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“I was put in this world to change it.”

~ Kathe Kollwitz

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jim k, austin tx

When someone says this, I'm always curious as to what changes they want to make.

Ron w13, Or

Mrs. Kollwitz, a very gifted artist, but very much a socialist, leaning toward communism, prior to WW II, she was ask to come to America but declined. An artist, as Machado a poet, both expressing grief, but she on one hand needed to be more compassionate, married to a doctor, exposed her to the plight of the working poor. She used the term proletariat to describe her lesser neighbor.

E Archer, NYC

Frankly, I am a bit tired of people trying to "change the world" -- that's why it is so screwed up !! How arrogant could I be to think that I know what "the world" needs and that it should be 'changed' to MY wishes -- what about everyone else? Social activism is needed to keep the lust for power in check -- but often social activism is merely the powers-that-be manipulating the passions of the masses. Kollwitz may have had good intentions and supported a worthy cause -- but 'changing the world' is the creed of totalitarians everywhere. This is a savior complex.

cal, lewisville, tx

I tell everyone how I want to get into their personal business. When I have $250 billion in my own name I will feel my own business is in good enough shape I can dictate to others how to run their business. They don't bother holding their breath.


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