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“In a recent conversation with an official at the Internal Revenue Service, I was amazed when he told me that 'If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90% bluff the entire system will collapse' .”

~ Henry Bellmon

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E Archer, NYC

Most Americans voluntarily submit to a tax they are not required to pay. It is based primarily in fear and coercion.

A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

Baloney. The taxpayers of this country would do absolutely nothing...because there IS nothing they can do and they know it.

Buzz., Cumbria. UK

Bluff always was the good old fashioned word for politics! As I have often said myself, When a Government begin to encourage you to save money, it is because they want it! Buzz. From STT & The Global Village News.

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

Pardon me, but therte is plenty they could do...just that it would get very ugly.

Mike, Norwalk

It has been my experience that though the IRS operates on about 90% bluff, the federal courts are 90% corrupt and support the 90% bluff. It is only when an individual has sufficient wherewithal to finance (time and money) competent counsel does the 90% bluff get called. I also have to agree with Archer and Rosenthal.

Al Grayson, Nashville, Occupied Tennessee

What is the original source of the quotation from Sen. Bellmon? Thanks.

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Anonymous    7/29/06

....and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

dennis18328, dingmans ferry

Time for an armed revolution against this gov't . Most people don't have the balls to do it. Why do you think the gov't wants all these foreigners here. First we do all the IRS which are foreign agents according to a 1993 court decision in Idaho. And I hope FREE SPEECH IS STILL ALIVE

Godfather, Huntsville

You can call it politics, and blame our elected officials. The IRS authority is real and is legal. Our elected Congress has voted to make the tax laws and allow the authority to collect and administer via the IRS. They ONLY way to make changes is for the American people to pull together and put REAL pressure on Congress to make changes.

Kylers, Coventry RI

Sorry Godfather but your views went out with Brando. There is NOTHING, that's right NOTHING legal about the IRS nor the way they "enforce" their brand of the law. We are a nation of cattle and we do whatever anyone tells us to do without question. If you dear Godfather would question every once in a while, you may find an extra 20 in the pocket of your hampered jeans; or an extra 20,000. It's up to you.

Alchemist, Paterson, NJ

http://www.taxtruth4u.com/index1.html To All! Take the challenge!

Mike, Norwalk

It's been said here many times and in many ways, the IRS is not an authorized government body. There is no enabling act for the service, only the main despot (with no service attached thereto). In court it is fairly easy to get the prosecutor to stipulate that the IRS is not a government entity. The gigantic huge BUT here is, is that it is a separate issue from whether or not the individual is a tax payer - owing taxes or a non-taxpayer that owes no tax. The government that gives the criminal venture (IRS) immunity to extort and commit larceny is fully capable of making the crime complete with as vile and corrupt a judiciary as exists anywhere on the planet.

J Carlton, Calgary

Mike is right, the IRS and other western "Tax Agencies" are not actually government. They are collection agents for central bankers collecting on the money they've "loaned" the government. And yes they operate on fear.

Waffler, Smith

There is two ways to collect money that you are owed. The reasonable person approach and the legal approach. Most people submit to the reasonable person approach. You all have not been paying attention if you have not heard of tax liens, government garnishments etc. If it is all bluff why are hundreds of lawyers making so much money representing and advertising for clients who have tax problems. The fear is real just like the fear of not paying your mortgage is real.

Dan G, Owings Mills, Md

It is absolutely true. I have a friend who keeps his taxes down by fighting with the IRS tooth and nail. He gets audited every two to three years and he goes in ready to fight. Sometimes, he loses, but mostly he wins and there are no legal consequences either way. He believes that if you are not audtied every two years, you are paying too much. If everyone did what he did, the IRS would be totally swamped.

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Anon    4/24/09

Waffler, you left out the third way. Maybe Godfather's name will supply the clue needed to figure out what the third way is.

Lynda, Allen Park, MI

I am a grandmother on Social Security Disability income raising a grandson. In 2005, H&R Block made a $5K error in computing the tax I owed on a insurance settlement I recieved. Long story short, H&R block paid fines and penalties owed on the unpaid tax, but not the balance owed. The IRS threatened to take my entire SS check until the balance was paid. It took me 3 years to get them to agree to a monthly payment. The IRS can (and will) ruin your life even in my meager exsistence.

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    Anon    4/26/09

    Sorry to here that news Lynda. This being the case I'm venturing to say that not only did they collect fines and penalties from H&R but you are still, at the least, under threat of, or already have been punished by, penalties as part of your agreement. Was interest put on hold during your three year ordeal of trying to be a good citizen? Will you pay more than the original amount "owed" was? Were you willing to get the problem solved as implied by going to H&R in the first place? Did you have any influence on the payment plan or did the IRS determine it for you? If so, were you happy with it disregarding any prior misgivings you may have for the IRS? Over all, did you have a good experience or a bad one? Did you at any time feel intimidated, or that the IRS was there as a friendly service to help you? I don't expect or need answers to these questions because they were asked only to stimulate minds to think of what you've said. You said "The IRS can (and will) ruin your life even in my meager exsistence."-----Two final questions, Did you feel any anxieties from coercions or fear from threats in your dealings with them? Being willing, did you at all feel uncomfortable during your experience and treated with a do as I say I am the boss attitude? It is when examples of these type show up that abuse of power happens and our servants should be politely reminded of who the person is, a free American paying taxes on a "voluntary" basis. I have found it quite odd, though it is the way it is, that even put respectfully, not many IRS people like to hear this. This is where anxiety is struck in their hearts and rather than laugh off what you've said as ridiculous because it's all fantasy, as many people do, all of a sudden you have their respect and attention because now they know you know something and now they want to know how much you know. And so the game begins, but as I'm sure you know, it's no game when one's livelihood is at stake. Your case is interesting in that you thought you were just paying your taxes honestly, fell victim to H&R's error, and have spent at least 3 years sorting the problem out and at the end of it say what I quoted you as saying above. For three years your life, or a major part of it, the economic part, was in limbo with no solution reached. This is not nor ever was what freedom is about and if there was justice claimed here it is onesided because the tax was probably unconstitutional to begin with, "legal plunder," you needed to pay someone to do your confession for you who fouled that up and then had to wait their 3 year leisure to settle your case. And you still continue to pay that unconstitutional tax on top of what is taken from your Social Security every month by another tax. More changes have come to limit even more of that payment with the current law in the case of a deceased spouse that takes away half the higher earning spouses SS and combines it with half the lower earning spouses SS where it used to be the lower dropped theirs and got the others if the deceased was the higher earner. I could go on but won't but to make the point that regardless if anyone still believes they are free in America with voluntary free will to determine what path their life shall take for the good of them and their families they are NOT FREE! They can think what they want, or what others think, believe what they think, say what they believe and deny it all, but, it doesn't change reality. Government, by self or by other(s) over other(s) is control of power pure and simple. It is not a question of what taxes are paid through the course of one's life that's important, it is the question of how much power does government have over one that is important. Examine one's own life incrementally in every aspect and though many can justify it in their minds there is no denying the control of power that exists and who has it. Whether for good or for bad government has the power, not the free individual as nature dictates and our Constitution establishes as the law of the land. History unfortunately repeats itself and we the people are well and truly below the 50% share with the shift in the balance of power from the individual person to the government. Sorry for the dissertation Lynda and no disrespect meant to you with it.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    And Lynda's story demonstrates very well that the IRS are a bunch of ruthless automotons who don't give a damn about people. They must have to pass a test proving they're psychopaths before they get hired. They're loyalties are obviously to Elitist Bankers, not Americans.

    Mary - MI
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    Mary - MI    4/25/13

    Abolish the 16th Amendment.

    jim k, Austin, Tx

    Remember, the IRS refers to you as "inventory".

    Ronw13, USA

    The higher the level of awareness that Fraud is committed against We the People, the closer to inevitable Revolution. This issue, WILL NOT, be settled in a corrupt court ! Or a Corrupt Congress ! Some Dogs, as I'm sure they, the IRS and Congress consider some, DO NOT chase our tails. BUT WILL TURN AND FIGHT TO THE DEATH ! As our Founding Fathers had the Resolve to do so ! Blood Will be spilled in this country again, over the Rights of Liberty and Freedom, Endowed by our Creator, to the Individual Sovereign. " Art thou called being a servant ? CARE NOT FOR IT: but if thou mayest be made Free, use it rather. " 7th bk, NT 7th ch,21 verse. KJB, Tri-cord of harmony. 7 the number of completion and perfection, at natural law. Why some would say ? 7th bk, NT, verse 7, So that you come behind in no GIFT !

    Sharon Todoroff, Columbus

     I read were that a high percentage of IRS and federal
    employees owe taxes.  So I guess they are not too worried about the consequences.


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