Justice Antonin ScaliaJustice Antonin Scalia, (1936-2016) American jurist, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

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“The virtue of a democratic system with a [constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech] is that it readily enables the people, over time, to be persuaded that what they took for granted is not so, and to change their laws accordingly.”

Justice Antonin ScaliaJustice Antonin Scalia
~ Justice Antonin Scalia

United States v. Virginia, 26 June 1996

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Ronw13, Oregon

Such a Great Mind, concerning Common Sense. " What they took for granted is not so." to change that which is unconstitutionally so, the one virtue of a democratic process. We will miss Justice Scalia, A Very Brave man, an untimely death, questionable. Related to his students the "right" to Rebel if need be. Now, let us right our democratic Republic, bridge the gap through commerce deregulated, level the ground for the individual sovereign patients sake. Americas potential is unlimited when Patriots Unite behind Proper leadership and vision. Which we Have Now through the Trump Administration
Semper FI and God Bless

Mike, Norwalk

I have written numerous times the legal / lawful difference between a democratic process / system and a democracy; and, the difference between a republican form of government and a republic. 'We The People' - the joint heirs with Christ, noble sons and daughters of Eternity's King are endowed as a faculty of birth with certain inalienable rights. Individual sovereigns unite in the hiring of a body politic to protect an enabling of those rights (legally, under an umbrella of a pursuit of happines). Among those inalienable rights is free speech. The Constitutional writ limiting the body politic innumerates that right of free speech. Helots, serfs, and slaves at heart and mind do often chose an inorganic fantasm's canons (government with so-called law) to alter or elliminate the God of nature's endowed natural rights.

E Archer, NYC

Real journalism would not be to promote social justice but to persuade readers "that what they took for granted is not so, and to change their laws accordingly." Investigative journalism should be exposing the corruption, not propping it up. Has the word Liberty been used lately in any political speeches? Americans need to constantly remember Liberty is the ideal.


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