Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster, (1782-1852) US Senator

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“The inherent right in the people to reform their government, I do not deny; and they have another right, and that is to resist unconstitutional laws without overturning the government.”

Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster
~ Daniel Webster

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Mike, Norwalk

At this point, that may not be a viable solution.

helorat, Milton

If we cannot mobilize enough people to change the system from within, then we must either do it from without, or or vote in the democrats which will lead to a collapse of the whole system a la Atlas Shrugged. I am almost ready to withdrawl my productivity from the system now. Raise my taxes more, and let the IRS try to get into my privacy anymore, and I will stop pushing the fairtax, and start exercising the the true purpose of the 2d A.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Norwalk's & rat of the underworld's true colors come out, they just want to optimize their personal existance, even if it is just by "kill kill kill" tactics... sad we let such sick little boys out to play with the adults of the world. Webster speaks of reform from within and personal responsibility of non-violent resistance, not of violence...

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Anonymous, Reston, VA US 11/29/21

The "A" from Reston, why does an enslaved existence, supported by made up woke progressive dogma have such a theocratic hold on you vs the principles and substantive implementation of individual sovereignty, inalienable rights, liberty, natural law, peace and prosperity. The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land's killing of here stated principles and implementations is anything but a violent endeavor (mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.). Can you show me one place in the original Constitution (think original intent, and the 9th and 10th Amendments) where a foreign statist theocracy (as now infests this land; local to federal) can resort to "the laws of nature and of nature's God" (Declaration of Independence) / natural law authority to enforce victimless crimes (the list here could get exhaustive)? Okay, you can't. It is my sincere hope and prayer that a "republican form of government" can be restored without violence.

E Archer, NYC

We can only hope that this is still true because an armed uprising will only give the totalitarians more reason to militarize America. I do believe non-violent non-cooperation with evil is the best defense against bad laws and unlawful governments. Of course it takes more courage than to shoot. (However, without an armed populace, we would have lost our freedom a long time ago.)

Ken, Allyn, WA

I don't think killing the violators of our rights will be absolutely necessary, Reston. Prison will be fine with me. If you want to be a true non-violent resistor, don't pay your taxes.

helorat, Milton

Hell Reston, if you want to be really non violent pay your taxes, just don't let them invade your privacy and don't file a return. See where that gets you on the violence scale. Damned right I want to optimize my personal existence. That is my responsibility. I am neither a leach who demands my "needs" be fulfilled by others, nor a hypocrite who has the government put a gun to someone else's head and demand they provide the fruits of their labor to someone who has failed to provide for themselves, and then feel compationate because they used government to hold the gun and be the proxy for their violent robbery. It must be sad being you.

Mike, Norwalk

the 'A' from Reston, The occupying statist theocracy that now infests this land overturned the Constitutional Republic with out your kill, kill, kill tactics (maybe just kill kill) I want to restore the once free with inherent right, not to overturn a de jure government

J Carlton, Calgary

Hey Reston...the founders and the citizens of the Revolution did not wave signs at the tyrants...they shot them. Now there's an adult reality for you. Grow up, Wake up. We're sliding very quickly into communism...but that suits you to a tee, doesn't it?

Bobble, No. Ferrisburgh, VT

... and EACH ONE of us considers our own sweet selves as "the people," regardless of guilt or innocence, individual or group, big government or small .. etc . .. got the point ?

Ronw13, Yachats OR

A system of " Legalized Plunder " ever growing and has for many, many years. Not really noticed till the backbone Broke. Compelled compliance. Moral responsibility ? people do not even know what that is any more. Right, wrong ? The banking industry, from the bottom to the top, feeds upon the sovereigns right to inherit, long removed. Separating the very family unit within itself, which once was the core of this nation. Independence the dupe of con-artist. Fragmenting the very nature that held us together as Independent families. Gov focusing the mass upon the individual success, rather than unity and purpose of the family. How many times does one need to build a family a home that can never be taken away. That was the intent of our Founding Fathers. Voting for another compromising tyrant ? Soft tyranny, socialism, once understood by " We the People " becomes more resented, held in greater disdain as Americans Wake Up. ! No need to overturn, JUST CLEAN HOUSE. starting with the WH and the banks.


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