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β€œThe peak of tolerance is most readily achieved by those who are not burdened by convictions.”

~ Alexander Chase

Perspectives, 1966

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Me Again    6/12/08

A good quote.

Dougmcr8, Springfield, VA

Absolutely backwards. It is people who are afraid of people with convictions who are intolerant. Visit any college or university sociology or psychology department for rampant evidence of this ridiculous phenomena.

Greg, Chichester

Certainly jibes with my experience.

jim, montgomery

Quote is true and exemplified by the thumbs down guy--someone obviously with strong convictions...and not very tolerant.

jim k, Austin

Dougmcr8, College liberals, meaning 90% of the faculty, are very tolerant as long as your opinions are the same as theirs, otherwise, lookout. Ultra leftists infest our colleges and universities and do not suffer other views lightly.

E Archer, NYC

Rings true for me. I have never confused a so-called liberal with a tolerant person. It is this intolerance that drives them to 'fix' things that are not broken at the expense of others. One can be tolerant and still stick to one's guns. We can be tolerant of offensive speech without buying into it. For the most part, tolerance is the ability to not return evil for evil.

Mike, Norwalk

Who has no convictions, Hitler? Individual liberals/conservatives, moral/immoral, religious/non-religious, etc. all have convictions. Is the peak of tolerance an admirable trait? To those that love and are burdened with affirmative convictions toward charity, freedom and liberty also burdened with slavery, tyranny, etc.? The concept is a hedonists attempt at justifying distructive actions.

warren, olathe

Its truth is self evident

Ken, Allyn, WA

Would that be felony convictions? Seriously, though, it depends upon the conviction. To believe in something is not a horrible thing. The greatest tolerance can be found in those who truly believe in free will. Persuasion should be the only tool used by those who have convictions.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

You are right Warren and so is its direct opposite. Those burdened by religious convictions or political convictions generally have a closed mind to any other view. To believe in something just for the sake of standing for something for anything just so that you may be or at least feel that you are somebody is folly. If one has nothing to believe in at any given moment, well believe in yourself. One may be sincere in his convictions but also may be sincerely wrong. Well I'll be Archer are you telling me you are now tolerant of socialists or those who you characterize as such.

kelly, Melbourne

Mike, Norwalk. I agree.

E Archer, NYC

Waffler, I do not consider tolerance to be a virtue -- it all depends on what is being 'tolerated.' I respect a man of conviction, even if I may not agree with him. I can tolerate any speech but not every action. My intolerance is not towards a sect or a people but towards the act. Am I now tolerant of socialists? My dissent is from their principle not the people themselves. I can tolerate a fool, just not his foolishness.

Ronw13, Oregon

I deny not, a man, to think what he will, but for myself, I will stand guard, locked and loaded, against him that would steal ! Well said Archer. Not one wit behind the chiefest of Patriots !
Convictions of deceit, are convictions from the seeds of socialism planted in the soil of the mind. Convictions not of Fact, but of lies. Their actions speak of war and not of peace. From a secularist stand point they speak against religion, From the True Patriot's stand point they speak of Liberty without respect of persons, concerning ones religious denominational factions of belief or disbelief. We walk circumspect, leaning not to the right or the left. Plumb and Square. Get the Picture ! Convictions of moral responsibility are deep seated, based upon fact, the laws of nature declare it to be so. Tolerance can be compromise of fundamental principles of liberty. thus the sinking of the ship. You either fall off or come up into the wind, But a correction in course is needed against an angry sea. Waffler is a frayed sheet, that needs to be replaced before loosing hold of the jib ! but then he would have to know he's not wrapped to tight. Well said Mike, a bit over the heads of most whose overview is clouded with lies.


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