John Hessin ClarkeJohn Hessin Clarke, (1857-1945) Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court

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“It is not uncommon for ignorant and corrupt men to falsely charge others with doing what they imagine they themselves, in their narrow minds and experience, would have done under the circumstances.”

John Hessin ClarkeJohn Hessin Clarke
~ John Hessin Clarke

Valdez v. United States, 1917

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Mike, Norwalk

WOW ! ! ! an extremely accurate observation. By way of extremely (-: this comment is in the extreme ;-) terse example: all those that are crying that Trump is a liar and needs be impeached. When asked to describe the lie  a lot of personal interpretation on an already skewed MSM fabrication must be added; and then, there's the liberally skewed moral issues (not law) used as a basis to impeach. Hmmm, all from those that would do the same as they are accusing under a similar circumstance. And I'm no Trump fan (where is the draining of the swamp, the return to a republican form of government, an increase in liberty or inalienable rights protection, etc.?)

jim k, Austin

I agree with Mike and I am a Trump fan.

E Archer, NYC

That's nothing  the false charges are coming from those who are in fact guilty of the very same charges and worse, not merely imagining the guilt of others.  It is the Democrat playbook to not only deny allegations but claim Trump is doing it.  Sexual impropriety, Russian dealings, pay-for-play, fraud, corruption, assassination  you name it, the Clinton's have been doing it for decades.  It is classic psycho-politics.

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    Mary-MI    1/25/19

    This quote of John Hessin Clarke's somehow reminds me of a Narrow-Minded Character by the name of Robert Mueller ~


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