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“The quintessential revolution is that of the spirit, born of an intellectual conviction of the need for change in those mental attitudes and values which shape the course of a nation's development. A revolution which aims merely at changing official policies and institutions with a view to an improvement in material conditions has little chance of genuine success. Without a revolution in spirit, the forces which had produced inequities of the old order would continue to be operative, posing a constant threat to the process of reform and regeneration. It is not enough merely to call for freedom, democracy and human rights. There has to be a united determination to persevere in the struggle, to make sacrifices in the name of enduring truths, to resist the corrupting influences of desire, ill will, ignorance, and fear.”

~ Aung San Suu Kyi

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Mike, Norwalk

I like it

J Carlton, Calgary

When we stop being stampeded through ignorance and fear, we will become unrulable. Laws of justice, not rules, will prevail.

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RBESRQ    1/4/10

Yes, and one road that leads there is called education, for education is the antiphrasis of right-wing fascists (yes, and left-wing) Hence the continued slaughter of our educational system.

E Archer, NYC



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