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“It perhaps goes without saying that the ‘average’ gun owner and the ‘average’ criminal are worlds apart in background, social outlooks, and economic circumstances. The idea that common, ordinary citizens are somehow transformed into potential perpetrators of criminally violent acts once they have acquired a firearm seems farfetched, most of all since there is substantial evidence that the typical gun owner is affluent, Protestant, and middle-class.”

~ James D. Wright

Wright, James D. et al., Under the Gun: Weapons, Crime and Violence in America 137 (1983).

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Mike, Norwalk

The average gun owner is not a criminal until the legislating gods say he is.

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anonymous    3/6/14

. . . therefore, . . . what?

L. Hanson, Edmonton, LOL...Canada

But, those mild manered protestent gun owners are suddenly turned into homicidal raging red-necks when they think their deep-fryers are threatened.


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    anonymous    3/6/14

    protestent: French for 'in the act of protesting' as in

    Il est protestent de votre chemise.

    In the act of expostulating or remonstrating.

    watchman13, USA

    Protestant reformation, started by Martin Luther, standing of grace rather than biblical law. Backed by the kings of Germany, revolutionary movement of liberty and freedom from the Catholic church and their dictates of law and oppression under Peters gospel. Protestant used as a blanket term for many denominations branching out under grace, liberty and freedom. Bringing Paul's gospel out from behind closed doors. Strong enough message to found this nation.
    But you cannot leave the Baptist out, persecuted heavily in England for preaching liberty and freedom. Affluent and middle-class gun owners.


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