.e. that it's ok for a president to lie to the people about his convictions "for the right reasons." People like that don't want a democracy- they want a DICTATOR who LIES to the people in order to get into power, and then does whatever he wants, even if millions die because of it-- and the more he kills, the more the fools call him a "great leader" and make preposterous excuses for him, saying how "the stupid people just don't UNDERSTAND" him. Yeah right, we just didn't "understand" Adolf Hitler or Charles Manson either. That's the most dangerous type of person there is-- a pragmatic tyrant. Oh and for those who say Lincoln wasn't serious: he sponsored a law to keep everyone out of his state, who was of ANY black ancestry: yep, Lincoln wouldn't even allow Obama INTO Illinois, so only a FOOL would credit Lincoln for Obama becoming PRESIDENT! Right: we just didn't "understand" him. Well we "understand" that you're NUTS who think that! And those who think the war was about slavery: consider what ELSE Lincoln said when taking office: "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so. "The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess the property and places belonging to the Government and to collect the duties and imposts; but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere." Translation: "keep your slaves, just fork over the MOOLAH-- or DIE!" Come on, tell us again how "great" Lincoln was, and how we just "don't understand" him. Liars.

              Anonymous, Peoria

              Read the rest of Lincoln's quote - the rest of that speech. Lincoln went on to say what the physical differences were -- skin color!!! He also said slave owners should be kicked to death -- and then he kicked it to death. He also said slavery had to go -- and he made it go. He also said the blacks were equal in ALL ways to ANY white in the right to freedom, the right to pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Plus - Lincoln personally wrote the EP - and then personally pushed the 13th Amendment through. Who else did anything like that?

              • Reply
              Xev    2/25/10

              "sure he hated niggers but Hey! don't we all?" - LOL

              Patrick Henry, Maryland

              Lincoln is history's greatest mass-murderer? Davis, your sense of history is pretty funny. Get your head out from under your a--, and you might see that history is complex. I know that's a tough concept for most illiterate Americans, but try real hard. Lincoln had a tough situation, and NO ONE could have done as good a job of dealing with it as he. I have great respect for Davis, Lee and the South, but if you can't see that Lincoln played a difficult hand you must be blind or an idiot. Or both.


              It's very important to understand the difference between racism and racial discrimination. Racism can lead to racial discrimination, but both terms are not one and the same. To be a racist, all you have to do is believe yourself superior to another race. You don't have to hate them, just think that you're better than them. It's like you being a genius amongst a group of people with low iq. You're gonna think of yourself better than the rest because of your high iq, but you're not going to start harming them physically or something because of it. (I'm not saying that other races are dumb, this is just the most literal example i could come up with that didn't have anything to do with people's skin color). That said, just because Lincoln freed the slaves doesn't mean that he thought they were all on equal footing. And before I start getting insulted or something, I'm going to point out that my race was created thanks to the mixture of three other races. Two of those races are african black and european white. So yeah.

              Brother Wayne, www.bwcoc.wordpress.com

              www.creativityalliance.com www.rahowadirectory.com

              Brother Wayne, Blue Water Area

              http://erectuswalksamongst.us/ The White race has accomplished far more than all of the other races put together. "Blacks" of the modern age are close descendants of Homo Erectus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_erectus http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=homo%20erectus%20wiki&aql=&oq=&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi Whites are close descendants of Cro-Magnon. Do not try to trivialize race into being "skin-deep" because if you do, you are not only wrong, you are also laughed at. Any other comments or questions,..? Im willing to debate as long as you remain honest and civilized. Email me at creativitychurch@yahoo.com

              Americans, who cares

              However difficult this is to write. America has not changed at all. We should just have it out. No holds barred. White and Black Americans till the death. Since we can't seem to come to any sensible, common ground to live on this island called America. Neither race repects on another. We only come together in the event of a national emergency or event.

              Veronica, St Clair Shores, MI

              This is a very important quote that Americans need to be enlightened to. The actual sentiment is vile and horrible, but that's what many abolitionists felt. Even these vile racists, however, thought that slavery was wrong and immoral. The only white American I have heard of who expressly accepted the equality of the races by this time was Thomas Jefferson, who, as a young man, stated that whatever Africans lacked in mind and body they made up for in heart and soul, and who, by the time of his death, decided those differences were simply the result of social situation, not nature. He had inherited all his slaves and fought in the Virginia legislature for years for the right to release them (at that time it was illegal except in rare circumstances). The Civil War was in a large part about sovereignty and states' rights, as well as a friction between the North, which ran on a capitalist economy, and the South, which ran on a feudal economy. It was a friction between two different economic stages of development. Tarriffs are much more important to the cause, and they were ones that favored one developing economic system while punishing the old one. Now, let it be known that the call that slavery was important to the Civil War stems from A) the Emancipation Proclamation, which only freed slaves in the Confederate states in response to France and Britain about to assist the South and who could not join a war for slavery; and B) politicians running around claiming "they're going to take your slaves" much like they currently go around yelling "they're going to take your guns."

              Anonymous, detroit

              lincoln made haiti to ship the freed slaves after the war only a few made it The south is rising again

              Anonymous, Indianapolis

              Oh how society has perverted Lincoln, and to think Obama was sworn in on the same Bible Lincoln used. DISGRACE!! Lincoln is surely turning over in his grave at the state of the once great country.

              Anonymous, Hayes

              Abe was right

              amnomous, florida

              i am a hispanic and i think this qoute is so wrong because this is a mess up jugement for many people because many poeple should be treated the same in our world today and our world back then

              burgs, Detroit, MI

              I am naturally anti-slavery. If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong. I can not remember when I did not so think, and feel. Abraham Lincoln--April 4, 1864 Letter to Albert Hodges You must put Lincoln's comments into historical perspective. At the time - MOST black people were uneducated - and therefore deamed inferior. The concept of "racism" at that time was unheard of.....

              Mulato_Man, San Diego, CA

              I wonder; if Hussein Obama saw this quote would he still think so highly of his hero, Lincoln?

              Sister Soldier, Phila,PA

              Well, to HELL with Lincoln and his blatent racism. We don't have to worry about him anymore. Thank the good LORD for PRESIDENT OBAMA! What do you think now Mr. Good old USA? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact that this country is being ran by none other than a BLACK MAN. I fell sorry for the whites who hold contempt in their hearts for Blacks today. Get over it, Blacks will continue to rise in America!

              Sister Soldier, Phila,PA

              Please excuse my mistake. I FEEL sorry for whites that hold contempt in their hearts for Blacks today.

              Woodman, Charleston SC

              Lincoln was a master liar! He killed 620,000 Americans, imprisoned thousand of Northerners (without trial) who disagreed with him and if he wasn't assassinated he would have sent all of the 'freed" slaves to panama to build the canal. The Sheeple believe he was a god that could do no wrong...no man is that, especially Lincoln!

              Arab, Philadelphia

              People reading this quote, get this through your heads. This was during the Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 to determine the Senator of Illinois. Of course, Stephen A. Douglas won, but this ushered Lincoln to become a major political force of the nation. During the debates, he stated that he thought that blacks had the right to eat what they sow and earn a living. This caused some to become wary of him, so he showed his honest opinion on blacks in this quote. In the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, Lincoln needed to take a different approach to the black question, so to gain the support of abolitionists and to give the Union new morale and objective, Lincoln stated to remove slavery in rebelling Confederate areas. This did not include the Border states that were for the Union, because Lincoln did not want to discourage them from staying with the Union. Lincoln was NOT an abolitionist. He was simply against the expansion of slavery. He WAS racist, as was the norm of society during this time. Even abolitionists never thought that blacks could get the same rights as a white could. Of course, they were wrong and now all races have the potential to show their true selves in society. No race or gender is dominant over the other. Only individuals are dominant over others due to intelligence, piety, wisdom, determination, humility, and other noble characteristics.

              Tim The Terrible, Los Angeles

              Lincoln was no racist and only shallow people here think so. He sought to preserve the Union: he tried to appease the south; he did not want to be pushed into what many then would have seen as extreme positions, positions that were still open questions as late as the 1960's! He was no racist! The Southern people KNEW he wanted blacks liberated--that's why they broke off! He was a great man--far greater than the tiny bitter minds here that judge him out of context (trying to win the presidency and not have it go to Slave State candidates who were agreeable to more slave states). He did not want to precipitate a war if he could avoid it. But read his other speeches. Its clear what he thought: liberation for all. How sad that people who are the beneficiaries of is genius won't bother to inform themselves of the truth. What next? Assume that FDR was pro Nazi because he promised to keep us out of WWII?

              Anonymous, london

              He was a racist C**T

              Anonymous, Boston

              America is fucked, look around people, the blacks are still pissed and growing in numbers. A horrible end is in your future.

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              Anonymous    6/21/10

              Take this off. It serves no purpose.

              Anonymous, Moyock

              Whether Lincoln was or was not a racist really means nothing in the scheme of things because of what came about during his presidency. People will always overlook quotes like this one and others, as well as here say from his cabinet at the time that say he said the "n" word more often than any other president, once again because of what happened during his presidency. Saying Lincoln freed the slaves is like taking all the credit for winning the world series when all you did was ride the pine. People give him credit for freeing the slaves because of the emancipation proclamation, but why? The emancipation proclamation only freed the slaves in the "rebel states" while doing nothing for the slaves in the other combated, as well as "free" states. A census for the states of NY and NJ showed they still had a slave population in 1864. NY at 1.7% and NJ at 3.6%, and these were so called "free states?" IF Lincoln really cared about abolishing slavery why not have this document free all slaves? Because Lincoln didn't care about freeing the slaves he cared about the unification of the country as he was a devote unionist. Plain and simple. Not to mention, has anyone forgotten Lincoln's Confiscation act of 1862? Honestly just look at what the man said to do with some of the slaves "any slaves behind the Union lines were captives of war who were to be freed and transported to countries in the tropics." Not only did Lincoln think they were inferior he didn't want them around at all. This was not for their benefit mind you. IF they had been "sent to the tropics" they wouldn't have been "freed" they would have been reintroduced into the slave trade all together, and would have ended up going to one of many other slave holding nations around the world. But I digress, as none of this means anything as those ignorant to the truth will continue to praise this racist because what happened during his presidency. I say again saying Lincoln freed the slaves is like taking all the credit for winning the world series when all you did was ride the pine.

              Mark, India

              Abraham Lincoln was a bigot of the worst order- but at least he was useful to the extent that he got an essential job done. You white supremacist bastards on the other hand- you digust me. You invade the blacks in Africa- ship them across five thousand miles in conditions fit for cattle. Rape their women, work them to the bone, appropriate their children for yourself. Deny them education, murder them for seeking a life- and then claim you did them a favor? And you wanted to ship them off to South America so they wouldn't "affect" the American way of life. Yours is a nation in decline. Give it a little while- the Chinese will be using you and your nation to wipe the shit off of their asses.

              Mayan, Houston

              I enjoyed reading the comments although I wish more of them were based on fact and not opinion. Either way, for those who read my comment, please always remember to read a quote within context and take into consideration the period which it was said. When Mr. Lincoln made that comment it was in 1858 and he was running for office and we all know people tend to say a lot of things (true or untrue) and no one really knows where their heart is. Even if he truly felt that way in 1858 he also made a very compassionate speech in 1865 about slavery during his second inaugural address shortly before his death, which actually brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it. I believe everyone should read other speeches by him, most importantly his 2nd inaugural, before having an opinion. I personally believe in my soul that Mr. Lincoln had a change of heart about blacks and his experience during the civil war was instrumental to this change, but I guess we will never find out until we die and have a chance to ask him. Doesn■t that seem to be case with so many important questions in life?

              Scott, Houston

              I find it hard to believe that his motivation for invading the south was to free the slaves being held there. i acknowledge that the southern states probably left the union to preserve slavery there (which they did legally, every state had the right to withdraw from the union of states). but the southern states produced much more for the national economy than the northern states. When the countries cash cow decided it was done with the union lincoln had no choice but to take it back. His government lost the majority of its income. I believe he may have actually wanted to end slavery, but that was not his motivation for taking over the confederacy

              scott, houston

              although annie in melbourne is correct. the first shot fired in the civil war was at a union fort in the newly independent state of south carolina (the first to leave the union). She failed to mention that the purpose of that aggression was to make the union forces leave the state. They accomplished that goal without killing a single person that day. the bloodshed began when an independent country was invaded by their former allies to re-secure their lost taxes

              anonymous, kansas city

              star quality this is really reavealing and i am truly shocked at honest gabe mmmm mmmm mmmm! i wish i could have been there when this got out

              Anonymous, Anytown, USA

              Hey! President Lincoln was a shrewd politician and when most politicians give an answer they generally give an answer that sounds politically correct.

              John Wilkes Booth, Richmond

              I think Abraham Lincoln is dead. I think Abraham Lincoln was shot in the back of the head. I think Abraham Lincoln had lead round blasted into his brain. I think Abraham Lincoln was a crazed zealot who believed he was greater than American endeavor which would have brought slavery to extinction through the application of economic forces such as competition and boycotts and who appropriately paid for his sins against America with his life and the pain and suffering of his family.

              Lloyd, Panama

              Lincoln and the Federal government 'freed' the slaves only because he was low on troops and the blacks could not serve unless free men and citizens. That is the ONLY reason this happened at that time. The country is still seperate and will always be. Even more seperate now because of socialist OBAMA.......Both Lincoln and Obama had and have mental problems....

              Anonymous, Dayton, Ohio

              Not one war was fought for liberty! Every war has been orchestrated to earn the elite more money and power. Read more! It's all out there... Even Japan was provoked into Pearl Harbor and this is well known, Both sides of www2 were financed by the elite. The EU was their doing.. the new and coming Amero and AU is thier doing. It is coming!!! NWO

              Colonel, Marianna

              Thousands of years ago, the human was told to love his neighbor as he did himself. When he does, he will belong to a race of Gods and do miraculous things while enjoying a life in Paradise. This is The Way and the Only Law. Obey it, or live a perpetual existence as a collection of asshole clowns vying to see who is the top turd in a pile of shit.

              Anonymous, Philadelphia

              Looking back through the lens of history, this quote doesn't make the "great" Lincoln look all that good. Maybe he doesn't deserve a Memorial. Soviets thought Stalin was a great leader, or least they were taught to believe that in their schools. Maybe our childern are also being spoon fed lies?

              Anonymous, Milwaukee

              HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE VICTOR, Abraham Lincoln was one of the worst presidents ever. Jefferson Davis was not a lover of slavery or a closet racist he simply wanted the power of government in the hands of the people, the states.

              jessica, ri

              what i think is that he should do anything that he wants to for himslf and i am soorrry for what he died for he was saying what he wanted to and he wanted slaves to be free for them slefs

              girl, LA
              • Reply
                girl, LA    12/15/10

                This is Lincoln at the start of the spectrum. As the political situation changes, so does Lincoln. He begins as a product of his time, a racist man. This quote proves it. But he also disagreed on the expansion of slavery, and could not deal with a house divided. As the civil war begins and continues, Lincoln's perspective shifts, and even mentions in his Last Public Address, to give blacks the right to vote. His greatness comes from his ability to transform, as Foner said. He was a great man, all of you need to research your shit.

                Anonymous, Woodruff, SC

                Anybody who doesn't think the war was about Southern Independance is an idiot. Do your research. Federal warships blocked Southern ports to prevent free trade. We simply fought back against it.

                Ehud Avni, Houston

                Lincoln wanted to send the unemployed plantation workers back to where they came from. How was he going to do that? Ship them back?, & who would foot the bill? We'll never know because Booth shot him in the head. Maybe black America shouldn't have a MLK Day, but a JWB Day instead. MLK did far less than JWB did.

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                  Anonymous    1/6/11

                  the comment stands on what it is ... Lincoln made many many other statements that justify his mindset of this one quote listed above. Lincoln was a tyrant and a criminal. You need to look at the entire picture. During the time Lincoln was President he also was engaged in the Indian Wars, enslaving a nation of people by putting them on reservations. The Irish, during the War of Northern Aggression, were living in more deplorable conditions in the North than the Southern slaves. After the War was well underway ... In August 1861 Lincoln refused (revoked) an emancipation order by Union General John C. Fremont. Fremont had order that slaves in his district of Missouri be freed. Lincoln demand that Fremont rescind the oder, and when Fremont refused, Lincoln revoked it himself. Missouri, which hadnt yet seceded kept its slaves. April 25, 1862. Union General Davis Hunter, commander of forces at Port Royal, South Carolina (covering South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida) declared slaves in those area free forever. Lincoln revoked Hunters order and wrote that he would only free the slaves if it became a necessity indispensable to the maintenance of the government. There are many other Lincoln quotes to show his sentiments had nothing to do with caring about slavery or equal rights. As there is overwhelming proof to show that it was not a concern of the North. During the War of Northern Aggression, several Northern States, New England states, were still involved in the lacrative, though illicit slave trade. - The emancipation proclamation didn't free any slaves: The only slaves it sought to free were those of the southern states that had seceded, of which, Lincoln had no control over because the South had become a separate country and were no longer under Lincolns mandates. Furthermore,, Maryland and Rhode Island were allowed to keep slavery because they didn't join the south, so the emancipation proclamation didnt apply to them ... thus the highly touted emancipation proclamation was a useless event that freed no one. In addtion, the slaves that could have been effected (800,000 of them living in captured territories of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri and parts of Tennessee) were specifically left out of the document. For anyone to cling to an opinion that Lincoln was fighting a war to champion a good cause initiated by the North just isn't doing their historical homework. The facts are out there, you just have to research them on your own, with your head out of the sand.

                  Anonymous, Cookeville Tn

                  I believe that Lincoln was a Republican. He tried to do away with both parties and only have one party and that plan was to be the Republican Party. He was a pollitician just as all Presidents are, and they do as they are told by the persons who put them in office. They are figureheads. It has taken me many years to come to this conclusion. But...any person that would kill allow that much killing of humans, whether they were from the North or South is heartless, and unfeeling. We have the same going on now, We want our country back!

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                  Anonymous    1/17/11


                  Michael, San Antonio

                  You know I did not believe in aliens until I read some of these posts. How can anyone be this stupid, and be from earth? "Two legged beast in the field"? Really? I just retired from the Army and spent the last 7 years in Germany, after reading this, I see that nothing has changed here. It is truly sad. Lincoln did not give two shits about the slaves. He abolished slavery because the cotton gin had all but taken over the cotton industry, they were more effective and less expensive, and it would end the drama and fighting over slavery. He wanted to Union to stay in tact, whether it was all slave or all free, he did not care. To suggest or to say that he ended slavery because it was the right thing to do is "Re fucking tarded!" The man was a racist plain and simply. Wake up people!!

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                  Anonymous    3/22/11

                  I wsh people would've looked further into Lincoln's true beliefs. There was and still is a noticeable difference between the two races, and now this country is over run with gangs and criminal mentality.

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                  Anonymous    4/2/11

                  For a man trying to abolish slavery I think this quote is very contradicting and it shows how he really didn't want blacks to be equal but just for them to not be slaves.

                  EOTS, NY, NY

                  Lincoln called it right. Blacks have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are inferior even when given every advantage over other races. Throughout history blacks have always been a burdon to the other races that live in the same geographical location...not just whites. They have been pampered for generations and still cannot pull their own weight in the world. It's shameful that we still make excuses for them.

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                    Anonymous    5/3/11

                    oh geez when will the world ever learn.

                    nathanthompson rebel, mp texas

                    the south has risin

                    wcn, SC
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                      wcn, SC    5/13/11

                      I learned what the Confederate Battle Flag was when I was 5. My grandmother taught me that. I learned what a nigger was when I was 7. The blacks taught me that.

                      Denis, Tremblay

                      Check out the BBC Four doc : Abraham Lincoln : Saint or Sinner?

                      Ed, Nashville

                      The South said it was fighting for the right to seceed and preserve self-government. The North said it was fighting to "preserve the Union." No one said they were fighting to free slaves, in fact the North repeatedly said that it wasn't in order to keep its soldiers in the ranks. AFTER the war, "historians" inserted the idea that the Civil War was fought over slavery, and to free the slaves. And, that became the history we believe today. Still, the words of those who lived in those times are preserved. All we have to do is read them. But, we won't... our minds are made up.

                      Bill, Livingston

                      By the way, Lincoln never freed a single slave, despite the moniker "The Great Emancipator." Read his Declaration... he freed only those slaves he could not free, while leavin those who could free in slavery.

                      Jeremiah, Lebanon, NH

                      I think that Lincoln was right to free the slaves. An economy prospers best when cItizens are paid to perform labor. These citizens then have money to purchase things they want or need, putting money into the economy. The more people who have money to buy things, the more individual businesses, and ultimately the economy, will grow. And then we have the issue of morality. Many correctly see slavery as being immoral, which is difficult to argue. When it comes to equality, I don't think blacks had evolved enough at that point in time. Look at the conditions we took them from. Very neanderthalish to say the least, with hardly any cultural advances over their history as a "people". Even modernly, they are lacking. The only reason they have developed to the point they are currently at is because we (whites) have done everything we can to teach and train them, giving them every possible assistance and opportunity possible. And all this has done was create "gibsmedat", a sense of entitlment. It is a fact that most blacks are on par with animals, rather than white humans. How else could it come to be that they are but 12% of the population, yet make up 80+% of crime. They as a people are ignorant and ungrateful. If they have hatred against modern whites for slavery of our ancestors, wouldn't you think they should be grateful on the other hand for being rescued from what is the most diseased and impovrished land in the world. We clothed and educated them, and let them in on the benefits of being American, benefits that were never intended for them. In fact, we had done more to advance them as a people then they or anyone/thing else had in the 6000 years prior to being our slaves. I know many whites who were raised by equality, who never hated blacks a day in their lives until repeated exposure to TNB (typical negro behavior- lying, stealing, hating whitey, not working) forced them into hatred of negros. If you try to love a dog, how many times will you let it bite you before you say, F*ck this, I hate this dog. Any oppression blacks still suffer, they have done everything to earn and more.

                      Leila, Kempston

                      Haha! It is sooooo hilarious watching all of you guys trying to figure out what he means. Well, here's my opinion: maybe he just means what he says!

                      tim, detroit

                      well we are talking about one speech and we wouldn't be able to label him from that alone.We also have to look at much more of what he did.The emancipation proclamation did not free slaves in the North and the Neutral states,he freed them in the South where he had no authority,he wanted to cause a rebellion of slaves in the south while the men were away at war,Lincoln was a crafty self serving Politician.The tariffs he placed on the Southern ports were a burden,and they were used to protect corporations in the North.He was a President of the north and for the north only he did not carry one southern state in the election.He knew the Southern secession would harm the North economically because the South was their bread and butter.Lincoln most definetly was a racist and did not care to abolish slavery he said so on other occasions.He also was a tyrant and was responsible for 600,000 plus American soldiers deaths and a million more maimed.secession was a last check on the corruption of the federal government,Lincoln was also anti constitution,it got in his way to create a powerful centralized government and a centralized banking system and this is what we suffer from today. -- N, detroit

                      Anonymous, tc boy detroit

                      Lincoln dedicated his political career to the establishment of a corrupt system of high tariffs and corporate subsidies, and he was willing to plunge the nation into a bloody cataclysm in order to achieve his life long political aspirations.He suspended habaes corpus not for Southern soldiers but for Northern Newspaper editors who wrote supporting the peace effort,they were thrown in jail for 3-4 years,he closed down the free press,he was responsible for the largest mass murder of sioux Indians not on the battle field,as a compromise he killed innocent people. and many more war crimes that put him in the same light with Stalin, Mao, Khmer Rouge,and Hitler.he killed civilian populations,and too many war crimes to name in this short response.

                      confederate, macclenny

                      abe was right...look at these negras now...should have kept the on a chain us confederates told him so

                      Wes, Sarasota, FL

                      In 2012, a politician's career is over if he's a racist. In 1858, his career was over if he WASN'T a racist. :P

                      simon, Los Angeles

                      I would say that there are many valid points, and many invalid points. First, this was obviously a qualifying statement. It's just like when Rush Limbaugh says, "Now I'm not judging anybody's personal life but..." or when Obama says, "Now the folks on the left want to do this, I don't, but..." Second, Lincoln was born in the 19th century. The belief that blacks were inferior was as widespread as the Greek belief in Zeus; even the fringe radical abolitionists saw blacks as inferior to whites (except of course, for Frederick Douglas). In 1858, Lincoln's (public) position was not even abolitionist, (abolitionists were seen as dangerous, even in the North - the Northwest including Illinois was the more conservative part of the North) it was opposed to the expansion of slavery. He thought that slavery would eventually die out. He didn't like slavery, he didn't condone it, but he wasn't a radical. He was a tad bit too progressive for the Illinois electorate in 1858. He became more and more of a radical as time went on. He was still somewhat ahead of his times, and as somebody pointed out, the fact that he had to state this in response to Stephan Douglas's race baiting is a testament to that fact. I read the transcripts, and I understood the context. As to the charge that he exerted unconstitutional power. It is true that he did take some actions that were unconstitutional, but he was a lawyer, and certain things ought to be noted. First, Lincoln freed the slaves using his wartime powers, that is why it was done for military and strategic purposes. The slaves were not all freed in 1863, this wasn't accomplished until the Thirteenth amendment. (after his death.) Lincoln famously said that if he had to free all the slaves to save the Union then he'd do it; and that if he had keep slavery intact to save the Union, that he'd do it. However, in 1864, Lincoln was made fake offers to enter into peace talks. His two demands: 1. An end to confederate insurrection as the Confederates rejoined the Union, and 2. An end to slavery in the south. Now, Lincoln believed he could free slaves for military purposes under his war powers; he didn't believe he could constitutionally grant all the slaves their freedom without an amendment to the constitution. This is to his credit, he only acted unconstitutionally under his war powers (so it wasn't really unconstitutional) but he was still cautious about the constitutional limits of his power. At the same time, he became so opposed to slavery that he was willing to make that a condition. (although he knew that the offer was phony, so he might have been calling the other guy's bluff.) He got a lot of pushback for the Emancipation Proclamation. He got even more when people heard about the fact that he made slavery a condition. Now, to the whole point of the colony. Lincoln basically told the black leaders that he didn't believe blacks could be treated fairly in American society because of racism. He wanted blacks to leave the country to ease racial tensions, and so that they could have the dignity of freedom. It was, given the context, a pragmatic approach that he felt would be better for everyone concerned. Times have changed, but we must judge Lincoln for the man who he was, the life that he lived and the times in which he lived it. My verdict: he was one of the greatest Presidents in history. One last thing to note: Those who say that the Civil War was a war of northern aggression forget who fired on Fort Sumpter. The confederates started the war. Finally, the confederacy was not a true republic. The very process of succession is evidence of this. According to South vs South, most southerners didn't want succession. The powerful planters forced it. Hence the term "A rich man's war but a poor man's fight." The confederacy was an oligarchy, which had the white working class just barely above the slaves in the pecking order. If they got away with succession, other states might have followed suit. We wouldn't be a strong republic which protects the rights of citizens, gives the people self sovereignty,and which is united enough to defend our borders, if the confederacy won it's independence. There would be a lot of oligarchies labelled republics without the values at the heart of this country, and without the ability to defend themselves from true foreign aggression. The experiment of America would have failed, a republic would have perished from the earth. Enough said.

                      J Carlton, Calgary

                      Well said simon. I would add that the authors of the Constitution of the Southern Confedearacy also wanted to draft abolition into that document, but they thought it was too much too soon for the people of the south. Politics! And that Lincoln's idea of granting freedom to blacks was to cost them one year's service in the Union Army, where they were used as cannon fodder. I think it's conspicuous too that in his Emancipation Proclamation he did not grant the slaves of the north the same status. No my friends, the war of northern aggression was not about slavery, it was about control.

                      AE, Medford, Oregon

                      This quote is entirely OUT of context. Its use here demonstrates only how easy it can be to lie by omission and by couching that omission within a new and different context. When one is asked to stand up in court and affirm or swear that they will tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing BUT the truth, this is why those precise legal phrases are used. Because by removing a statement from its context, we can rob it of its original meaning; and by the placing it in a very different light, we can complete the task of misleading those who ought and would like to know better down a different and darker path. Judges and attorneys are vigilant for such trickery because they can literally turn day into night, and as easily condemn the just as acquit the damnable. And if permitted without objection, these misrepresentations would sway the lay people who sit on juries more easily even than outright lies. Let anyone who wishes to be enlightened on Lincoln, his true genius, and the full facts of the nation's situation at that time to download and read the ENTIRETY of Lincoln's famous Peoria speech Oct. 16, 1854. Lincoln came of age in Illinois, but he was first a son of Kentucky, uniquely prepared by life and learning to comprehend the central issue of his day. Fair warning, this is not a sound bite for an ignorant age, it is an evening's read. But it left such an impression upon all those present even though Douglas, who spoke first, had been going on for THREE HOURS before him that it immediately catapulted Lincoln to national attention. If you've read what others have misconstrued from the excerpt above, why not let the great man speak to you directly? http://www.nps.gov/liho/historyculture/peoriaspeech.htm

                      Janet, pennsylvania

                      Nombre t. Good V

                      Jake, Jackson

                      Bluebirds fly with Bluebirds, Redbirds fly with Redbirds.

                      Lily, Lansing

                      its gr8! i mean i've never seen anything so true and somewhat offensive but yet inspiring for all races!

                      Annie, Mahtomedi, MN

                      I want to know if the British had anything to do with starting, funding, covertly engaging the southern states to succeed. If the South succeeded, the cotton so important to them would continue, and of course, at the expense of continued slavery for blacks(which were imported to the US by England to begin with) they, in turn, could continue to make it into fiber to ship to India to make the cotton fabric, and in exchange for opium, in the middle East, ship that to the Chinese to keep them under control. Oh my God, is this really true? I have gotten so many conflicting views on this. I tend to believe that England did or does believe very much in Imperialism. That the American Government was poised to be a truly great nation of vast assist and brother hood around the world, and of course increasing the change in their own pockets, increasing the standard of living in a real way for all it's citizenry, until a few key figures in government decided that England would succeed in it's mission and they sure did not want to be thought of as the ones who dumped their tea-alligned with them. It has been down hill ever since. Could it be, we were pawns for them so they could divide us and take the western area of the US? We were not friends at the time and they made it their business to invade and take over any country they felt of benefit to them. Yikes! I used to think of Lincoln and Roosevelt with admiration, was I duped? Were we all? I went back to college last year and married a guy who I could not find a solid argument against so many of the wrongs that have happened. Before then, I believed in the flag and Mom's apple pie. Now I just believe in the pie. And every day I find out new evidence (or is it?) pointing to the crooked and downward trail our government has taken-and that includes with us. Is it really as bad as I am seeing now? Perhaps I need to stop thinking in black and white, but there is right and wrong, isn't there? Post any good material so I can read more and learn what I need to know. Love the internet...

                      Annie, Mahtomedi, MN

                      To confederate, macclenny- Maybe concentrate on what is really going on, the very wealthy and our government loving, LOVING that we are a divided people. It just keeps us from the real things we should be doing as a people and they just LOVE we are so ignorant.It makes it easier for them to continue to take everything from us if we continue to act and talk divided, if we continue to allow them the power they have. Those Southern and Northern "Gentlemen" started a war that many of the rich did not fight, and if they did, they were sent in as commissioned officers. I don't know about you, but I come from modest means and that means my family and friends would have been slaughtered. THAT had nothing to do with black or white, That had to do with money.

                      Anonymous, Moscow

                      slavery should not have been abolished fuck niggers 14/88 from Russia

                      Anonymous, Houston

                      Everyone has always taken everything else Lincoln said at face vaule, so why is everyone now says this is not what he meant. This is actually his true feelings. Lincoln did not care about black people, they were the tool he used on Northerns to keep the war going. By 1864, they were ready for it to be over, and he came up with this to keep the war going, until it was ended the way he wanted it to end, and the original reason it was start, which was purely economics. The South was getting to serious and the North wanted them destroyed, so they could be in complete control again.

                      Anonymous, Houston

                      Also, people seem to forget that the North had slavery too. In fact, slavery started in the North, not the South, and at one time whole towns in the North, used Slavery as their sole means of economics and support, for hundreds of years, then being the hyprocrites they are, they turn an get upset that the South used slaves for labor, which they did first. The war was economics people, not slavery, that was just an excuse.

                      Anonymous, Jackson, AL

                      To all of you out there who think Lincoln was the "Great Emancipater", Later in 1861, another proposed amendment, also numbered thirteen, was signed by President Lincoln. This was the only proposed amendment that was ever signed by a president. That resolve to amend read: "ARTICLE THIRTEEN, No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State."

                      Dan, St Louis

                      With politicians you don't have to listen to what they say but what they do. Lincoln's actions show that he loved blacks and hated many fellow whites. His election precipitated the biggest killing of whites in American history. It resulted in equality for blacks, setting in chain 150 years of blacks acting like predators in American society and today as we speak a virtual tyranny by that minority in blighted urban areas like Detroit and Baltimore. Lincoln got what he wanted. Feral blacks ruining the USA.

                      K.D.M, Pontiac

                      I think that some of the people making comments need to shut the fuck up, because some of you are ignorant and very racist and bastards like you deserve to be destroyed. Lincoln was a racist any way you put it, and the ignorant ass that basically said that blacks are less evolved than whites needs a history check........

                      Anonymous, NewYork

                      For all the thanks the blacks give Lincoln for doing something for them back in rough times for them.... good old Abe might have saved himself a WAR !

                      Kevin, San Diego

                      It's interesting how these types of truths are hid from the school books about many "so-called " famous american leaders. TELL THE TRUTH!!I Lincoln, like many other men who at one time during the early formation of this country were RACIST and many of the institutions in this country still strongly reflect these views. The Presidency of Barrack Obama is one of the best indicators of the race issue in this country....THIS COUNTRY HAS A LONG, LONG WAY TO GO.

                      good american, enid

                      kevin, our two races were getting along well since mlk and racism has become alive again because of obama and his people calling us racists. I did not vote for obama not because of his color, but because of his policies. They have brought this up again.

                      HarryCallahan, damn sure not in the north

                      Lincoln was right. What do you think would happen to this nation if for some reason all the blacks were to suddenly disappear? Everything thing would run as before except maybe for football and basketball. But the nation would survive and be stronger for it. On the other hand what would happen to this nation if all the white people were to suddenly disappear? The nation would cease to function. Power water sanitation would stop. Anarchy and crime would rule. Gangs would be the new law of the land. Raping killing robbery would be the norm. The nation would cease to exist.

                      J Carlton, Calgary

                      Kevin, San Diego is right. Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro), the false prophet and fraud, was elected by racists.

                      Brad, charlotte, nc

                      If you idiots who consider him racist would do the research you would see his best friend was Frederick Douglas a ( black man ) republican at that and thats goes to all these idiots also who believe white people are racist for saying Obama is a sorry ass president.....his mother is whiter then whitey....to my black friends you have been robbed of your first black president you should've pushed for Hermain Cain but instead you've settled for someone who wants to tell you how to live life but we all know he was a manchurian canidate so no matter what he was'nt going anywhere anyway.....wake up america.....911 inside job, BP oil spill inside job , call me a theorist or a truther or whatever but if you'll research you'll see im 100% right, facts is facts and those who are scared to check in to it are conspiracy theorist in there own way believing that there government does right by them.

                      Carlton, Virginia

                      I think the modern Democratic Party has always harbored all the true racists. Can you imagine the outcry if 92% of all Whites voted for Romney while their unemployment rate was at 14.5%?? Blacks made a 100% racist vote, period. Lincoln defenders live in a ridiculous fantasy land of manufactured "patriotism." Even that butcher Grant said that if he thought the war was about abolishing slavery, he would have resigned his commission and offered his sword to the Confederacy. Secession was legal, read the 10th Amendment. It only became illegal in 1869 when all the self-appointed Yankee trash attempted to justify the slaughter over a "moral" issue which never existed during the war. The "Emancipation Proclamation" came 3 years into the war and freed no one, only Blacks "in Rebel-controlled areas." If you were a slave in Maryland, Kentucky, even Delaware, you were still a slave. It was a war measure. What good did it do? Blacks had a horrible record fighting for the North, as your boy Lincoln noted himself.

                      R.C., Norco,Ca

                      Abe Lincoln was an idiot. He was willing to wage war against his own, killing hundreds of thousands of americans for what? He wanted to force "his" laws and ideas on southern states who did the right thing and took up arms to fight the enemy from within. These brave southern men formed their "minute men" militias and defended their homes against a tyrant. Sound familiar? First King George, The Lincoln, and now take a look a O'blamma!

                      cmd, Ipoh

                      Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is and the tree is the real thing.

                      ― Abraham Lincoln

                      Kierra R., Tampa, FL

                      Abe was saying that he knew that America was never going to really have total equality between Whites and Black. Even today, in 2013 (almost 2014), we contain mass amount of racism inside this 'free and equal' country. He agreed with MOST white men, since her grew up with them, with the same familial values. He understood that equality would never be achieved, especially in his lifetime. So instead he tried to lessen the amount of inequality. "I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the [ Black Man] should be denied everything." He understood that America would continue with the idea of white supremacy, and since he was a white man, he didn't necessarily argue that. But he still fought to give African American /some/ rights, /some/ recognition. Yes he could have fought for total equality, but we all know that may never happen, seeing as how almost 129 years have passed and we STILL do not have total equality among races. Abe was a smart man, and smart politician for he tried to compromise with both sides, so that no one gained too little or gave too much.

                      anon, earth

                      As usual people forget the details. "science supported this myth in those days and wealthy people paid scientists to write papers supporting this idea. Frederick Douglas actually showed Lincoln how these reports were wrong. In the 1900s "science" said woman could not go to college because all that learning would make their smaller brains explode. Do you really believe anyone ever really thought the world was flat? or that the sun and planets revolved around the earth? Catholic Church scientists swore it was true. Copernicus? look it up. The truly wealthy and powerful who control things have always believed we are here to serve them and know the best way to control us is to keep us fighting each other.

                      Anonymous, Pleasantville, NY

                      Remember when Abe was saying this--before John Brown's raid in 1859 and before he had met with Frederick Douglass. He had been raised in the back woods with wolves and coyotes and his sister. What experience had he had with blacks? Compare his experiences with those of privileged Wm Seward of Auburn, NY.
                      Also, compare this early statement with what Abe said at Cooper Union in Feb. 1860. Abe was not perfect, but he grew with his experience.

                      VA Rebel, Surry VA

                      John Wilkes Booth Day is April 14th and we should all celebrate that day as the death of an evil and cruel man who should have been hung as a traitor. If only Booth or someone had killed The scum bag Lincoln in 1860 we would not be having these discussions. GOD BLESS DIXIE and if you don't like that then LEAVE.

                      A true VA patriot

                      Future Subject, North American Union

                      At the time, these views were not considered racist, at least not by the vast majority...although we believe them incorrect today, at the time they were considered "common knowledge". Lincoln was not a "closet racist"...he expressed his positions openly, and he probably would not have been seen as credible had he expressed any "hare-brained" ideas of racial equality. In fact, Lincoln was originally of the opinion that the only real way to address the "Negro" problem in America was to repatriate all the slaves back to Africa. This actually did reach the policy stage at one point with the creation of Liberia, but the effort ultimately failed due to the unwillingness of the freed slaves to voluntarily leave their adopted homeland, albeit one originally not of their own choosing.

                      Sally James, Chicago

                      Lincoln, did not have any feelings for blacks. In his mind, they were inferior, had intelligence lower than a canine, and had no ability other than physical labor, and should not be allowed to mix with the white race, in any way at all. It says, all these things in his many letters to friends and other politician's. If your going to take some quotes of his from his papers and letters, you have to take them all. You can not pick and choose. The man used blacks, as a means to keep the North in the War, when the Northern's were ready to stop the war in the 3rd year, not before. Never before.

                      Sally James, Chicago

                      As to people stating, that whites were power hungry. What about the Spanish and French. They were not exactly all sweetness and cuddles to the Native Americans in this country.

                      Chano, OK

                      It's easy to take things from history out of context. Follow bunny trails that excite your personal beliefs. But the fact is Abe stood up to most of the country, there are numerous examples of things he has said and done to reaffirm his positions. He's literally up there with Moses when it comes to names associated with freeing slaves. Slavery had been commonplace throughout the entire world since the beginning of time. He shines as a beacon against the grain of history and demanded that slavery end. Whether he believed it or not; doesn't really matter, he got it done. One of the greatest men to ever live. Accomplished more in one lifetime than all of together wish we could. Buncha schmucks posting anonymously on a website will never move the mountains that man did. "Don't speak ill of the the dead" They're not around to pop you in the mouth for talking shit. Read the history books. Read the articles of the day. Read his speeches. Read. Or don't. But showing some class wont kill you.

                      bob, space


                      edward, Commonsenseville

                      Looking at what Lincoln said, and considering Black Lies Matter, NBPP, ovomit, holder, lynch, the riots, arson, high negro crime rate, etc, one has to wonder why he said it, unless it was prophetically true of demoncrapper negroes. Of course people like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Sheriff David, and many other conservative negroes have IQ's higher than all cracker demoncrappers as well as negro demoncrappers. Thus the factor of mental derangement in anyone, regardless of race, creed, etc is their embrace of damned lieberalism.

                      Smitty, MD, Georgia

                      All of us regardless of color are God's children. Take a moment people and reflect on that!

                      Hillary, New York City

                      Abraham Lincoln was a stone cold racist.  we must immediately destroy the Lincoln Memorial in DC.   anyone that does immediately participate in it's destruction is a racist, and also be immediately lynched.


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