Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov, (1920-1992) American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University

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“Politically popular speech has always been protected: even the Jews were free to say ‘Heil Hitler.’”

Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov
~ Isaac Asimov

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anon, anon

Then, came nobama, the messia....???? And all the mice followed him, to thier doom. Like lemmings , not having any wisedom, ....change, we can believe in...yep. NOW look at the mess that has to be cleaned up...and the damage done to our nation. Only one good thing has come of this, it has awakened America, and made its citizens choose sides. And paved the way to educate all, to the reality of the world we live in. Hopefuly, we will survive this, without war. All ive seen the current admin do is hurt our nation, hand outs are ok, if one is hungry, but there would be no need for that, if the current admin were not socialists, and communists, not all, but one is too many.Free enterprise is the only answer,[within the law] bringing back the industial base, and then watch people succeed, become prosperous, and most of all, letting a man be a man, earn his own money, and know the price one pays for success, and feel the pride that comes with hard work, and a job well done. what can obama say he has done for this nation?? Besides cause more fear, more uncertainty, put us ALL at more risk, and put us all deeper in debt. disrespecting the military commanders. All this being said, this election, THINK hard. Vote for the America we all know will succeed. A strong america with a strong military and people. Our military is still strong, but, with the current admin, how long? before we wake up to find, we are in great peril, that day could be here right now, how would we know? From an admin who do most all in secret. obama and the current admin has lost thier credibility, failed miserably, what is, lets go foward, and change America back to what we know. It CAN be fixed, without selling our land to the rest of the world. the american man and woman, are resorcfull, and in two short years, we can bring it all back. yes, we must change a few things, back to the real law, the constitution. many [too many] say "i cant do anything about it" i beg to differ, each mans voice is heard, one conversation with another, can change minds. YOU the people have the power to change things, one family at a time, one person at a time, main thing, make sure they are able to understand history, and reality. Some people cant take the strait raw truth, they become afraid, and get real quiet. Now is the time for all good men [and women] to come to the aid of thier country, AGAIN. We all pretty much know what the problem is, now, hopefully, the big boys will start up the work agin, so working profesionals , like me, can start to rebuild this country, and pass on to this generation, the ethics of work, and give men purpose ..without purpose, a man is nothing. never give up, never give in.

Mike, Norwalk

Bomb our supposed future enemies now and all the talking heads tell us how good we are, move our noble men and women of the military into what ever 3rd world country seems to be most advantages at the time and the neocons praise our morality, kill all prosperity and the liberals are singing our ethical praises, talk about taking away food from the children, like potatoes, and it stains the face of progressives with tears of joy, etc., etc. etc. Politically correct speech is all in vogue, just don't speak of true freedom, liberty, individual rights, that which would bring about prosperity or bringing back a constitutionally limiting representative republic at law - that's hate speech.

jim k, Austin, Tx

anon, anon, with deference to your sentence structure I agree with you, and Mike, right on as usual. My main "hope" is lots of "change" in the next election when we must throw out the lunatics and communists running this country


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