Angolan Proverb Quote

“The one who throws the stone forgets; the one who is hit remembers forever.”

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anon    10/23/07
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anon    11/8/07
gilbert, luanda

its true im angolan and i am a living experience of that proverb meaning that u always forget the kids that you beat,but the kid that been beatin up by you will grow and never forget and he will one day come and seek revenve if he feels like take you down.

Cynthia!, Brownsville, Tx.

It's true. Like myself I was molested as a child, never said nothing. Until twenty years late, I mentioned it to my parents (better late than never), and it still hurts. (By my mom's male cousin.)

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Anon    9/14/09

If the stone contains self evident truth that stands on its own, then it is good that it was thrown and it is good that he who is hit remembers forever....In other matters it's true one should be careful throwing stones.

Ken, Greenville, MS

It would be helpful, I think, if this quote was hung in every U.S. Senate office and those of the House.

cal, lewisville, tx

Also, one who lives in a glass house should never throw stones. The administration in Washington is as such.

E Archer, NYC

Most of the stones that have been thrown at me are done by ignorant folks who know not that they are even throwing stones...

Nicole, OH

A victim of a crime could not only be physically damaged but emotionally. Their bodies might be scared but so are their memories. It will live with them in one way or another. While the predator feels no regards except for their fulfillment.

John R Bacon, Richmond, Yorkshire, England

I have just used this quotation to end my thesis on: restorative justice. It concisely describes the long-term effects of crime on victims and how offenders are reluctant to put a face to the victim.

Francisco, Toronto, Canada

It's great to have Angolan proverbs proven the ancient knowledge to new generation. I'm a lost Angolan and want to go back my roots for a long time. I never forgot it, reading this proverbs makes me feel home already.

Francisco Leandro, Lisboa

Um dos melhores de sempre. Francisco Leandro Portugal

gust K., Luanda

we are all certain that the victim, will always remember...


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