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“By placing discretion in the hands of an official to grant or deny a license, such a statute creates a threat of censorship that by its very existence chills free speech.”

~ Harry A. Blackmun

Roe v. Wade, 1973

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J Carlton, Calgary

They tend to forget...They work for us! Public Unions are like that....

Mike, Norwalk

Not shooting the messenger, I'm not sure how to rate this or comment on it with stars. The statement is extremely accurate but, the premise is completly unlawful and unconstitutional. All governmental licensing is repugnant and antithetical to a free people. Such censorship does not just chill but, disallows free speech (it only allows politically correct and otherwise acceptable speech) To consider the implementation of either licensing or censorship demonstrates a slave's sick society. I guess its 5 stars for accuracy

E Archer, NYC

You only need a license or permit to do what would otherwise be against the law. The corruption of the law into an instrument of control was what the Constitution was supposed to prevent. Licensing helps protect monopolies and corner markets -- it is to prevent competition. In the case of unions, it is a return to the guilded age in which no one can work in their professional field unless they pay someone -- the mafia calls it 'insurance.' How in the world has America gone so far off track as to duplicate every tyrannical practice of monarchy, aristocracy, and oligarchy? We don't need 'licenses' or permits to travel, to work, to eat, to grow food, to get married, to publish a story, or to shoot a film. It is all so that the ruling class keeps its control and profits from the labors of others.

J Carlton, Calgary

Well said Mike and Archer.


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