Ben H. Bagdikian Quote

“Letting a maximum number of views be heard regularly is not just a nice philosophical notion. It is the best way any society has yet discovered to detect maladjustments quickly, to correct injustices, and to discover new ways to meet our continuing stream of novel problems that rise in a changing environment.”

~ Ben H. Bagdikian

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John Stauffer, Akron

A most excellent quote. It lays bare the single greatest fault of the USA's form of government, where too often, the best ideas are silenced by the majority.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Legislation is the problem, stomping on the rights of those doing something they don't like.

watchman 13, USA

Freedom of speech, allows us to take a stand openly for liberty and freedom. Democratic process does show how regress not progress has taken place in our nation.
What judge or which city fathers ever thought it to be right to sell crack pipes at the corner store by our elementary schools.
By a man whose name you cannot pronounce ? With a lawyer from the ACLU. They do not like us, but only want to take advantage of what we have.
Liberty with out moral guidance is not liberty, but only the tearing down of our families who have been taught moral fibber.


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