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“We are good citizens, and we cannot protect ourselves because you allow the criminals to run wild. ... I'd like you to come and live in the inner city for a week and see the importance of having a weapon. ... Go after the criminals and not the good people.”

~ Jesse Lee Peterson

at a press conference on L.A.’s city hall, quoted in the Los Angeles Times, May 29, 1997.

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William A. Hall, Spokane , Wa.

We need men like the Rev. Peterson in congress and the White House! William A.Hall 100% D.A.V.

Mike, Norwalk

I remember during the Watts riots when a section of town dominated by ethnic Koreans defended their homes and places of business with military style weapons (and otherwise). The police abandon the area in favor of every man to himself. I know inter-city merchants that have saved lives by being armed and knowing how to use the tool (gun).

J Carlton, Calgary

While the reference to self defense is valid, the context of this quote leads me to the fact that laws against criminals are not enforced. And the politicians mind set is "make more laws"...against the law abiding citizens...How the hell does that make any sense? last year 14,000 people that are not supposed to have guns failed a back ground check...think about that. They're not supposed to have guns yet they were attempting to work the system in order to get one. Of those 14,000...14 were prosecuted...FOURTEEN. So in what way will "universal background checks make anyone any safer? The answer is, they won't. It's just a back door end run towards registration and confiscation. Trust the government? LMFAO...yeah, right...

Roger Charles Courtney, Newbern TN

We hear lots of noise from the progressives concerning the control of weapons, which are just inanimate objects that do nothing on their own. However, we never hear from them, anything concerning evil behavior. That is the problem. Gun control laws just affect law abiding citizens, the criminals purchase their guns from the criminal on the streets who purchase them from the theives who rob houses and gun shops. Criminals and thieves do not go into reputable gun stores and subject themselves to "gun checks". Once the reputable gun dealers are put out of business, which is obama's intent, the gun dealers who will replace them will be your local drug dealer. Obama and his evil progressive followers need to be impeached and jailed. Ask yourself, why is the Dept of Homeland Security purchasing billions of rounds of ammunition, which by the way is hollow point, which cannot be used in war, according to the Geneva Convention, nor are these rounds used for target practice?

E Archer, NYC

The riots in Watts occurred in a neighborhood of people mostly dependent upon government subsidy. The community is held in perpetual poverty, and the illegal drug trade dominates as the primary industry. End the war on drugs, respect the 2nd amendment, and 90% of gun violence will disappear. Liberty without the means of its own defense will not last long.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

This is the mentally ill trying to protect the "evil empire" as projected by Ronald Reagan. We must learn to use our socially instilled values of reason and moral high ground to arrive at civilized behavior. Violence begets violence. Understanding begets understanding.  The Socialized Socialist creates human beings.


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