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“The essence of a free life is being able to choose the style of living you prefer free from exclusion and without the compulsion of conformity or law.”

~ Eleanor Holmes Norton

Address, Barnard College, 6 June 1972

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Joe, Rochester, MI

Unfortunately, new laws crop up daily to coerce us into conformity, reducing our freedom.

Sarah, Michigan

She's right! God knows - being an oddball all my life, I should know!

Mike, Norwalk

All are equal before natural law. Legal positivism, more often than not chooses one's style of living, creates ethnic, economic, medical and legal exclusion, compels compliance and conformity to the occupying statist theocracy's de facto tyranny. The check list approach of the quote is a good start.

H Rearden, Burr Ridge IL

Yes, for her constituents to live "free" at the expense of others. The large population of Welfarians that she represents know that she believes they do not have to conform to the old school social norms of having a job, providing for yourself and any offspring that you produce. Let the producers who finance the lifestyles of the "Disabilitied", the "Workman Comped" the "Unemployment Compensated"
in short the Welfarian class that now comprises a huge voting bloc - let the producers not pay their taxes and you'll find out quick enough that this woman is one of the more egregious hypocrites strutting around the planet.

Ms. Christian, Wethersfield

To b free is all there is, period. Ask God.

jim k, austin tx

Proud to be a Libertarian.

Mike, Norwalk

H Rearden, great points. I'm sure my derived meaning from the face value of the quote is far different than the author's underlying understanding or intent (Sort of like the Patriot Act, it sounds good until you know what was really meant)

Ron w13, Or

Socialism is a heavy burden. At face value, it is deceiving. Freedom to live with out conscience, is her undertone. They belly up to the bar, where the honey is served. At one point, say thirty years ago, one might have thought, the nation was going to turn away from the welfare state. But we see now it was to set the stage for a larger group.


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