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“We must contemplate some extremely unpleasant possibilities, just because we want to avoid them and achieve something better. Nobody, however, likes to think about anything unpleasant, even to avoid it. And so the crucial problem of thermonuclear war is frequently dispatched with the label 'War is unthinkable' -- which, translated freely, means we don't want to think about it.”

~ Albert Wohlstetter

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E Archer, NYC

Not just war with other nations, but the domestic wars being carried out against the common people by their police state. When we contemplate how trapped we have become by ignoring our responsibilities to keep our government in check, the oppression seems irreversible -- but we must try!!

Ron, Salem

The fact of the matter, thermonuclear war is thought about often. How to us it is there question. With tensions increasing it is not if but when will it be used again ? Private agendas of the corperate and military complex, one wishing to sway the other to achive there goals. Pre-emptive strike is fround upon, but when all else is exsausted and our enemies continuing to fuel discontent among neigbors wether at home or abroad the result will be a strike. Riches wether land or resourses or people will be won. People being renewable in some views are secound thought. Views of humanitarian betterment have always been overshadowed by corperate and government greed. The undercurrent that has always brought distruction and loss of life. Just as President Obama with good ententions is guided by the undercurrent. We will not go backwards but move forward through the dividing of our nation and the blending and domesticating of the world to fulfill there agendas of ruling the world. Their order brought wether through war or domesticating of a nations people, (the common man).

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Ron, it is hard to agree with a lengthy and poorly written argument. May I suggest using a spell checker before posting? It is built in to the Google toolbar if you have one. Thank you.

Jen, Springfield

So badly written I could not begin to comment.


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