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“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is a freedom.”

~ Marilyn Ferguson

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Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Sadly, the radical right is completely fear driven.

helorat, Milton

Huh? Utterly senseless quote. Pity Reston cannot even tell right from left.

Joe, Rochester, MI

The government (liberals, socialists, democrats, the left) spouts fear at every opportunity to emotionally herd the sheeple into giving up their freedom for the chains of safety. Unfortunately, their safety is smoke and mirrors, it is of no real substance, but they are willing to spend increasingly more money on thicker smoke and ever more distorted mirrors in a misguided attempt to make people "feel" more secure. You want safety? Go buy a handgun and carry it with you at all times.

Mike, Norwalk

kind of a catchy little tune but, helorat and Joe are much more accurate.

E Archer, NYC

I would go further and add that the other side of a fear is also a responsibility. I do believe if we were a bit more courageous, we would not be so easily swayed by every report of hobgoblins in our midst.


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