Harry J. Anslinger Quote

“Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”

~ Harry J. Anslinger

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Larry, Bong City Canada

Yes look at all the violence the DEA has been forced to use to supress those lazy stoned hippies.



Mary Jane, Chronsville

Harry J. Anslinger SUCKS, you are a racist buddy good job though

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    Anonymous    1/14/10

    Anslinger is buried in Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA Plot: Sec. C, Lot 320.

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      Anonymous    2/8/10

      fuck you man. peace and love yo.

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      Anonymous    4/8/10

      retarded bullshit. Pot is less dangerous than alcohol, racist ass.

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        kthanxbai    4/15/10

        This guy is the devil.

        Megan, fuck you

        All these quotes are compleate bullshit! white girls dont want negros bc they smoke pot! and we sure as hell dont smoke a joint then kill our brother alright. you have it all wrong and its rediculos that these are even on the internet. it pisses me right the fuck off!!! and im a girl at that so get your stories right!

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        Anonymous    10/25/10

        Alcohol is the most violent related drug, fuck tard. Since when do you hear a guy smoking a joint hitting his wife? More like a guy getting drunk then hitting his wife, so get your facts right before you make assumptions and look like an asshole, ASSHOLE!!!

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          Anonymous    2/15/11

          If I find his grave, I'll piss on it and light a blunt up in front of it!

          S.moker, high in the sky

          Peace and happinis

          Alex, Monterrey

          I can see how some people may hate this drug... I can see those people are Americans and link Marijuana to hippies, peace movements, tranquility, the direct effects of it at least. I can also see how none of this people have lived in any Marijuana exporter country, or involved in the drug trade, and how it is killing like a cancer those countries. I am Mexican and you have no idea how violent the cities (right next to the US, the consumer) have become. MARIJUANA IS THE MOST VIOLENCE CAUSING DRUG.

          hitler, germany

          I like this guy.

          J Carlton, Calgary

          Anslinger was pefectly correct...he simply didn't understand what made him correct. Prohibition of Marijuana has created the environment in which gang warfare thrives. That's not what he meant...but it's still the truth. Legalize it, and the violence goes away....

          Anonymous, CAnon City CO

          Alcohol, is the Violent Drug.

          Penetrator, Al-Rakka

          Nothing seems to have changed. America, bunch of dumbass racists living in a third world country...


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