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“The mistakes made by Congress wouldn't be so bad if the next Congress didn't keep trying to correct them.”

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Anon    7/30/09

This unbroken cycle of law making is just one congress handing over job security to the next one. Makes me wonder if there's a finite number of laws man can create before he runs out of them. Is there a form of slavery greater than total slavery?

Waffler, Smith

This is the nature of all things, not just government but our own lives are constant adjustments to changing situations. Engineering seldom develops a perfect result but makes many iterations from prototype, to first completion, and then the improved model. To expect some type of set in stone results from Congress or Law is silliness. Life isn't like that.

J Carlton, Calgary

An allusion to the idea that Congress just can't help but be incompetent? Naw...its corruption, not incompetence. Life is like that in DC.

jim k, austin

It's both corruption and incompetence, Nancy Pelosi is proof of both.

jim k, austin

Things would be much improved if Obama would take the entire congress out to lunch, say in Australia, and then stay away for the next three and a half years. There would be a lot less mischief coming out of the beltway.

Mike, Norwalk

; or the next Congress liked the result of the mistake so much they tried to out do the last Congress. By way of example: the last Congress didn't quite financially kill the county so the current Congress will do even more to kill the country.

cal, lewisville, tx

It's easy for the present congress to fix everything done by the prior congress-just undo everything they did!

E Archer, NYC

We are made to believe they are making mistakes -- they are mistakes if you really think Congress cares about you: guess what, they don't. It's all about money now -- it doesn't matter if the plans don't work, just as long as their buddies keep getting those government contracts!


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