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“I think the world is run by 'C' students.”

~ Al McGuire

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Mary, Largo

I'd have to say 'A' students who cheated their way through school.

Mike, Norwalk


J Carlton, Calgary

The world is run by bureacracies and I would say a "C" mark would be generous. Stalin and Hitler didn't develop bureacracy to help people, but to control them.


How prophetic

E Archer, NYC

Funny but unfortunately not true. The world is not run by the 'students' but by the 'school board', and indeed Americans are dumber now than they have ever been.

Dick, Washington DC

Bush got "C"'s, he's smarter than I thought

Ken, Allyn, WA

Everyone is assuming politicians run the world. Politicians come and go, but bureaucrats are forever. You'll never know the names of those who rule you.

Jack, Green, OH

At least America is

warren, olathe

Run by Democrats through bureaucrats.

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    Anonymous    5/18/09

    Yeah, Bush is a good example.


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