Henry FordHenry Ford, (1863-1947) Founder of Ford Motor Company

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β€œIt is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Henry FordHenry Ford
~ Henry Ford

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Mike, Norwalk

This may have been true once upon a time but, not so much anymore. The sheeple don't care if they're bond servants, bought and paid for. They only want to argue over who gets the largest portion of the government's ill-gotten booty.

Joe, Rochester, MI

He who has the gold makes the rules.

E Archer, NYC

The only 'revolution' that will succeed will be a revolution of the hearts and minds of Americans. Boycotting the banks is the only solution, but then the people will see how deeply bound they are to the system. I do not doubt a coming revolution, but without the transformation of our thinking, the result of the revolution will likely be more servitude.

A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

A Peoples' Revolution against the banks? In fact, a Peoples' Revolution against anything? Nah...

LaydeeLiberty, America

America go see the movie America: Freedom To Fascism. Watch the Movie Trailer at Google Videos and you will understand it was the Federal Reserve Corporation Henry was warning us about! www.freedomtofascism.com

Mike, Norwalk

Only after the means of production and otherwise industry is chased away through regulation, harassment, and taxation, complete with a following financial melt down, will the ignorance of the banking and monetary system bring about a full complement of rage. Then there will be a revolution.

jim k, austin

I go to my banker for a loan. He approves the loan and puts some numbers into my account. He then declares the "loan" as a bank asset. Does this make a lick of sense to anyone except politicians and bankers ?

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Anonymous    3/13/09

Mr. Ford, you would keep people ignorant for your own self gain?

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Anonymous 3/16/23

One's own self preservation would be more accurate. Exposing far less has had extreme dire consequences β€” just ask Vince Foster.

Rich, Tucson

Been looking for reference / verification but keep coming up empty. Anyone have that?Thanks.

Ghost of JFK, I go where I want

Anon, Mr Ford was kept in line by the profits maybe...but more importantly, if he dared actually tell people that the inflationist monetary system is a scam, or do anything about it, he'd get capped like Congressman MacFadden or myself.

David Anton, Riverside

Henry was referring to Fractional Reserve Banking and the fact that bankers use this to increase the money supply, which dilutes the value of everyone's money. It is like a hidden tax and is the reason that a 1913 US dollar is now only worth 4 cents compared to then. Why 1913? This is the date that the illegal banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve came into being. The Fed claims they have to micro manage our economy (which they can't only 'markets' can do this) and keep inflation under control. What a load of BS. Wake up folks, the banks are the people creating inflation, and fractional reserve banking has been the main method for close to 100 years now. Then in 2008/9 it became apparent to anybody with half a brain that the bankers have such a grip that the dummies in Congress can be manipulated into allowing them to print trillions of dollars, at interest to us, and then not have to say a word about what they have done with it. We could never fix our present problems until more people understand what is really going on, and I have to ask is that really going to happen when the general population is an ignorant of how our wealth and savings is stolen from us every day as they were when Henry made his quote back in ????

Ghost of Abraham Lincoln, Anytown, USA

Mr. Ford, I recall you did not really give a hoot about the very people you mention. Hence, with irony, this statement is irrelevant in the scheme of the Money Changers. Efficacy in self-governance is therefore dead and the fatalist agenda must take hold.

Brad, Sacramento, CA

Uhhh guys. He wasn't ADVOCATING the people find out how the monetary system operated. He was happy they didn't know.

Daniel R Peterson, Bozeman, Montana

CIVIL UNREST often doesn't come from nowhere... On the oither hand, uncivil unrest will get us nowhere fast...

Daphne, Croydon

Henry Ford wrote the book "The International Jew" and posted it chapter by chapter in the Dearborn Gazette. When it was completed he put a copy of the book in every car he sold. Read the book, and you will understand that Henry Ford was on the side of Americans, and against the banksters totally.

Matthew, People's Republic of California

I'm still awaiting that revolution...

Ronw13, OR

The Storm is upon us ! WWG1WGA to KAG 


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