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“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.”

Jim MorrisonJim Morrison
~ Jim Morrison

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Judith, New Mexico

Do you think this is why we have so few news networks now owned by Corporations of America? Looks to me like a plot for mind control. Hooray for the internet and independent bloggers, multiple news sources, and the search engines. May Net Neutrality be everlasting.

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Anon    5/12/10

Only until the individual realizes his mind is being manipulated and (in my case) anger takes hold and here is some advice to those who are just waking up and anger arises, don't let your anger get the best of you but put it to constructive, as opposed to destructive, work for you.

Justin, Elkland

They control the weak minds only.

jim k, Austin

This is exactly why the Obamunists want to get rid of talk radio. Regular news outlets are owned by them but talk radio drives them nuts.

Mike, Norwalk

Justin, you are of course correct but, in a more general sense, I give the quote 5 stars.

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RBESRQ    5/12/10

Yes, they control - our intolerance, indifference, apathy, and greed, is just proof. The only change they create is more greed and more intolerance. Unfortunately they control 95% - obviously we have a lot of weak minds.

R. Pittman, Salem OR

A profound statement by a man wanting to market his own product in what he thought was a free market. An addiction brought on by a mass production of food stuffs and goods. Old powers have a broad scope of view. Their knowledge base is well exercised always wanting to be one step ahead of the common man or woman. The rebooting of society to strengthen their agenda.

Glen, Bethel Park, PA

That's why it's "... squirming like a toad."

Eric, hayward, ca

The sad part is that so many should know this, but switch off their brain and become talk radio zombies.

E Archer, NYC

"Winning hearts and minds..." Isn't that what Amerika says its job is?

Mary- MI
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Mary- MI    11/8/16

I hope the limited controlling conglomerates that own the MSM's and the printed press are squirming in their knotted shorts and will be highly and greatly suffering after the end results of today's election on November 08, 2016.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Mary- MI 9/11/20

Who would have predicted the lengths the MSM would go in the next 4 years!  I have more trust in the National Enquirer.

Jim K, Austin

Mary-Mi , my thoughts exactly.


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