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“Humanity's most valuable assets have been the non-conformists. Were it not for the non-conformists, he who refuses to be satisfied to go along with the continuance of things as they are, and insists upon attempting to find new ways of bettering things, the world would have known little progress, indeed.”

~ Josiah William Gitt

Gazette and Daily, 2 February 1957

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David L Rosenthal

The progress the world has known has taken place largely in the area of technology, and very little in the area of spiritual advancement. Many of the technological innovations have resulted in a dubious "progress," accompanied by much contamination, ruination, and degradation.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Well stated Rosenthal.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Sadly, just as with technology, so too can social progress be turned to evil... so we have atomic energy... and a bomb. Likewise we have the teachings of Jesus and Mohammad... and the perversions that organized religion makes of those teachings.

Dick, Fort Worth

I go along with Reston.

E Archer, NYC

Jesus was a non-conformist while Christians today resemble more the Pharisees. Most organized religions are in desperate need of new non-conformists.

Ronw13, Oregon
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Ronw13, Oregon E Archer, NYC 11/13/19

E Archer, NYC, your finger is on the pulse, there was a Pharisee separated out from among the conformist religious secs, with a message of peace. This non-conformist still rocks the world today with the message of Liberty and Freedom from oppression. If one can comprehend the cyclical nature of knowledge, then you come to understand the day, night cycle. We are in the night, till the day dawns. "Children of light shine bright in the night" says the watchman in the night. I believe my poem is archived somewhere here at Liberty Tree. 

Mike, Norwalk

I'm checking for a fever, something must be wrong when I agree with David, Anonymous from Reston, and E. Archer all in the same quote.

J Carlton, Calgary

I hear ya Mike...Same thing here. (is there a blue moon out there? ;-)

jim k, Austin, Tx

Now i do believe in miracles, I agree with Reston. I hope that my agreeing with him doesn't ruin his reputation.

Ronw13, Oregon

Non conformist truth is rarely disseminated, the current orthodoxy of church and state suppresses whole truth. "let there be no separation" among believers, brings peace. Therefore when we speak they are for war, says the conformist. It was a very full moon last night. " The sun to rule by day: for his mercy endureth forever: The moon and stars to rule by night: for his mercy endureth forever." When people are allowed to "see" with their eyes and "hear" with their ears that which is suppressed, they become enlightened and well informed !                  

Ronw13, Oregon

oops, "When the non-conformist speaks the conformist is for war."

Ronw13, Oregon

Persians should embrace their founding roots of belief, rather than a fanciful transient ideology, which thrives on violence and hatred. Cyrus was right to declare his success to the "grace of Ahura Mazda". 


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