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“When we think of the past, we forget the fools and remember the sage. We reverse the process for our own time.”

~ George Boas

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Anon    11/24/09

It's true, our modern day wisemen are fools who have the masses fooled. The blind leading the blinded.

Mike, Norwalk

Probably more true than not, more times than not. On the other hand, to promote despotic and tyrannous agendas, fools of the past, such as Stalin and Mao are remembered as sages.

cal, lewisville, tx

Speaking of Stalin and Mao, don't forget Lyndon Johnson-drunk with power!

jim k, austin

We scoff at the sages and elect the fools. Then we get Obama :health" care, cap & trade and other idiocies.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

When oh when will those fools from Texas just leave these united states... they forget that Johnson brought a time of great social progress... and that he inherited the mess in Vietnam... the parallels with Obama are indeed great (though King George W left more of a mess than any before him). So, jim has it right, we (meaning he & his) scoffed at Gore & elected Bush.

J Carlton, Calgary

When oh when will we collectively realize that the US was bought and paid for by the "Globalist International Bankers" pretty much since Hamilton showed his true colors as a traitor to the revolution? They're all selling us down the road and they do it by dazzling us with "right and left" BS. Mr. Hopey Changey is no fool...but he is a dangerous traitor...or would be if he were an American.

Waffler, Smith

The quote is not about all the guys that you guys are cuttin up, it is about you fools. It is saying how shallow we are to judge and misjudge people in the here and now. It is saying that every one or at least very many called Harry Truman a fool but now he is considered one of our very our best.

E Archer, NYC

'A prophet is not without honor except in his own house and in his own country.' Fools we are, and fools we shall continue to be. Another reason we should honor each other's rights not envy each other's power nor trust the passions of the majority. Yes, we are fools, and let us be fools, for which fool shall we trust to 'lead' us? ;-) Wisdom brings sorrow -- is it any wonder people prefer fantasy?

Waffler, Smith

Good stuff Archer!

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    3/13/18

It has been said, FDR was a socialist who saved us from communism. Many of those who draw a government pension praise socialism blindly. Others knowingly. Through the neglect of 13 attributes to our 3 liberties socialist take siege of our Free Republic. Remember the folly of fools spoken of by wise sages. Regression not progress through the promotion of a reprobate mindset bent on greed at the expense of another. It is best to be wise of the good, and simple concerning evil.


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