Harry J. Anslinger Quote

“...the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”

~ Harry J. Anslinger

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anonymous    4/21/09

what do you mean degenerate. You make your own race look degenerate.

Anonymous, dallas

This guy died 34 years ago you tard.

Tom, Redding

Anslinger was the degenerate

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    Anonymous    1/14/10

    Anslinger is buried in Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA Plot: Sec. C, Lot 320.

    Holiday Fan, Billy Town
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    Holiday Fan, Billy Town Anonymous 5/19/20

    I shit on your grave and piss on your racist offensive grave. Love Billy Holiday.

    Bob Scalise Jr., Tacoma

    I think anslinger was one of the most evil, tyrannical, treasonous men that ever lived." The primary reason to outlaw marijuana" was to eliminate hemp as competition to the petroleum, polymers and tree industries. Did anyone know anslingers wifes maiden name was Rockefeller? The owners of Standard Oil?(Deitch, 2009)....One consolation for this blog is now i know where he is buried. I think some day id like to piss on his grave before i die ;)

    anonymous, dallas

    Anslinger may have died 34 years ago, but today's DEA's has not strayed far from his propaganda and his attitudes

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    Anonymous    4/8/10

    what a dumbass


    Fuck this dude, I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and put a roach out in his, and William Hearst's fucking eyes.

    Frank Rudolph, Nashua, NH

    Bob Scalise has a fabulous idea! Before next April 20th, let's publicize the hell out of the idea. Can you imagine a flashmob of people showing up on 4/20/2013 at Harry's gravesite, standing in line to pee on his grave. Would the local police be able to arrest 10,000 or more people for indecent exposure?


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