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“As a first-time drug law offender, I was sentenced to 27 non-parolable years in prison. The amount of time was based on liquid waste found in the garage and unprocessed chemicals. There were no drugs.”

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Mike, Norwalk

I am not quite sure how to rate this. Five stars for an accurate description of how corrupt the system is or a thumbs down for what is criminally done to people. With out a harmed victim to testify against the accused, at law, there is no crime so, there can be no prison time. There is probably more to the story but, as is - that is very much to bad !

cal, Lewisville, tx

Beware of the government use of the word "intent."

Ron w13, Or

Which drugs were being manufactured. And sold to who ? Crack, crank, meth ? To open ended a quote to say or rate.

Bobble, Charlotte

I think cal has this one correctly: he may indeed have intended to use certain liquids and other chemicals to manufacture drugs -- indeed, it may be evidence that he had already manufactured the ... but Ron points out fallacious conclusions. 27 years ( likely not served ? ) is a long time, even if found guilty. But then, like the MD guy who left his gun at home when he planned to go into another state, but his driver's license said he had a permit to carry, and the police searched and searched etc. etc. -- no gun .. so you were speeding. David's problem may have been the police, not the law ?

jim k, austin tx

There are many other atrocities courtesy of the War on Drugs.

Mark, Denver

I googled this most interesting topic and found no applicable results. Does anyone have any further info for me to study? THANKS, -Mark


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