Charles-Louis de SecondatCharles-Louis de Secondat, (1689-1755) Baron de Montesquieu

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“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.”

Charles-Louis de SecondatCharles-Louis de Secondat
~ Charles-Louis de Secondat

The Spirit of the Laws, 1748

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Anon    4/16/10

This certainly covers Obamacare does it not? It's perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice for all. Yes, the lie called Obamacare fits the bill in both ways. 5 stars for the quote and thumbs down for Obamacare.

Mike, Norwalk

Compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, denial of habeas corpus and larceny with impunity are but a few of the tyrannous cruelties that inflict this land in the name of justice. The statist theocracy infesting this land brandishes a fraudulent shield of law to make serfs, helots, slaves and criminals out of the once noble free sovereigns. Just one case in point out of the several of personal experiences I've here posted; a friend went to prison after no grand jury heard his case and, the original charge against him was a statute that had expired previous to his charging. Not until he was actively in court was an active statute even added. After being imprisoned, his court transcripts were completely changed 3 times.

J Carlton, Calgary

Mike, don't forget the suspension of Constitutional Rights as per the discretion of the DHS which answers only to the President. Kind of the same set up that was in place in a certain western European country in the 30's and 40's.

jim k, Austin

Another example was employed by Tricky Dick Nixon in 1970 when he stoked up the so called War on Drugs and established the infamous DEA. The results are in. Jails filled to overflowing with non violent "criminals", law enforcement corrupted, more street crime, drugs easily available to children,private property seized,and all this at a cost of over $70 billion per year to the U.S. taxpayer. See for details.

E Archer, NYC

A massive unpayable debt for ObamaCare, Patriot Act, War on Drugs, the Federal Reserve Act, Internal Revenue Service -- where is the REAL justice? Prior to the American Revolution, all people were subjects of a Crown, chattel property in the eyes of 'the law' for the King's pleasure. In the last 80 years the American people have allowed their government to merely duplicate the King, the Court, the Commons, Dukes and Earls, standing army, and of course the common people lorded over by all by the arbitrary will of the monarch via his aristrocracy. And Socialism is the vehicle -- why can't socialists see that 'progressive' policies only lead to eventual totalitarian predatory government? Lies, lies, and more lies. Hey, 'progressives': socialism PROTECTS THE RICH AND POWERFUL, it is THEIR game!!! How many more will we persecute because they point out that the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES?!! Where is your integrity? Where is your courage?

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RBESRQ    4/16/10

Mike, good. "And Socialism is the vehicle" Archer, honestly, you make me laugh - are you sure you are not a shill for the Right. "Socialism PROTECTS THE RICH AND POWERFUL" Really Archer, I gave you more intelligence than that. Here are the socialist program you talk about (I posted this the other day) and you ask the perpetrators if they are socialist's they will laugh you out of the room: here is a short list of the so called Socialist programs being foisted on the American people: we spend more than 65% our total taxes on the Pentagon (the pentagon is for the rich and powerful, Progressives are against wars and wish not to be entangled in foreign affair's; military in 143 countries in 700 bases; we illegally invade other sovereign states; we ship our manufacturing jobs to China (a communist country, but we still have an embargo with Cuba); we skew the unemployment and the cost of living figures; we are the only developed nation without a single-payer health system and a current health system that costs twice as much as other countries and yet America is rated by the WHO number 37th with regards to the quality of health care; we pay the foxes, like Geithner, Summers and Rubin (the crooks who created the need for a bail-out) in charge of guarding the chicken coop; we have one-sided government electoral system – winner takes all (not proportionate representation) and allow fraudulent and easily hackable voting machines (no paper trail) and, allow openly corrupt contributions/bribes by way of corporations through their army of lobbyists; we have now killed nearly two million Iraq's and Afghans mostly civilians women and children and displaced nearly 4 million; we have spent over a $trillion on a war based on lies and sacrificed 5,000 of our own military personnel and 2,000 international troops; we have a political propaganda machine that would make Goebbels blush; we admit we torture prisoners of war despite the ratified Convention Against Torture Act, US law, and the Geneva Conventions and yet no one is held responsible (we do this torturing here in America and secret gulags abroad); we allowed in 1999 the FSMA (Finacial Services Modernization Act) which did away with the Glass-Steagall Act. And, then, which was unforgivable we sat back and allowed our government to do away with habeas corpus, a law that has existed for 800 years since the Magna Carta. It's the corporation's that have provided the power for Bush and Obama and their interest is definitely not Social - our 60% of every tax dollar to the Pentagon and the billions spent on bailouts and tax breaks etc. are the real culprits and, unless you call the Military a social program your point is quite the reverse. America has become a Fascist Sate, and if we are not careful also Christian fundamentalist's. It was quite obvious that Christians are not do a damn thing about all the money from Christian groups trying to oust Gay public officials (recently the Gay Mayor of Gainesville in Florida) - I don't see Atheist groups plowing millions into anti-Christian campaigns of public officials. Archer, where the hell do you get this crap about being born free - we are not born free - its called the vir%*$@ lottery. We are mostly born into servitude and misery - the main cause of death for children under four is abuse (mostly in family settings) - you tell those children Ah, but you are born free. Most problems historically have been resolved by liberals. "Liberalism: A Guide to the Past, Present, and Future in American Politics," 1963, pp 41-42 Milton Viorst - our courage should be fighting intolerance and the rape of America by the far right corporate fascists. Progressives are the ones being persecuted because they point out the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES?!! Where is your integrity? Where is your courage? P.s the stock market reflects whose game it is...

E Archer, NYC

Well, RBE, you obviously do not understand the structure of socialism, its roots, and how it centralizes power not into the hands of the people but into the hands of those that hold the debt of the nation. The Rockefellers are 'liberals' -- and they are laughing all the way to the bank -- actually, they OWN the bank, and hold the debts of many, many nations including the US -- and most of that which we all owe to them was simply created out of nothing for us to 'borrow' at interest. Then of course once the money machine is legalized, the politicians have carte blanche to 'borrow' on the backs of the people for which to give to the military-industrial-complex. (See Marx's 10 Planks.) The United Nations, the bastion of the globalist left, can only have members which are in debt to the banking cartels (Fabians, Leninists, Marxists). All must be indebted permanently to join. Wars against communism and Islamism in foreign lands drag on forever as they are designed to do, all with the help of the UN. The biggest players in the world own and control all of the political parties -- afterall, when you can 'loan' TRILLIONS at interest by simply writing a check for which there were no funds until the check was written, then you can buy the world. And so the leftists (they don't deserve to be called liberals) say, hey as long as we can just print up money then why not pay for all my expenses? They would rather be privileged servants to the money power than actually produce and compete for consumer dollars. Socialists want to 'rig the game' in their favor. Now, yes, there are rich and powerful people who got their wealth from nefarious operations -- because we didn't catch them then, we now have to bow to their wealth and power -- these are not the Christian Right, my friend. As a gay atheist you have probably had your share of battles to live your life your own way -- but it sounds like you want more privileged status than simply 'equal' to everyone else. Leftists so often wish to FORCE EVERYONE to give to the central power because of the economic inequality between people -- but who says the central power will distribute wisely or compassionately? It seems to me that an atheist is quick to condemn the religious when historically, it was the congregations of the churches that provided the charity you wish to force on everyone and to hell with the compassion of 'congregationalists.' You can't have it both ways. I wouldn't presume to call myself a liberal or a conservative or a christian or a buddhist or good or even bad -- that is not my call. I AM RESPONSIBLE for the condition and quality of my life -- and I do not have to account to you or anyone else on whether I have given enough of my own blood, sweat, and tears for the good of the state. Name the richest and most powerful conservative, RBE -- I bet you can't find one richer than the most powerful liberals. Being a 'liberal' is not an automatic badge of honor -- in fact, it is usually an indication of selective knowledge that excuses the sins of their own while vilifying the sins of their opposition -- just like the Catholic Church of old. Wall Street cannot hurt anyone without funny money and its derivatives. The Bolsheviks spoke the same way as you -- history has shown that the proles cannot take over their government by force -- it will always end up in the hands of the REAL power holders. You are taking aim at the wrong target, my friend. If today's 'liberals' were really concerned about 'liberty' then why must their proposals be legislated into law? Why must we be forced at point of a gun and threat of imprisonment to have to pay for them? And WHEN has a government program ever been administered without corruption? And why can only millionaires (from the Left or Right) run for President? It is about money, pure and simple, and getting your hands in the cookie jar. Well back off, baby, you have your cookies, give them to whom you want, I will give mine to whom I want -- that is pro-choice! And the Right is just as full of it as the Left, whatever label you claim for yourself and others is just a bunch of hot air. Love, Truth and Compassion -- they cannot be legislated and yet are absolutely necessary for Peace and Liberty -- when the people realize that this is a _personal_ responsibility, not something they delegate the government to do, we will be back on track. I respect the stand you take for your own self, Robert, and I am behind you, BUT I also respect the choices of others, and that is what equality is all about. You will always be in the minority -- deal with it, I do.

Waffler, Smith

What the hell!

Ron w13, Or
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Ron w13, Or    4/1/14

Given to knowing ones own history, if lucky, you will meet the same families we fought with hundreds of years ago. Same families same game. To upend the current power base, and restore rights to the people is so far fetched. We have no peace and liberty. Mirage of happiness, till the taxes are due.
Little g, gods, kings and queens parading themselves before the people. Thinking themselves to be something when they are nothing. Pigs in the pin, do get eaten. Perhaps by the bigger pigs.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

This quote is referring to the child's "justice."   Adult justice is in the best interest of all and not cruel, protects life, is reasonable and rational.


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