Harry J. Anslinger Quote

“You smoke a joint and you're likely to kill your brother.”

~ Harry J. Anslinger

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If only i read this yesterday.. I would still have my brother...... lol!!

sonia, mauritius

this makes you to imagine life with corruption. the word FAMILY will disappear

yourname, yourtown

His stoner brother must have tryed to kill him for being such an ignorant dumbass.

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Anonymous    8/20/09

what a fucktard

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    justin    8/27/09

    me and my bro smoke weed together all the time....all that happens is stuff gets hella funny and we eat lots of food. neither one has tried to kill the other!! X-D

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      Anonymous    1/14/10

      Anslinger is buried in Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA Plot: Sec. C, Lot 320.

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        Jake    4/17/10

        ....u stupid fool, who bashes weed anymore when u cant prove it does anything bad to you. You sound like a 40's commercial, give it up dick

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        Ali    10/13/10

        to Jake, he died over 30 hrs ago. So ya it would sound that way. He also gave it up cause he's dead, and weed is legal in ca, nv, and nj with licenses so Harry asslinger can suck it. I'm licensed.

        Jordan S, Wayne

        It should say "You smoke a joint, and you're likely to call up your brother and tell him how much you love him."

        Jordan S, Wayne

        or better yet, "You smoke a joint, and you're likely to kill your brother... in an eating contest!" which implies that you did much better than him in the contest


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