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“[T]he courts in the United States are continually called upon to deal with questions that are purely political and governmental; to enter, partially at least, into the realm of legislation; and to discuss questions of political, economic, and social theory.”

~ Charles Haines

The Conflict over Judicial Powers in the United States to 1870, 1909

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Mike, Norwalk

Amerika's courts have gone far beyond mere political, legislative, executive, economic and social theory. Amerika's courts now canonize a statist theocracy's dogmas, reasoning and lack of law and justice.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

It has gone to the extreme more so, than " Partially ". Social engineering, intrusive to the point of bringing about another Revolution of civilian war, within the once Free democratic Republic. Every turn making independence and Moral responsibility a crime, only to be dictated by the state, from the bench. The nanny state extreme !

jim k, Austin

Mike and Ronw said it well.

E Archer, NYC

Social engineering is the domain of lawyers, psychologists, and pharmaceutical companies. More and more the courts are called upon to enforce government mandates that drug, hospitalize, or imprison those that do not accept the 'conditioning' willingly.

Robert, Somewhere in Europe

Hi Mike and Archer just returned from being in France. I did respond to you May 26th comments.

Warrdoc, Elk Grove,

Once again well said, thank you gentlemen.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

In Mr. Haineses' day, Democrats, not entirely atypically, were Republican in their disposition.

If only Democrats and Republicans were, in this day, Republican in their disposition.

Mike, Norwalk

Furthering my comment above, the courts have become corporate bodies of malefactors advancing dogmas or corporate god(s) superiority. The de jure limited threshold of court jurisdiction was to concern the laws of nature and of nature's God / justice and the rights thereof within an extremely narrow maxim of life (primarily, the unlawful taking thereof), liberty (assurance of inalienable rights / government non-interference) and property (as concerns perfected allodium, lawful possession, larceny and theft). All else is absolutely foreign to free individual sovereigns authority and jurisdiction and/or extension thereof to/by any body politic. Religion (marriage, charitable giving, free speech in public arenas [i.e., prayer, and otherwise, etc.], morality, etc.) is especially outside the lawful domain of a secular States united's (local to federal) courts. Court / judicial induced legislation is now the norm with support / enforcement of compelled compliance, government licensing, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity (2nd plank of the communist manifesto, Social Security, police state confiscations, etc.) and alienation of nature's endowed rights are but a few topics outside de jure court's authority / jurisdiction to address.

Durham, Birmingham, AL

Why do we let the 5-4 DC Supremes rule on the contract between the Federal Government and the States?


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