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“Within seven centuries, [the ancient Greeks] invented for itself, epic, elegy, lyric, tragedy, novel, democratic government, political and economic science, history, geography, philosophy, physics and biology; and made revolutionary advances in architecture, sculpture, painting, music, oratory, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, anatomy, engineering, law and war... a stupendous feat for whose most brilliant state Attica was the size of Hertfordshire, with a free population (including children) of perhaps 160,000.”

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E Archer, NYC


Dick, Fort Worth

Not to mention defeating two different armies at two different times of the all-powerful Persians who outnumbered them many times over.

David L. Rosenthal

Within 230 years the modern Americans have invented for themselves a pseudorepublican, schizophrenic rat maze, in which drugs are freely distributed to keep the population marginally functional and apt to remain involved in politics only in the area of their lips, while the more than 50 socialist representatives usher us, with as little to do as possible, into the New World Disorder.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Isn't it funny how Greek (or Western) civilization has been inventing and creating for millenia, while the Eastern civilization of Persia, then Islam, has been trying to conquer and destroy it?

jim k, austin tx

Iran gave the world Persian rugs and a multitude of problems, including Islam.

Mike, Norwalk

OK, hmmm, how to rate that ?

Ron w13, Or

Fishing, ! It is a very pointed statement. Considering the times we are in. Daniel comes to mind. One must consider the three in the mix. Gabriel, Michael, and the prince of Greece .They fought against the fourth.The seal is broken along lines of generation, but disclosure is limited to point. Now we are in a fulfillment of times. Points reveled. Good guys, are on the field, as well as the bad !


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