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“Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men.”

~ Harry J. Anslinger

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Betty, VA
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Betty, VA    5/6/08

WRONG and you probably need to do some further research instead of making judgments of your own beliefs... try experimenting first with "reefer"

Anonymous, scottville

I see why Lucky Luciano referred to this dude as ASSLINGER

Lexi palsen, Concord

this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. im a puerto rican who has been a recent victom of racism and its totally wrong...what were you thinking?



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Anonymous    12/8/08

You Racist Bastard!!!

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Anonymous    3/11/09

What a terrible, ignorant, cruel thing to say! On multiple grounds!

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anonymous    4/21/09

That the most racist anyone can say. I suppose that you feel that you are a man of high standards,but you should be past race. As a matter of fact you are the most racist dumb bastard ever. You should think before you say something like that. African Americans are as good as anybody. Carcasions do drugs to . You disgust me.

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Kevin anonymous 10/13/20

A man of "high" standards. . . love it 

Paul J. Doke, West Fork

Just wondering if you guys all realize that Harry J. Anslinger is dead, and has been since 1975,,,But his racist quotations are definitely how he managed to get marijuana to be illegal...just scare white society with racist scare tactics and they become putty in one's hands...unfortunately, this bullshit is still played-out to this very day!. I DO hope that Harry J. Anslinger is in hell right now, satan making him smoke endless joint after joint with black and hispanic folks....poetic justice!!!.

DdC, Santa Cruz
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DdC, Santa Cruz Paul J. Doke, West Fork 1/8/19

Sanity joins the discussion, thank you.

The Drug War, especially its best seller Ganja and Hemp, has been sold to the public the same as dish soap.. Prohibition is for Profit better brand, using Racism and Fear Mongering to perpetuate it.

Unfortunately until recently and still not unanimously. The NAACP and Black Caucus sided with Harry J Anslinger. Blaming drugs for the hazards and harms actually caused by prohibition. Same as with the 18th Amendment bringing Capone.

Legal Dispensaries have better Quality Assurance, variety and applications than prohibitions streets and cartels. The lopsided sentencing and government stalling, diverting and insinuations picked up as major headlines. Fascism before it was popular to use the term again.

Growers getting Mandatory Minimums in maxcap profit prisons for treating PTSD from combat duty. This is not sane or America. But not much resistance as long as it wasn't in their back yard or family. Now it is coming to the middle class homes and the poor generate more tax and capital in a cage than flipping burgers.

Cannabis Food, Fuel, Fiber & FARMaceuticals are a threat to profits and hobgoblins, demons and ludicrous gossip to keep it outlawed from the so called free market competition or homegrown like any vegetable, untaxed.  Time to end it and stop the greedy hypocritical politicians over taxing, regulating and packaging it back to prohibition. Anslinger Randolph Hearst and the American Nazi's created Prohibition for the same reasons as Jim Crow, Segregation and Making America Hate Again.

Holiday Fan, Billy Town
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Holiday Fan, Billy Town Paul J. Doke, West Fork 5/19/20

Anslinger doesn't deserve to smoke weed.  Anslingers bigoted soul does not have the RIGHT or the privilage to smoke weed (believing that souls can smoke in the after life) with anyone let alone a person of colour.  

I pray in hope that SATAN is gang fucking and gang raping him for eternity.

Pot smokers go to heaven.  

PJ Doke
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    PJ Doke    6/15/09

    Why's everybody ANONYMOUS?

    eatshit, asslinger!

    I hope one day his grave site is a goverment marijana growing ground.

    Bheki, South africa

    stupid mofo, get your facts straight bitch, we smoke weed in S.A, none of us are running around thinking we are white, i smoke with them white boys but they know that I'm African and proud. fuck it weed makes me proud.

    da bul, my town

    this dude is a retard obviously he had no idea what weed does to people or he's just a piece of shit

    ayo, ouhuru

    i hate this im black and im proud and im only 11 years old

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      Anonymous    11/18/09

      Anslinger was a complete dick.. He pretty much prohibited cannabis by himself.. what a complete fuck.. and a racist dick I hope he wasn't even buried.. they should have just put him in the bin

      J. Gaines, Ft Bragg

      The laws against cannabis were based on racism against Negroes & Hispanics by a hysterical old white dude. Prohibition had ended against alcohol & therefore another "cause " was needed to keep the human herd whipped up into a fever. Research the newspapers of the 1934s, the paper headlines are actually screaming out racism & backed by churches! Weed was never a problem until is became illegal & could be used to throw blacks, Hispanics & other "undesirables" into prison. I am surprised that the NAACP & ACLU & Latin groups haven't fought this in court on the grounds of racism. But meanwhile bigamy is illegal & yet is exposed on TV, illegal aliens enter this country & have rights!! As long as illegal aliens have the rights to my rights i.e. free medical care, SSI, jobs etc. I should have the damn right to smoke what the hell I want in my own house!!! I have NO arrest records or any run with the law! But I'm white & I'll say it. The law is illegal, pot doesn't hurt anybody. Google & read about NYC mayor La Guardia (Little Flower) 1937 Report on Marijuana, his report proved it was harmless. There needs to be a tremendous grassroots movement to overturn this illegal law!! It would sure turn this economy around . Speaking as a bartender I can say pot smokers are a lot less trouble than a bunch of drunks & less dangerous on the road. People stand up for your rights!

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        Anonymous    1/14/10

        Anslinger is buried in Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA Plot: Sec. C, Lot 320.

        Jeth, Jethville

        Harry Anslinger was a fucking tool. I hope he has become food for the maggots.

        Baby Fart Mcgheesacs, Dolemite

        blacks and mexicans had to ruin it for everybody. why couldn't they have just smoked powerbills so it would be illegal to get one of those every month.

        hairy asslickers mom, assholechusetts

        This dude is a racist piece of whale shit. His mother and sister both fuck and suck dark meat and he can't stand it. On top of that, white woman don't even mess with him. that's why he's mad at the darkies.

        Hairy Asslickers sister, Assholechusetts

        Blacks = pot heads Whites = Alcoholics Is either better than the other?

        Whitey, ghettoville

        It's true! Smoke more Reefer!!

        tommy, Los Gatos

        whiskey makes knobheaded jackasses think they're as good as the stoned man

        Billy Bob, Anytown USA

        I think it's hilarious that most of the comments on this guy act as if he's still alive! Freakin' retards, he's been dead since 1975!!

        Nightingale, Vansterdam

        Heaven or Hell, I hope Anslinger is having a miserable afterlife. Jesus would have been black or brown...how does he feel about Anslinger's views? Also, God told Moses to use marijuana oil in the recipie for the sacred annointing oil. Fucking Anslinger. How's it feel to have the memory of your life spat on by millions?

        Kevin A. Phillips, Universal

        What a great example of 'limited thinking' to use in support of legalization of a natural weed. Just think about that for a moment, the US Government (in the 30's) found it necessary to classify a ORGANIC PLANT (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plant) a threat to the social existence and OUTLAWED 'it'. Really, I mean REALLY? Saddam Hussin was 'an Outlaw' as was Osama Bin Ladin, Billy the Kid & Jesse James and in 80 years no one has bothered to ask why is a PLANT holds the same 'label' as HUMAN BEINGS in the Department of "Homeland Security"? Bottom-line: "WTF?" (Where's The Fokus?) on all the good we can create or something else? -F4T

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        Ali    10/13/10

        I only smoke smoke weed with my friends. And I only hang out with white people . This Quote obviously makes no sense.



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          Tate    11/3/10

          I want to plant some cronic stank bud on his grave, and make a pilgramage there every fall to reep a harvest of wicked ganga from the bullshit fertilizer that is Harry J. Anslinger's bloated corpse. Thank you Harry! Party on player!

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            Anonymous    12/17/10

            Lol, stop telling this dude what a douche he is, he's been dead forever.

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              Anonymous    6/16/11

              what that ass anslinger did was take my mothers life away as it says in the bible any one who shall take away from the bible GODS WORD will be CONDEMNED. WELL ANSLINGER .YOU HAVE TAKEN SO MANY LIVES AWAY AND LOOK AT YOU NOW BURNING IN HELL FOR EVER

              Nick, Maryland

              It's disturbing that this is the basis of the of marijuana's legal status.

              concerned citizen, planet Earth

              So why is "reefer" still illegal? because of a law based on this douchebag's racist opinion? I believe it's time for everyone to wake up and change the archaic laws concerning marijuana prohibition..

              Furman Jones, Asbury Park

              That's right asswipe fault the "nigras" for wanting better in life. If it was up to you the "darkies" would still be in slums and illiterate! Thank God the "nigras" stood up for themselves and proved your redneck ass wrong. I know a lot of "darkies" who smoke "the reefers" as my grandmother called it and they don't want to be Caucasian.

              Fahhh Q, Too

              He was a scumbag that was paid to spread lies and propaganda !!!. Just like today, many people in the government's employ are actually being paid to spread lies and propaganda about global warming and climate change, as a means or false justification of taking away people's money, rights, and resources.

              Tread Lightly, space

              If risky legal activities such as smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol do more or equal harm compared to cannabis, it should be concluded that the laws are inconsistent. And when there is inconsistency, there's hidden motives. Maybe it's not racism so much today. But there are others.

              Joe Doaks, anytown, usa

              Actually, hell is reserved for the final judgment.

              Dod, Auckland

              Resume him and rebury him in a southern Longdrop for a doco to give the millions who suffered worldwide closure.


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