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“The decision to attack the entire nation [of Yugoslavia] has been counterproductive, and our destruction of civilian life has now become senseless and excessively brutal. ... The United States' insistence on the use of cluster bombs, designed to kill or maim humans, is condemned almost universally and brings discredit on our nation (as does our refusal to support a ban on land mines). Even for the world's only superpower, the ends don't always justify the means.”

~ Jimmy Carter

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Scott, Savannah

The less we hear from him the better. He was off the mark as President and even more so now.

Daibhaid, Donegal Ireland

He went from being a strong democratic president to being a bumbling syncophant for the DNC.


And yet we let him [former President Carter] represent the US abroad! YIKES!

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Jim    2/16/09

Someone needs to censure him. Oh wait they alreadt did? Prison cell somewhere?

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    Anonymous    2/25/09

    I don't really know about the invasion of Yugoslavia... haven't studied it yet in history... but what he's saying is essentially correct. The ends DON'T always justify the means.


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