Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler, (1889-1945) German Nazi Dictator

False Adolf Hitler Quote

“We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler
~ Adolf Hitler

“Thoughts about the Tasks of the Future", by Gregor Strasser
Falsely attributed to a Hitler speech on May 1, 1927. Cited in: Toland, John (1992). Adolf Hitler. Anchor Books. pp. 224–225. ISBN 0385037244.

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Wendell, Juneau, Ak

Thank you for the indisputable evidence that Socialism lies at the core of Nazi Fascism. This fact is often disregarded by the left.

Stuart I Hollingsead, LA GRANGE PARK
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Stuart I Hollingsead, LA GRANGE PARK Wendell, Juneau, Ak 4/18/19

hey umm, I am a conservative republican... I believe in building our party on sound ideas and principals. This is a positive attribute.
Attacking the opposition party is a negative attribute akin to flinging mud.
Attacking the opposition party with a false fact, is a very negative attribute and akin to flinging poop.
If you have read the speeches of Hitler, you would know he never said these words... That does not mean he was not a Nazi, or has everyone forgotten what Nazi stands for?

Editor, Liberty Quotes
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Editor, Liberty Quotes Stuart I Hollingsead, LA GRANGE PARK 4/19/19

Thank you, Stuart.  The quote source has been updated.  The quote is from a pamphlet by Gregor Strasser here.

Frederik, Stockholm
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Frederik, Stockholm Stuart I Hollingsead, LA GRANGE PARK 12/31/19

You linked a speech from 1937, but the quote is supposed to be from a speech given ten years earlier?

Stuart I Hollingsead, LA GRANGE PARK
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Stuart I Hollingsead, LA GRANGE PARK Wendell, Juneau, Ak 4/18/19

he wasn't allowed to speak in certain areas publically yet, so the speech was given in private to an invited audience of about 4000 people.

Gary Mead, Tujunga

Socialism/communism is truthfully a slavery to "the State" --- the slavemasters who must control/exploit everyone by suppressing their rights to liberty and free enterprise.

Mike, Norwalk

Five stars for accuracy and thumbs down for what the concept is doing in Amerika. As I have shown multiple times, both fascism and communism are simply differing administrative forms of socialism. The etymology of capitalism has changed as much as liberal and conservative. I would call myself a liberal of the founders late 1700s sect; a conservative of the freedom lovers after the signing of the Constitution; and, a capitalist by original definitions. Where capitalism was simply a system where individuals would invest of their tangible assets (the assets themselves or a pledged collateralized value thereof) into wealth creation (manufacturing, product production, etc.) which benefited all. Today, that which is called capitalism is corporatism with criminal application (by way of example, capitalism can't exist without funny money, encompass such activities as derivatives, there is no allodially owned property to invest, and in now creates an elitist caste) There has been no true capitalism in the States united for a very long time. Hitler hated the concept of individual freedom with the ability of the individual to invest of himself (capitalism) for the benefit of the many. The socialist is anti-entrepreneurial for the independent, promoting only government or otherwise approved jobs for the masses.

Dr. Tom LaMar, Keeseville, NY

You two may be right of course, but you sound sound like the status-quo crowd, I am neither left nor right. Out of control, wreckless, morally bankrupt captialism has caused the mess we're in now. A certain safe, minimal, carefully tended set of regulations must save any nation from the excesses of either management or labor IMO. TFTB are just smarter than to enact actual genocide or total dictatorial powers so far, as wallstreet continues to destroy America for it's own sake in the manner of the frog in the warming pot, and as china devours the world, with "offshore" investiture ala Americana hyper-rich, and which the wallsneeks feel they will be above with TARP, QE2 and beyond as well as disastrously outpacing "we the little people" when it's all Bush in Paraguay, or D. Rockefeller with his book on Amazon with their NWO-speak or SCOTUS with it's absolutely devastating rulings on things like campaign contributions by corporate entities, even foreign, let alone the long overdue change in the "correctness" of corporate personhood . I want NAFTA, CAFTA, Fannie/Freddie/Frank, etal. gone; we need Glass-Steagal back...worldwide and habeas corpus for starters, let alone posse comitatus guarantees, and a general respect and reinstatement of the Constitution...before the military realizes they have been "cooked" as above; then down size everything including the military (MIIC) with "incentives" to get the capital flight crowd to come back and begin rebuilding a more competitve manufacturing nation to put all the newly unemployed militaries and former government workers to new jobs or suffer with international extradition, forfiture, indictment, jail, etc if they try and abscond or renig, not just the new offshore reporting requirements for the IRS....for us little people only. Also with workers who understand new limitations on wages with this long-past WWII world they bloatingly relished for so long. Or, we can simply let Wisconson-like events begin all over the country and let it be pared down to a tyrant/trogledyte state, totally spartan for the sake of wallstreet, the Fed bunch, IMF, WB, UBS (Gramm enjoying his cushy retirement cubicle for getting rid of the GS act?). The world we knew as "American" is almost gone; the great sucking sound of Ross Perot rules in it's stead and I will do what I can to leave a better world for ALL who would be truly "American", as it's imperfect beginnings (and for 200 years) have captivated the world's attentions and affections as the best way forward for humanity to date. We must heed judges Preska and Born, etal. on these dangers and others soon or it will end badly, perhaps like Greece or the ME? If Hitler hadn't been so stupid as to blame an ethnic group for Germany's woes, and minimized the individual, he might have been remembered much differently IMO.

J Carlton, Calgary

5 stars for Hitlers quote and the fact that it points out exactly what every American should abhor. Hitler was an advovate of National Socialism (Nazism) which as Winston Churchill said, is the "equal sharing of misery". As Americans we hold dear the values of life, liberty and property, none of which are really attainable as socialists. Dr. Tom asserts that morally bankrupt capitalism is responsible for the mess we are in and points to the "status quo" comments of others. I would point out that we have never had true capitalism. What we have had is fascist cronyism with a central bank and a demand economy (A communist tool of control). Morally bankrupt? Yes. Capitalism? Only by those in power. The rest of us have been considered tax inventory for a long time now. Restore the Republic, End the Fed and we just might have a shot at Americanism.

D, Keeseville, NY

J Carlton; who do you trust to get us back into some sort of rebuildable, sustainable albeit spartanized reality ? There are few in America who purport to embrace such hopeful schemes, eg. Ron Paul; but I cannot accept his or his son's total Libertarian anarchic capitalism, as it smacks too much of the mess we're in now, let alone a return to a bi-metalism monetary system he would invoke. perhaps Kucinich (admire his "bold" 111th HR6550), Bernie Sanders "jawdropping" ideas and a few others. I still have much homework to do for 2012.

J Carlton, Calgary

D. Keeseville...I understand your apprehension. many of us are skeptical of the unknown and choose to adhere to the things that we do know. But let me ask you this: As radical as Libertarianism may seem to some, what other alternative do we have to the ever expanding global communism now slithering into every aspect of our lives? I have no desire to be a chipped/digital slave and will die before that happens. Liberty and the fortitude to enforce/ protect our rights are the only chance we have to save ourselves from the moneyed and powerful elite who control the global monetary system. End the Fed!

jim k, Austin,Tx

The quote accurately describes the leftist agenda of the current administration. And boy how they hate it when you remind them that Adolph was a socialist.

E Archer, NYC

I doubt we will hear from the leftists today on this quote. Ignorance is bliss. Mike and Carlton, right on! Dr. Tom, Carlton is right -- as long as there in someone who can create money out of nothing and loan it at interest and require by law that all of us accept it as 'legal tender' we will never break free of this yoke of debt. The fault of bi-metalism was the fixed exchange rate of gold to silver rather than letting their values float. With today's technolgy, cash registers can be programmed to accept multiple currencies and is common in many countries that accept US dollars and other currencies -- Canada is a good example. FYI the word 'dollar' is a unit of measuring weight -- one 'dollar' is one ounce, and the dollar of silver was the trading standard adopted by merchants the world over. A dollar of gold is worth more than a dollar of silver, and in fact their values fluctuate depending upon the laws of supply and demand. We must recognize the corruption and debasement of the currency as the fundamental source of all the economic troubles we face. If you study currencies and the history of the US 'dollar' you will see gradual changes in the printed notes from gold certificates to federal reserve notes -- read the fine print. The banking industry knows EXACTLY what it is doing -- 99.9% of the people do not. Our government has not only been remiss in protecting the nation's money supply, it has been in collusion to the point now of being completely beholden to the private banking monopoly. 'Wall Street' is way too broad to blame. Strike at the root, not the branches. Preparations are being made to introduce a new interest-bearing fiat currency by the World Bank/IMF called the Bancor -- they have been working on it for decades. As well the Amero is also in the works to be like the Euro, too. But first the US dollar must be crashed which is already under way, and thanks to Obama and crowd (and the GOP are hardly proposing an end to this system) the dollar will lose a quarter of its value in the next 10 years. Instead of being taken in by these hucksters, the new Amero or Bancor could be a hard currency backed by a breadbasket of non-perishable commodities, strictly monitored just as commodities in the stock market are today. Without a 'Wall Street' there is no marketplace for the trading of REAL commodities. It is not Wall Street that is the cuplrit, it is the money system itself. Corporatism is furthered by this endless stream of credit -- money that doesn't exist until someone borrows it and disappears as soon as it is repaid. And the bigger the corporation is, the more easily it can get HUGE 'loans' with huge interest payments to boot, AND they can default knowing that they are "too big to fail" and the government will 'bail them out' with more newly created debt that we the people have to pay. It is a horrendous racket, and nation after nation is falling like dominoes to this system -- that is the plan, because who picks up the pieces? Is the debt ever 'forgiven'? No. Permanent servitude to those with the power to create money (it is not even money, it is debt) out of nothing. The protestors in WIsconsin should surround the Federal Reserve buildings in DC and NYC -- that would show they know where the true fault lies.

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    RBESRQ    2/23/11

    Dr Tom and Archer well done I need say no more. Sorry, I will: As American corporatist's and their wealthy Wall Street friends use the Christian Far-right, the flag waving nationalists, homeland security, fear, etc., so did Hitler use the National Socialist party to rise to power. The very last thing Hitler was was a socialist.

    E Archer, NYC

    LOL, RBE. How about Lenin, was he a socialist? I find there are 'progressives' that deny they are socialists because they don't want to face the truth about socialism or 'progressives' that admit they are socialists but deny that Hitler, Lenin, and Mao were real socialists. Either way, the planks of socialism are the ideals the totalitarians use to garner support from the masses -- then once in power, the rich are killed off, and the rest are even worse off than before, but by then the advocates of liberty have already been eliminated. Socialism, communism, and fascism share one attribute: a central bank issuing legal tender at interest. It doesn't matter what you call it, but it is an oligarchy of bankers who have set themselves up as the ruling class. BTW, I don't see the left wing majority restoring habeas corpus, getting rid of homeland security, or abstaining from fear-mongering -- it is business as usual -- look at Obama's cabinet, Wall Streeters all. Aren't you tired yet of being duped by 'hope and change'?

    Mike, Norwalk

    Dr. Tom LaMar, Keeseville, NY by what modified definition of capitalism are you using? Robert, that's too bad you missed all the definitions (dictionary, legal, court case, etc., etc.) I've posted defining socialism. Hitler, Lenin and others of the ilk are all poster children for socialism. (although Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin only gets honorable mention in this crowd, his stature is still growing)

    Kimo, Lahaina

    Had to look close in the history books to make sure it wasnt nobama who said this, as usual he is right Hitler said it first.

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      Publius    2/24/11

      There you have it liberals, the poster-child of evil advocating the same economical system you wish to force upon the American People. You have forgotten the principles this nation was founded on, and you have become completely ignorant of the true cause of liberty and the meaning of justice. You should be ashamed of yourselves, just as I am to call you my fellow countrymen.

      Dr. Tom LaMar, Keeseville, NY

      To Mike, Norwalk; " what modified definition of capitalism are you using > You seem to have definitions down pretty well in your first post. Our "cronie-capitalism" is one of the worst, just short of a Lybian style dictatorship as we are seeing. The pure Libertarian capitalism of the Paul's is too much for me to accept completely, but some better, as it only suffers from neglect of fellow countrymen, anarchic monetarism and lack of mutual aid in dire times; they are already divided and therefore easier to conquer.

      Popeye, Wichita

      Here is a perfect example of a quote taken out of context for the purposes of distorting the truth and advancing an agenda via cherry picking what fits your theory. First, National Socialism is not the same as the socialism of that period or today's. Second, two years later [1929] Hitler stated that he regretted using the term socialism because National Socialism had nothing in common with the socialist movements or marxism in Germany. Third, by 1933 the National Socialist party formed a coalition government with the Conservatives in Germany with full support of the Industrials interests. Fourth, soon after, socialist, marxist, trade unionist, Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, the insane, and the mental retarded were arrested, imprisoned, medically experimented on [in some cases] and ultimately [12 million total] shot and buried in shallow mass graves or gassed and incinerated. This was an evil man but he did not do it alone. He did it in conjunction with the business community and the conservatives in Germany at the time and more importantly the millions of Germans who just went along with what seemed to fit their own prejudices. I might say that no two fascist governments were the same but all seemed to have these things in common: hatred for other ethnics groups, aggressive militarism, exceptional nationalism, and the backing of industrial corporations. I can give academic citations for all that I just wrote. Shame on all of you for not doing any homework and distorting the whole truth.

      Phil, Montréal
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      Phil, Montréal Fred, America 4/23/19

      No capitalist ever have sources.

      They only cherry-pick what fit their jungle-law agenda.

      None of them studied revisionism and 100% of them beleive the history wrote by winners that was used to paint National-Socialism as evil so capitalism can spread its tentacles all over the world without any opposition.

      Enjoy mass poverty.

      Mike, Norwalk
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      Mike, Norwalk Phil, Montréal 4/23/19

      Phil, I didn't understand what you were/are trying to say. Are you saying National-Socialism is not evil? Are Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the occupying statist/collectivist theocracy infesting this land good and prosperous? Are you saying you've studied revisionary history and you understand, that which is erroneously called capitalism by today’s socialists (Wall Street, fascists, progressives, communists, their propagandists-MSM, etc.) is incorrectly substituted for an original understanding (corny capitalism would be closer to what is happening. Capital was originally a tangible asset / an exchange with intrinsic value. Capitalism was excess capital {after all bills / debt had been satisfied} that was spent in pursuit of palpable wealth creation). Within a debt system (such as all funny money currencies in the world today, true capitalism is not possible) where debt replaces capital and inflation replaces wealth creation only a false sense of crony capitalism exists (contrary to the laws of nature and of nature’s God – a crony capitalism is necessary to share the wealth within socialism). National-Socialism as a demonic manifestation, has eliminated true capitalism and spread its tentacles all over the world without any opposition – creating mass poverty.

      E Archer, NYC
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      E Archer, NYC Mike, Norwalk 4/25/19

      The confusion is due to the premise of the word 'capitalism.'  Marx and Engels use 'capitalism' to represent the antithesis of Marxism.  So capitalism is the 'enemy.'  What has happened as a result is the corruption of the concept of 'commerce.'  It is Commerce that America promotes, not capitalism.  There has never been 'capitalism' and we don't have it now.  Capital has been rendered useless with a debt-bearing fiat paper currency (one of the Communist planks)  your money is not backed by capital but by IOU's.  Commerce is the life blood of a nation.  The intent of Marxism is to centralize all commerce with the government  they become the agent for supplying all, as if you could only buy and sell through Amazon, only without the wide selection.  Every country to embrace full on Marxism has crashed because they killed commerce.  Let's use the word commerce instead of capitalism.  Capitalism isn't a thing, but commerce is everything! ;-)

      E Archer, NYC

      Popeye, Hitler may have regretted calling his party 'socialist' but I think you digress. What of the quote itself? How would you define 'socialists'? Are not socialists "enemies of todays capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and are determined to destroy this system under all conditions" ? Sounds like the mantra of socialists to me. Hitler was a ruthless dictator -- most totalitarians are, no matter what they call themselves. But I believe the argument against socialism is the argument against what Hitler says socialists are. Was Lenin a socialist? Was Mao? Please, who IS a 'real' socialist, if the people that call themselves socialists are not...

      Konrad, Boston

      I think Wikipedia's definition is pretty solid:
      "Socialism is an economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy, and a political philosophy advocating such a system. 'Social ownership' may refer to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, state ownership, or citizen ownership of equity."

      Corporations during the Nazi regime were definitely NOT socially owned.

      Ad, Populum
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      Ad, Populum    3/2/13

      Like Hitler didn't lie to get what he wanted, believe this and I have a short sale in Florida to sell you

      J Carlton, Calgary

      Dr. Tom, Libertarians advocate the Constitution and the fact that we are a Constitutional Republic, why don't you start your research there? It's not radical at all, unless you want to impose your will over rhe American people.

      John Draper, Lutz

      Socialism? "They [The Nazis] never nationalized an industry. They never collectivized agriculture. The first people they arrested, long before the Jews, were liberals and leftists. They outlawed trade unions and empowered huge corporations."

      "Yet two years later, in 1929, Hitler backtracked, saying that socialism was an unfortunate word altogether and that if people have something to eat, and their pleasures, then they have their socialism. Historian Henry A. Turner reports Hitlers regret at having integrated the word socialism to the Nazi Party name.[52] The Nazi Party's early self-description as socialist caused conservative opponents, such as the Industrial Employers Association, to describe it as totalitarian, terrorist, conspiratorial, and socialist.[53]"

      E Archer said: "who IS a 'real' socialist," there is and has not been any country that practiced true socialism. The "real Socialist" Ghandi's commune, where even Ghandi took his turn cleaning the latrine. Ex: lets say at one point you called yourself an "idiot", then later you discovered you were a bit educated and not an idiot. So who are the real idiots if people that call themselves idiots are not. If you really want to look into it a bit deeper, the "socialism" bit by the Nazis was a marketing tool. I sure you are familiar with that. Before they changed their name to National Socialist, there were 55 members in the Nazi party. So guess why they would change their name.

      In terms of dictionary definitions from multiple dictionaries, fascism is a RW ideology. In terms of encyclopedias and history fascism is a RW ideology. in terms of unions vs corporations fascism is a RW ideology. In terms of gun control vs gun rights fascism is a RW ideology. In terms of gay rights vs gay bashing fascism is a RW ideology. In terms of capitalism over Marxism fascism is a RW ideology. In terms of religion over secularism fascism is a RW ideology. Collective control is totalitarian. And totalitarian occurs in both extreme left AND extreme right.

      Enrique Artinano Odio, Costa Rica

      Wow Mr Draper , you are so wrong ! , but without even trying , maybe you just hit a grand slam . Reading you I understood something that I believe you and the others don't realize and causes your misunderstanding.

      Outside the United States the term "liberal" means "liberty",
      right wing , means free society , with little goverment , so when you read that Hitler arrested liberals , it means arrested capitalists ,not lefties. He also arrested communists.

      In the US ,the term liberal means the opposite of what it means in the rest of the world.

      But "right wing " means all over the world including US , free society , little goverment , and liberty , and socialism means centralized economy with high intervention of the goverment in the economy , it means in one word STATISM.

      I don't understand why you say " that the "socialism" used by the NAZIS was a marketing tool". The "socialism " you refer , humanism, is ALWAYS used as a marketing tool.

      Always ,all over the world, socialist , left wing political parties , use humanism as a marketing tool. They market socialism with a deliberately wrong definition , they say to voters that socialism is an economic ideology that takes money from those who have in excess , with progressive taxes, to give to the citizens that have less. THAT IS A LIE. Socialism is a system that takes money from all citizens, more from some , less from others , TO GIVE IT TO THE GOVERNMENT. Goverment and poor individuals are not the same .

      They use humanism as an electoral flag , they never talk in elections of the real meaning , STATISM. They distract voters with a noble purpose , but decisions should be made by results , not by purposes.

      Redistribution isn't the solution , there isn't enough money to make us all wealthy.

      The real solution for poverty is to create wealth , and the real solution for inequality is to give everyone the opportunity to do it.

      There is a phrase from Milton Friedman appropiate for this occasion , " a society that decides to priorize equality among liberty , will not get either of them , one who decides to priorize liberty among equality , will gain a high grade of both."

      TJ Smith, Cupertino, CA

      People frequently argue about whether Hitler was capitalist or socialist, but the answer is that he was neither. Although he made socialist grievances his party's cause, his economics is "Third Position" economics, an alternative to both socialism and capitalism. He advocated private ownership and markets, but under strong government control and regulation in order to ensure "fairness".

      This is far more chilling than if he had been a true socialist, because private ownership and markets with strong regulation is what many progressives advocate these days.

      Third Position economic systems are even worse than socialist systems. While socialist systems remove the incentives for creating wealth, at least it eliminates rent seeking by eliminating the rent seekers. Third Position economics removes both incentives for creating wealth and elevates rent seeking to a cornerstone of the economy; it sets things up such that private individuals can achieve fabulous riches by doing the government's bidding, which is exactly how German industrialists behaved, all the way to complicity in genocide.

      Steppenwolf, Portland

      Only liars claim the Nazis and Hitler were socialists. The truth is by both Hitler's own sick book Mien Kampf and the Nazis' capitalist backers and co-conspirators, they were hard-core capitalists.

      >>>“We concede that capitalism itself is not the enemy; but rather it is capitalist excess and irresponsibility, such as Jewish Finance Capitalism and the destruction of profiteering from interest, that we must strive ruthlessly against....We do not seek to replace the capitalist system, but to harness its productive capacity for the betterment of the German Nation."

      "It is not capitalism itself we see as problematic; but rather capitalistic excess and irresponsibility by some of its special interests, such as Jewish finance capital and the destructive practice of manipulation of interest. The former we support. The latter we do not."


      "what National Socialism ultimately seeks is a harnessed and disciplined capitalism that muster the productive forces of the nation united in a common underlying cause.."

      That's why all sorts of capitalists and corporations backed them right to the end of WW II

      The only reason capitalist apologists desperately try to associate the Nazis with socialism is to hide their own support for them in the past

      E Archer, NYC

      @Steppenwolf, that is not capitalism, it's fascism. Control of trade and ownership is not capitalism. Government monopolies are not capitalism.

      Enrique above has it right. It is not about whether the government is socialist, communist, or fascist, ALL are Statist - supremacy of the State over the individual. A representative republic founded upon the recognition and protection of the inherent rights of the individual puts the People as supreme over a servant government -- that is the opposite of a statist government.

      Did American companies do business with fascist Germany? Yes -- in fact, the US was basking in its own fresh implementation of socialism/fascism under FDR and continues to this day. If you have any complaints about capitalism in America today, you are terribly mistaken, what we have in America is socialism on the left and fascism on the right -- both statist, and the rights of the individual are sacrificed for the 'common good' whatever the left or the right happen to say at the time. Capitalism hasn't been around for over 100 years in the US. It is 'Creditism' that is the economic philosophy of today. ;-)

      Izzy, Baltimore

      For a thoroughgoing explanation of how Naziism was a socialist ideology, see

      Robert, Somewhere in Europe

      There are many other examples of this thought without the need to use Adolf Hitler - it totally distorts the argument!

      Mike, Pleasant Hill

      First socialism and fascism are left-wing, if Hitler and all the other socialists or even communist were here today claiming that their policies were socialist those on the left today would say they were lying. Socialism has never produced individual wealth with liberty but today's leftist statists would have us believe that they are the ones you can make it finally work, all it took with the right people to do it.

      Waffler on holiday?

      Steve, Webster

      This quote is NOT from Hitler. It's from a guy named Gregor Strasser, an early nazi who was later imprisioned and executed by the Nazi Party for ideological reasons. You can find the quote here. ( Look at pg. 89.

      To attribute this quote to Hitler is disingenuous.

      Editor, Liberty Quotes

      Thanks for the reference, Steve. We'll check it out. Cheers.

      John J Draper, Land O Lakes

      One big problem. That is not a speech made by Hitler in 1927 or any time in his life time. He never made that statement, ever.

      It's the quote the Goldbergist revisionists always drags out. Hitler didn't offer those words in any speech in 1927. He didn't offer them in any speech in any year. The quote is from a 1926 pamphlet by Gregor Strasser, "Thoughts on the Tasks of the Future." It can be read online.

      Gregor represented an anti-capitalist wing of the party based in the north. For holding to such views, he was eventually driven from the party by the dominant Hitler faction, then Hitler ordered him murdered (which was done).

      The "Nazis were leftists" crowd--whose views, btw, are essentially Holocaust denial--are making their case by offering a quote they attribute to Hitler but that actually comes from a fellow who was, in fact, murdered by Hitler for holding to those very views.

      All of the socialist leaning Nazis, known as "Strasserites" were murdered during the infamous "Night of the Long Knives" in summer 1934.

      Editor, Liberty Quotes
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      Editor, Liberty Quotes John J Draper, Land O Lakes 4/25/19

      The source has been updated to reflect this quote is indeed from George Strasser.  Thank you!

      Adolf Hitler Jr., Berlin, Germany

      Hey man thats pretty good. I dont know who this Hilter guy is, but he doesnt sound half bad.

      Adolf Hitler OG, Any Concentration Camp, Germany

      Zeig heil
      Tod den kapitalistischen Schweinen des Westens und möge die Sozialistische Partei der Nazis für alle Zeiten am höchsten regnen. Meine Namen Hitler und Willkommen zu Jackass, heute wollten einen Spaß Lil Streich auf einige jüdische Freunde von mir zu ziehen.

      E Archer, NYC

      Thanks to Enrique Artinano Odio, Costa Rica for a great explanation. Central America has had its fair share of communism and socialism foisted upon it with nothing but debt and violence to show for it -- look at Venezuela right now. The definitions of the political right and left do not reflect their origins in the French legislature after the French Revolution. The left side of the legislature were the socialists and the right were the liberals (libertarian today). They were the statists vs the libertarians, the authoritarian vs the sovereign, the totalitarian vs the individual, socialism vs republicanism. Today, the 'right' has merely been co-opted by the authoritarians that seek to rule all. Just look at who are the super wealthy today: follow the source of their fortunes to government contracts and subsidies.

      The USA's government fits the true definition of fascism today -- it is not a republican form of government.

      @John Draper, Gandhi lived in an ashram, a form of voluntary communalism. That is not socialism or communism or fascism because it is by choice -- the individual is still responsible and a noble sovereign. To live in such a community is an option in a free country -- to make everyone live in it is totalitarianism. Gandhi never suggested such. If you really think that THAT is true socialism, then is that what you are hoping for in America? Jeez, can't I decide for myself what I would like to devote my life to? Again, do you 'socialists' not see that you are totalitarians thinking you are humanitarians?

      Hitler's policies were loved by the German people -- until they didn't and couldn't stop the transfer of power from the socialist party that put Hitler and his ilk in power to Hitler himself as dictator for life. This is the classic socialist con. Once in power, the elected move to make their office permanent. Pick a Banana Republic and you'll see the same strategy over and over. Even China now has a life-long dictator -- supposedly voted by the people. Socialist Venezuela's Maduro has done the same thing, replaced the legislature with a ruling council -- and his wife owns all the oil somehow. Zelaya tried to do that in Honduras but didn't get away with it. Let's see who else ...c'mon do your own research, it is Political Science 101. Every socialist revolution has resulted in a totalitarian government even more oppressive than before. Prove me wrong.

      Denial runs SO deep among socialists...


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