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“Why don’t we just legalize drugs? ... The day that it is legalized in the United States, it will lose value. And if it loses value, there will be no profit. But as long as the U.S. citizenry doesn’t rise up to do something, they will pass this life fighting and fighting.”

~ Dr. Jorge Batlle

December 1, 2000, El Observador.

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jim k, Austin, Tx

This is long over due. Drug prohibition has led to more grief than anything since Nixon set uo the DEA 41 years ago. LEAP.cc.

Judith Hoyt, Akron, OH

*It isn't drug prohibition that is causing the problem...it is the wide spread use of drugs.If you legalize street drugs more people will use them, and the problem will grow. The law, in this case, isn't the problem its the unfortunate individuals who get caught in their grasp...sometimes out of curiosity, or rebellion and other times by the chicanery of an individual who knows how addictive drugs are and wishes to ensnare others for profit.

William, Pittsburg, KS

By this logic, legalizing murder reduces the number of illegal killings occur. While enforcement is important, and desperately needs reform, the true issue is the heart of those who use. Drug use, and murder, will only be reduced by the heart transformed by Jesus Christ.

Suz, newport


Anonymous, San Diego

SPELL THE MAN'S NAME RIGHT! It is Batlle, not Batille. The Batlle family has been big in Uruguayan politics since the battles for independence. Look it up on Wikipedia. - Jim

Carol, Georgia

The same convoluted thinking that says if there are no guns, the crime rate will go down. If illegal drugs are legalized we can expect far more users along with many more car accidents. Do we really want our airline pilots smoking a joint? How about the police or firefighters or the school bus drivers? And what about the paramedic that answers your emergency call. What part of "Zoning Out" do these advocates for drug use not understand? Thumbs down doesn't really cover it, a thousand thumbs down!

warren, olathe

This quote is incongruent. Some think that legalizing drugs will end the violence. It would among drug dealers. But I fear that they would just find some other trade to kill each other over anyway. Perhaps they would kill each other over black market cigarettes. Oh, I forgot they are already doing that in NY. If drugs are legalized we would inevitably have more usage and more violence by the users. Price is not object. An addict will eventually have no means of supporting his habit no matter how cheap it is. As we have already seen with crack, addicts will shoot 7 eleven cashers for less than 50 buck to get crack. So the cheaper = less violence argument is bogus. People want them legal so they can have more of them. Simple.

Mike, Norwalk

Concerning the constitutionally relevant representative republic, Its not about more or less violence, more or less drug use (those are off topic red herrings), or any unknown should be or what if, its about the freedom to choose for oneself and the prosecution of actual crimes.

Mike, Norwalk

The concept of legalizing or making illegal is diatribe from a jurisdiction (legal positivism) foreign to the original and de jure laws of nature and of nature's God (natural law). At natural law, it is either a choice at freedom or a criminal act - man can not make an act legal or illegal. Man can only use tools such as codes, ordinances, regulations, rules, statutes, etc. to define the law that already exists. Is harming oneself a crime? Maybe? Can harming oneself be legitimately or lawfully prosecuted by non-participating third parties? Probably NOT! If an individual perpetrates a crime against an innocent third party or property, he/she is then criminally liable.

Robert, Somewhere in Europe

Yes, I have been saying this for years. The prison industry loves its! and so do the pushers. Plus of course the boys behind the scene. Put the money into rehab centers and stop this crazy fight on drugs. It's ludicrous that we still believe this works... Furthermore, your so called God has zilch to do with this subject, or come to that, any subject. If I met the SOB I would have some choice words for it! I can't believe the members on this blog actually believe what they are saying..... Dick and Jim get full marks for this one.... so does Uruguay - those asleep will never rise up!

Jim k, Austin

To all of the thumbs down people, please note that when countries legalize drugs, drug usage goes down. Check it out.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

The legal " Drug " pushers, Big Pharma has " doped up " more people in this country than any other. Cornering the market for pain relief and stimulants. Sense recreational use of HERB has begun in Oregon, Grandma and Grandpa can partake without a guilty conscience fearing persecution form bleeding hearts with week minds. Seeing such a simple thing can ease joint pain, and settle an upset tummy. Just like in days gone by. Bias within the medical profession knows well the affect of a natural remedy vs synthetic. Now being made available and regulated, people do not have to deal with the thugs and black market mentality of brutality !! Please, the thumbs down must work in some way with Big Pharma. Or they are just ignorant of commonsense. As far as gov's right to regulate, anything the people may need or desire, others wish to TAX, profiteering. Such as property, food, clothing, or anything that is required to sustain life and happiness !! Period ! Perhaps the thumbs down work for the prison industry. The Police State mentality! The ( Sky is Falling ) mindset does not work ! Robert from somewhere, It is God's natural laws that have been guiding man sense time began. It is the arrogant assuming vain self " little g " god, that would deny his existence. You will meet God, his Son and the Host that follow. Be assured, it is a fool who says in their heart there is no God.

cal, Lewisville, tx

In the year 1900 all drugs were legal and most everyone was on drugs. Funny thing that times were peaceful. The DEA didn't come until 1905.


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