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“Party is the madness of many for the gain of a few.”

~ Alexander Pope

Thoughts on Various Subjects; published in Swift's Miscellanies (1727)

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Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Only if there is corruption and fraud. Properly functioning polictical parties have valid purposes or policy goals. Does anyone know of a properly functioning polictical party.

subhashree, chennai


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RobertSRQ    9/15/08

How many in a party?

The Student Philosopher, Utah

In political parties such as the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Republicans and the Democrats. Parties are designed to be inefficient, the most efficient government (a tyranny) is also the most dangerous. Parties are to prevent the gain of the few by bogging it down in the Bureaucracy.

E Archer, NYC

To whittle everything down into 2 views is nonsensical. Party politics is a form of monopoly of public opinion for the purposes of acquiring power for personal gain.

Jim k, Austin

It's hard to believe that the democrat party has sunk from the Truman / Kennedy party to the Hillary / Sanders party. It can't get much lower than this.


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