John WayneJohn Wayne, [Marion Morrison] (1907-1979) American film actor

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“We built your fort. We will not have it used against us.”

John WayneJohn Wayne
~ John Wayne

as James Smith in 'Allegheny Uprising' (1939)

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    Anon    3/18/09

    Unaware of the context he said this I'll take the liberty of inserting "our fort," our Constitutional form of government, for the words "your fort" to make my point.

    Mike, Norwalk

    I'm with Anon on this one. I'm not quite sure what the analogy was intended to be. But hey, it's the Duke, it has to be great ;-). Maybe, We The People, sovereign individuals - one and all, built the most free nation on earth under the noble principles of law and justice; and, We will not have our creation, a government with no inherent rights - but duties only (now replaced by a theocratic despot that falsely alleges to stand as that body's personification), act against us.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Simply, if it means, we will not have our creation (government) be used against us; I will give it 5 stars.

    jim k, austin

    While I am not aware of the context of this quote, I'll go with Mike and Anon on this one.

    M. Brown, Florida

    I'll 4th it...

    Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

    The source for this quote is wrong. It is not from John Wayne. If it is from the movie 'Allegheny Uprising' then the source is the writers of that movie. He's an actor, not a writer. The writers were Neil H. Swanson (novel) and P.J. Wolfson (screenplay). Credit where credit is due.

    Waffler, Smith

    Wow good eye Anonymous. The Duke was given credit for a lot of stuff that probably was not his. But intellect, that is knowledge of facts and truth, as you have shown here is so important. Many operate not on facts but on feelings and emotion. They bewail and berate the "intellectual class" (those who have knowledge and facts) in favor of a dumbed down conversation which ignores facts and promotes feelings and emotional responses. Nice movie line though so I will give it a three.

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      Anon    3/18/09

      Waffler, you did it this time, I can't just laugh at this, I now have to LMAO.

      Waffler, Smith

      So Anon what is LMAO.

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        Anon    3/19/09

        Laugh My A## Off.

        warren, olathe

        So what Anonymous. It all was appropriately documented as to what character said it in the film. You have no point.

        Ken, Allyn, WA

        Neither are you Waff even though you consider yourself an "intellectual" I presume.

        Waffler, Smith

        I don't know that I am an "intellectual" although I do hunger for knowledge and respect it in others. It is a great burst of light to learn something new. To me that is what using your intellect means. If an intellectual is some one who knows facts and figures and issues and to be non intellectual is to disparage the same things then yes I am an intellectual.

        E Archer, NYC

        Waffler, your ignorance amazes me. You haven't learned a thing on this site, all you do is tell everyone to just surrender to the authority of the government. You think you are open-minded but your prejudices are unmistakeable. Never have you parted from the leftist point-of-view, never have you acknowledged human rights are inherent at birth, never have you admitted that our entire money supply is 'borrowed' from banks that simply create the money the person is supposedly 'borrowing,' you ignore day after day, month after month, year after year -- your only purpose here has been to 'save' the rest of us with your own parroting of the socialist party line. If your arguments weren't so bad for the positions you hold, I might consider you intellectual, but you are merely a tool for 'populist social change' in collusion with those that wish to turn this nation into a police/welfare state. You are no intellectual, but you do act as if your opinions are fact.


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