John DrydenJohn Dryden, (1631-1700) English Poet

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“War is the trade of Kings.”

John DrydenJohn Dryden
~ John Dryden

King Arthur, II, ii (1691)

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E Archer, NYC

Same as it ever was...

Mike, Norwalk

King George proves the quote

warren, olathe

When the kings/tyrants days are over war will stop. In his day there was no freedom. Thankfully we aren’t as hopeless as it must have seemed back then. Thank God for George Bush. More leaders like him and war will eventually be thrown in the dust bin of history.

Mike, Norwalk

Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin proves the quote

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Robken    6/1/11

Kings and Corporations: What really proves the quote are all the millionaires made from the war machine - terrorism has made many evil people very rich - why do you think they harp on it day after day. Yet, you are more likely to die from a dog bite that a terrorist. Black ops will continue while it makes corporations rich - anything to spread fear so that they can take away more rights - soon you will have NONE.

jim k, Austin, Tx

And the kings send the serfs out to do the fighting.

Thomtown, PNW

Kings & Korporations... U said it! For all the plaintive rhetoric to the contrary we, all of US continue to willingly serve this "Evil - (and it is evil- make no mistake) Power" Why? Are they not the 'Job' giver$...I have to 'work', I have to 'own' things/stuff. I have to eat, and 'they' 'have' the jobs!? (BRAINWASHED) We have become weak and misguided as a nation. A nation without any unifying goals other than fleecing your neighbor. Yeah, as a foundation of your "City on a hill"/ nation building, that sounds like a plan with a future"! What kind of society are you aiming to create when the overarching paradigm has become a classic Protection Racket; a national "Shell-Game" of Fear= Factor Ter-Rjizm with which we allow them - repeat, ALLOW them - to jerk us around with!??? This my friends is a time tested formula for an "advanced" society - such as ours - to comfortably allow the slide into a "victim-less Dicktaturdship.

Byron, Fort Collins, CO

Today's quotation makes utmost sense, given that most "Kings" and King-wannabes have no other trade and couldn't compete in a free market to save their sorry R-ses.

Byron, Fort Collins, CO

@Robken, You've got that right! ___Read Major General Smedley Darlington Butler's 1935 book _War is a Racket_, in which he describes the (mind-boggling) workings of the military-industrial complex. ___I detest the Obamanation, but have to thank him for his repeated unconstitutional power-grabs, since these have finally made me (and other Americans) aware of pervasive corruption in our "democratic" government and mainstream media. ___The days are evil, and we must stand strong.


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