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“Congress is extraordinarily reluctant to inject itself into foreign policy. It has dumped entirely its constitutional duty for money onto a central bank, and for trade, onto the executive branch. It seems to never know what the CIA and other intelligence agencies are doing. Like the Romans, they no longer talk of the republic or liberty. And like the Romans, the American people, or most of them anyway, don’t seem to care. ... Like the Romans, we no longer have a citizen army but professional legions, and whether they wear jackboots or not, some federal officers seem to regard Americans with about the same compassion as the Praetorian Guard had for the plebes. As in Rome, the air is full of suspicion, intrigues and conspiracies, real or imagined, and the air reeks of greed and opportunism. As those on the Tiber, the rulers on the Potomac have grown suspicious of the people, don’t trust them and, in some cases fear them. And, as in Rome, they grovel in luxury while taking 40 cents on the dollar out of the sweat of working people to pay for corn and circuses to keep the mob satisfied. ”

~ Charley Reese

comparing the U.S. to ancient Rome during its fall, Congress guided by ancient Rome, Conservative Chronicle, October 18, 1995.

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Mike, Norwalk

WOW ! ! ! The observation and brief comparison doesn't get anymore accurate than that.

Anonymous, IL D.C. (District if Chicago)

The analogy Charlie Reese uses of the Roman Empire & Washington D.C. is phenomenal. The parallels to each other makes me cringe & say a prayer for our country. I hope we don't go down the same path as Rome did in history.

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M M, NM    6/3/14

The perfect scam. Beer in the fridge and football on Sunday. As long as that's true why does DC matter?

jim k, austin tx

Right on, Charley. He really spells it out.

cal, lewisville, tx

We have been on the "Roman Road" for some time now.

Ron w13, Or

As we see the down fall and persecution of liberty and freedom, remember our source of inspiration, Christ, and his liberty and freedom from oppression. Support is now needed, mercy, for Israel. Through their fall mercy was granted to us, now through our mercy they shall be saved. For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead ? If the root be holy so are the branches. Rom 11: 15,16.
Mr. Reese comes not far from home. Melting pot of the South.

warren H, Elk Grove, CA

anything short of a revolution is futile, I really don't think that going to the polls and voting this Nov.will do any good. Congress is a do nothing body, unless its to feather its own bed. And sadly, I don't see the concern out on the street of the USA. I could rant on, but what good will it do, better men than I have sounded the clarion call to no avail.

E Archer, NYC

The primary difference between Rome and the US is that there is another ruling class above the US which is NOT falling - they are sucking the lifeblood out of the nations of the world getting us all to sign away our liberty, labors, and property.

ALL the wars are merely the international banking cartel imposing their will on the world - if we do not sell ourselves to them, they will wage war on us. People forget that the PRIMARY reason for the American Revolution was the King's declaration that the American colonies had to use interest-bearing English script as their currency instead of their own gold/silver backed currency and non-interest bearing credit script.

The War of 1812 was also about getting rid of the central bank - which resulted in yet again another central bank. World Wars I and II were also banker quests -- Germany was doing quite well without a central bank. The wars in Iraq, Libya, and next Iran are all about forcing those nations into debt-based currencies instead of their gold dinar.

America is falling because it is not living up to the foundations upon which it was founded -- but Pharoah is building his empire and not in any danger as long as the common people have no power to resist. This is the road to serfdom.

E Archer, NYC

Sorry, Ron w13, but I could not disagree with you more regarding your religious analogy. The true history of today's Israel is not even close to your assumption. The British colonization of Palestine before and after WWII has been the premise for continuous WAR -- which is the trade of the international bankers. With the support of fundamentalist Christians world-wide, the Muslims in the Middle East have become more and more radicalized and militarized due to the nearly constant war on them in their own land. And in the process, the US is gradually adopting a militarized 'homeland' eerily similar to life in Israel.

If this is God's plan, I want no part in it (because it ISN'T God's plan - far from it, actually it is the 'other' guy). Face it, Jesus would not say 'BOMB THEM!'

jim k, austin tx

I seriously doubt anyone can say what "God's Plan" is. This is usually a fall back position from a fundamentalist when tragedy strikes or when he doesn't understand what is going on. When an earthquake kills a few thousand people, it's just part of " God's Plan. Please spare me this notion.

Ron w13, Or

Warren, your point is well warranted. Archer and Jim seem to be in a state of doubt. It was never doubt, that myself or our founding Fathers took the stand or oath With God to be our rearward in the Fight. Your statements of historical fact are insightful but, I do not make assumptions but state fact of what will take place. My faith is not based on theory or hypothesis but natural law. If your insightfulness was based on natural law, through application then your numbers would line up. You assume things will always stay the same, not so, but when heresy, opinions rise, to the contrary of the power of the truth. This will manifest that which is approved. Jim, doubt never could, and want never will. So I told my children. Master builders are needed, well rounded in faith and knowledge.
Firm reliance on Divine Providence.
Semper Fi. Always Faithful.

E Archer, NYC

Ron, I addressed a specific assertion of yours regarding Israel. Biblical prophesy (or any religious prophecy for that matter) is to further the indoctrination of the Church. There is no limit to what people can interpret or imagine -- Revelations is a perfect example (essentially dream analysis). I think, Ron, you have demonstrated this a number of times in previous posts regarding the number 13 -- this seems to be your 'reading between the lines' in trying to find connections and meaning to scripture in particular prophesy. I find it interesting and hold no animosity towards you or your conclusions.

I, however, am not talking about prophesy. I am talking about history, politics, world finance, and war. It is not about a belief in God or the validity of Biblical texts, it is about human motives and the lust for power. Ethics, morality, and honor are not the exclusive property of Christians -- I dare say, these are frequently lacking among fundamentalists as well as the 'unbelievers.'

I encourage you to study the history of Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East in general -- and read something other than the Bible. The Bible is not historical, it is allegorical -- if you used the Bible as a history book, you would find hundreds of inconsistencies. Politics of the Church has made the Bible a political tool for controlling the masses. Some take the bait hook, line and sinker. Well-meaning and inherently good people have been conditioned to blindly accept the authority of priests and kings who have used the Church to subjugate the masses into obedience.

God is not giving Israel back to the Jews -- the British and Americans are, all for the purpose of conquering the Middle East but more realistically to keep the world at war!

If you want to get real technical, the true Semites are the Palestinians -- European Jews are not Semitic, they cannot trace their lineage to Israel. Trying to give Israel back to the Jews would be like trying to give back America to the Indians. Israel is a British colony, and they have never been able to hold the borders without perpetual military power and BILLIONS upon billions of dollars from the US.

This is not prophesy -- this is history.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    6/6/14

The truth and nothing but the truth from Charley Reese!


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