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“We do nothing controversial. We're not in the investigative business. Our only concern is giving editorial support for our ad projects.”

~ Houston Chronicle

Quoted in Editor & Publisher, March 31, 1979.

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Mike, Norwalk

The vast majority of the media neither investigates or chronicles but rather, supports and propagates personal prejudices.

Jack, Green, OH

True enough for a vice-president of sales and marketing to say. I wonder if the Chronicle's news or editorial departments would say the same thing.

E Archer, NYC

Telling it like it is.

Joe, Rochester, MI

I would hope he was fired right after making this statement.

Ken, Allyn, WA

I am always amused by sanctimonious journalists who go on about the fourth estate and their exalted role as government watchdogs. In fact their whole institution is for sale to the highest bidder.

JT Ready, Mesa, AZ

And their "ad projects" is to add their social projects to the agenda.

E Archer, NYC

Election campaigns raise hundreds of millions of dollars -- most of which end up in the mainstream media's coffers! This is the business now -- a pure racket. How many false flag events have we had in the last 8 years? Are you paying attention to all these 'crisis actors' being interviewed at the scene of these mass shootings? Several Orlando 'witnesses' have (had) IMDB pages as actors. It is so blatant now and in our faces. The search for truth is mostly the exposure of lies. Investigative journalism is not to be found in broadcast media.


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