Fred Thompson Quote

“After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood.”

~ Fred Thompson

Speech before the Commonwealth Club of California

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Anonymous, madison, al.

i watched you on hannity and colmes tonight......i want to vote for you, but am stymied by your non commital attitude. you need to get out there and give "them hell"! let them know in no uncertain terms what you are for. in not such a "lack luster" attitude! geezz, we are at war here Mr. thompson, both at home and abroad! mostly at home! show some "attitude". if not i am afraid hillary will get in and we are all doomed!

Chris, Colorado Springs

A real president doesn't "give them hell". He instructed us on conservatism, Federalism and a host of other subjects and WE, the people, didn't listen to what he was saying and now he's out of the race. Which now leaves us four RINO's to choose from...I'll be writing in his name on my ballot.


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