Aesop Quote

“Vices are their own punishment.”

~ Aesop

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susana, trelew

I take for granted that this Aesop quote depitcs the thruth.

David L. Rosenthal

Cute enough, but false enough.

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

'Classics', be they fables, parables, plays, or epic poems like those of Homer, owe their durability to the fact that they are universally or almost universally applicable and relevant at all times. Colloquial shorthand for that quality is that they're 'true' in the sense of 'fidelity' to the human condition. This one certainly is. It's also true that Disney has 'cute-ified' many classics to make them palatable and accessible to children and the average cultural ingénue.

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    Anonymous    5/17/09

    Cool, Aesop.


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