John HoltJohn Holt, (1923-1985) American author and educator, proponent of homeschooling, and pioneer in youth rights theory

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“No one is more truly helpless, more completely a victim, than he who can neither choose nor change nor escape his protectors.”

John HoltJohn Holt
~ John Holt

Holt, J. (1967). How Children Learn. New York: Pitman Publishing Corporation

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Mike, Norwalk

Welcome to Amerika. The representatives no longer represent 'We The People' but rather represent the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land. When passports are overseen by an alphabet soup of agencies and services and then, it is required to have a passport to leave this country, the quote above comes in to full clarity. ALSO, one only needs think of any State's child services or any other part of the police state to understand the accuracy of the quote.

jim k, Austin, Tx

If you should slap an unruly child and CPS finds out , your child will probably be removed from your home. CPS does some good work, but remember, they are government bureacrats.

E Archer, NYC



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